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  1. Yeah, I Judged the collector to finish him off. Love the big 'Judged' that blats them - wonder if that's a Gregory Horror Show reference...
  2. Aaaaaaand there's my first Watcher victory over the Spire, against Clock Bastard - after only 16 deaths, which is way quicker than any other character. Bit jammy - what won it was really: Sacred Bark Boss relic. This doubles the effectiveness of potions. Cultist potion, bought at the final shop. Thus gives you a +1 strength escalator per turn. Ah, but remember that Sacred Bark? So, +2. Demon Form in potion guise, so 0 cost. Nilry's Codex Event Relic. Choose 1 of 3 cards to shuffle into your draw pile at the end of your turn. So I could cherry pick a ton of gold cards, powers and the like. Other good stuff? Deva Form is a mana escalator - Scrawl gives you the cards to spend it on. I had three Vault+ at the end, which are awesome. Gives you an extra turn, so reset mana, draw five cards, trip your escalators, choose a new card with Nildry, and not have to drop out of Wrath. And a Signature Move, which gives huge damage if you can clear the other attacks - again, Deva Form allows you to cast them to get them out of the way. Once she's rolling, she's a damage machine. Not sure I'd have beaten the Enlightened One.
  3. Yeah, cheers, Nate. And thanks for taking part in the edge topics in here.
  4. It is. I'm loving having to rewire my brain to deal with The Watcher. I went into combat against a Snecko when I was on 5HP, assuming I was toast. One round later, I walk away victorious, still on 5HP. His randomiser hardly kicked in. I'm thinking about, variously: pressure point decks; Retain-based strategies; stance-switch-based decks; draw decks, holy decks. She seems to have a lot of different synergies going on.
  5. Cheers - this was the Infinite DLC, the return to Rapture, but I there's probably something similar going on. I completed all three back in the day, so I don't feel I'm missing out too much.
  6. Well, bugger. Played the first part OK, but it won't let me save on the second part of the DLC. Wasn't enjoying the more stealth-oriented gameplay in this one, mind. Ah well, played 1 and infinite, again. Might bale out on 2 - not enjoying it so much.
  7. I picked up a card I hadn't seen before: Alpha. 'Shuffle a Beta into your draw pile'. 'Wonder what that does?', thinks I. Along comes the beta. It shuffles an Omega into my draw pile. Ho, hum. Then I draw the Omega. That's a lot of pain. Then I find out it's every turn! To be honest, it's probably too slow, but satisfying when you get it out there.
  8. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    New instalment? Just remake Paper Mario: TTYD.
  9. Oh, yeah, some crazy stuff going down. Pressure Points seems OP for a common. Block seems to be the main issue so far, but that's the same for everyone... Oh, and I'm seeing some new relics and potions; there's a cultist potion that gives you +1 strength per turn, at the end. Nice.
  10. Just did my first Watcher unlock. Lady has some seriously weird mechanics.
  11. Weird. I went back and completely replayed the level - case 3 - without messing up the hacking puzzles, but still did not get S rank. Wonder what else you lose points for? I never used hints. Maybe there are optional puzzles you only get for some conversation routes. Still, that's only 2 bonus puzzles I missed.
  12. Got strong Black and White vibes from watching that. Looks lovely.
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