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  1. A decent version of Trespasser. You know, one with a single, huge island to explore (no impenetrable fences/walls/plasma shields etc), realistic AI dinosaurs that are always active across the entire island, detailed 3D graphics, an atmospheric day/night system (something like Far Cry 2 would be fine), and lots of exploration and discovery. I don't mind having specific missions to complete, but I would like to be able to choose which route I take to get to my next destination, what time of day I set off, and my mode of transport (on foot/jeep/advanced monorail system etc). Oh, and it positively must have an advanced physics engine that enables me to solve puzzles using real world thinking.

  2. The tunnel parts in Episode 2 were a bit crap. I didn't like the part where I had to use those turrets for protection, and I absolutely hated the bits with the "icky" stuff in the Antlion nest. Defending your position from waves of brain dead enemies, and having to wade through horrible nests of grubs and insects isn't my idea of what makes the Half Life series great.

    Oh, and I didn't think much of the final battle against the Striders and Hunters either.

    Seriously, Valve can do (and have done) a lot better than that. They just need to concentrate a bit more on physics puzzles and exploration/discovery, and a bit less on arcade gun battles.

  3. Can someone answer me the following question....

    Will I be able to crouch behind objects without the game switching automatically to third person viewpoint? In other words, is there a separate "cover" command that switches to third person view? Despite not being able to see what's going on when hiding behind boxes/tables/cabinets etc. in first person mode, I would prefer this to a forced third person view.

  4. Yes, I have to admit that I often tend to focus on the bad bits about games, but that little video link that Morrius provided has reminded me why the Half Life series is so brilliant. In fact, I am very tempted to reinstall The Orange Box, and play through the entire game again.

  5. Personally, I will always choose to play games stealthily if at all possible. If I lose the option to play an entire level stealthily, or playing stealthily becomes much more difficult, because of a mistake I made 5 minutes into a level I'd be a bit pissed off to be honest. Now if every level had an alert state which persisted across the whole level, that would basically mean that every level would have a 'one mistake and you're out' approach to playing stealthily, which is rubbish. I'm ok with the idea of a mistake during stealth leading to action within a confined area but not across the whole level if I can help it.

    Yeah, I agree with that. I want to use stealth as much as possible in this game, not just the first minute of each level. I get far more pleasure from sneaking around than I do from constant gun battles.

  6. To be honest, I really can't watch drama shows on Sky TV these days. The number of adverts that are scattered all over the place during a single hour is ridiculous, and completely spoils the flow of an episode. Just to put this in to context, an episode of Stargate : Universe is about 42 minutes long....in a full one hour slot. An episode of Outcasts on the BBC is 58 minutes, for that same hour. In other words, 16 minutes every hour are wasted on adverts and previews of other shows.

    That is unacceptable. People like to moan about the BBC's TV License fee, but at least we don't have to worry about interruptions every five minutes.

  7. The best BSG boxset would include Seasons 1 and 2, and the first four episodes of Season 3. This could be finished off with a speech from Adama, saying that Ron & Co. acted like knobs after that, and so the entire cast has disowned the series beyond that point. Oh, and if someone could somehow create an awesome 3D space shooter for the PC that enables the player to shoot Cylon Raiders whilst weaving between highly detailed models of the "ragtag fugitive fleet", that would be the icing on the cake.

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