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  1. Yeah, thanks! Still a thoroughly brilliant movie, and a great performance.
  2. I play it pretty much daily; never any delay getting a game.
  3. This topic has legs, for sure. 14 years and still active? Testament to this odd little, oh-so-Japanese game series.
  4. Well, do one prophecy and another three turn up... all the hidden aspects are turning up now, probably because I'm reaching the final stage more often, and each comes with a new prophecy. I was shocked when Nyx
  5. Pretty much. Bit more jank caused by timing/script collisions. The big, scripted set piece: was almost completely unplayable.
  6. I played on base PS4, unpatched for ages and really enjoyed it. The first patch did make a big difference, mind.
  7. Have you bought it yet? Because you should.
  8. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah. In private hospital owned by Tom Nook. That's gonna cost a lot of bells.
  9. I have 10 prophecies to go. That's 27 down, ten to go. Primordial Boons has been stuck on the final one - Ambush - for about 50 runs now. Same with Customer Loyalty - just waiting for a Kiss of Styx to turn up.
  10. What Alex said. Later on, you can trade items for others; the 'grind' I mentioned was basically to farm gems and nectar to fulfil a prophecy. There are also prophecies you can fulfil that get you various rewards. One I was grinding for just happened to coincide with ones for Skelly and Dusa also landing - if I had fulfilled the Dusa prophecy first, I wouldn't have needed to grind. Hence me going from 3 diamonds to 14 in a single play session. Now to learn the Lyre... Basically, I played the prophecies all wrong!
  11. smac

    Old Age Gamers

    Yeah, I'm banking on a diet of video games to stave off dementia; exercise my brain and keep my reflexes sharp.
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