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  1. smac

    NieR: Automata

    It does. But a heart like an onion - a lot of layers to peel through to get to its core.
  2. Yeah - I also found out they have a run of the 'Classic Albums' documentaries originally shown on the Beeb; loads of music stuff like that. Pulled 'Looking for Sugarman' before I got a chance to watch it; bastards.
  3. Ah, I was forgetting I had a GAME special edition of that Fatal Frame game for the WiiU - because it was the only physical copy within 100 miles or online. Cards and an artbook, I think. And I've picked up a couple of Ninty 'Amiibo' editions - Mario Maker, Yoshi for the WiiU. But I'm trying to cut down on amiibo tat.
  4. That might be on there, too - there was another of his movies on Prime, but I can't recall which one. Wonder if there is any Brothers Quay...?
  5. Surprised to see Jan Svankmaier's Alice is on there. Stumbled across it last night. Nightmares ensued. That rabbit is creepy as hell.
  6. smac

    NieR: Automata

    It's not like the rest of us did not get the same ending as soon as we found out we could plug in new chips...
  7. smac

    NieR: Automata

    You're an android and you decide to unplug your own OS chip, and it's the game's fault that you died?
  8. I got the South Park Stick of Truth edition with the Cartman fig. But only because it was 20 quid on Amazon and therefore cheaper than the standard edition...
  9. Yeah, I did that for one of the early Thunderjaw takedowns. Climbed out of reach and sniped the bastard.
  10. Corpse Explosion. Tailor made for those two.
  11. Also on the late night theme - stuff like 'Noisy Mothers' with Krusher. Metal! On TV!
  12. Yeah, DukeOfEarlsfield also spotted that. Great, great double-bill to put together. Haven't seen Q since.
  13. One good thing about living in London back in the day was Time Out - would clue you in on good cult movies.
  14. Right at the start, too. Like the OP, I thought his original laugh was a back of the throat thing; almost like clearing his throat. Nearest thing I've seen is a wasted Shane McGowan laughing. A truly bizarre spectacle.
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