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  1. I'm waiting for a proper localisation of combat dialog: 'Who're you looking at, pal?'; 'Want some? You're asking for it.'; 'Hold me back, Kev, or I'm gonna kill him, so help me.'; 'OK, hold me coat.'
  2. I was in a National Express coach taking the roundabout at Hyde Park corner. I looked down, out of the window, and there was someone in a C5 just off the rear wheel doing the same. Insanity or nerves of steel? A bit of both, I think.
  3. Which nation? Do I have to wait for International Videogames day?
  4. Bah. I came here just to post the 'Oh good, a Battle Chess reboot' line.
  5. It's the equivalent of their including rock and pop in the music bonuses.
  6. Well, blow me down. The last bonus question on tonight's University Challenge was on the naming of 'Tales of...' games! Final buzzer went before he finished asking the first question, but I think a UC researcher might be a 'mukker. ('Silent Hill' was the answer to a previous bonus question, too!).
  7. smac

    Vinyl lovers

    I was wondering why I didn't recognise the prog rock cover with the Roger Dean-esque robot fly, top centre. 'Motown chartbusters Volume Six' OK, I did not expect that from that cover.
  8. Dash through those and pummel from the other side. Or look for boons that do bonus damage to armour for attacks.
  9. Goliath S4 starts this month - we binged the first three series early this year and really enjoyed it. Billy Bob Thornton is always excellent.
  10. Well, that's bollocks. Why not give it a go and make up your own mind? If you get it thrown in anyway. I liked it - the later games are slicker, but it's a decent game. My missus loved watching it, even the jet ski bit.
  11. If you've never played one, why would you do that?
  12. Or is it the other way around? Foster being the go-to guy for SF film novelisations. Forgot one of the all-time greats; Bladerunner. Fantastic movie, despite completely reversing the point of the book. And of course, PK Dick has been adapted so many times. Blade runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, Adjustment Bureau...
  13. Nope. PS4 owner here. I had a great time playing it, even before the first patch landed.
  14. Really, there was only one point where I thought 'This is totally broken', on base PS4 (and wondered if I could even get past it) and that was the on-rails bit early on, Otherwise, glitches a-plenty, but nothing that stopped me having a great game.
  15. Yeah, MacLean was the Tom Clancy of his day - When Eight Bells Toll was another adaptation I remember, as I think it was the only one of his I read first.
  16. Unfilmable, you say? I think Tarkovsky does a pretty good job of Roadside Picnic in Stalker. Although he does take three hours and almost nothing really happens for much of it.
  17. Yeah, so Sony being a bit unfair there, then?
  18. Yeah, but the point being made is that that utter disaster was in part down to the ludicrous response. That there have been buggier games released that did not get pulled. But I'm not so sure it was that ludicrous - this was a very buggy game at launch, to huge anticipation, from a major developer, and platform holders should hold developers to account when they pull that shit. It's still a brilliant game in its own right, flaws and all.
  19. Oh, those linked deaths - straight outta Dishonored 2. Time to upgrade??????????? Whadda mean, 'PS5 availability'? I think the problem is where to put the monster.
  20. Ah, that reminds me of Enemy Mine. The main difference, shifting from a water world to a desert world was actually OK, given that the cost of filming true to the book would have been prohibitive. And most of the dialogue and the relationship between the two main characters remains faithful. True to the spirit of the novella. But the ending; oh, that sucked. A tacked on denouement in a slaver ship, showing that humans and aliens can get along...bleh.
  21. I bought it on PS4 at launch and had a blast. Better experience after the first patch dropped. I loved exploring the city and surrounding areas.
  22. Yeah, I found out about that afterwards. Hadn't made the connection - didn't know about Andromeda Strain, Westworld, Coma, etc. at the time. But my point is that I've read novelisations that read like, well, novels; with Jurassic Park I could see the film playing out on screen; seemed an odd reading experience to me.
  23. They wouldn't have a bunch of money from the launch on this last gen to finance this delay, for one...
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