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  1. Dude! That's why I was going on about the Widowmaker so much. Charged shot is pinpoint accurate through walls. And boxes. And cars. And any light cover. Tech sniper is also good for that, although the smart sniper you can get is hilariously OP at distance. The sound effect is brilliant - a little 'zzzzzzip-thunkk’ as the bullet changes direction at the last millisecond...
  2. Hah, I remember that mission. Must have been some party...
  3. Yeah, there's a lot of peril even in kids' movies. Aardman are usually goofier, but you say you watched all of them.
  4. Loved the next bit - the whole game was like an an amazing 'lost' Indy film.
  5. He touched a lot of lives in Night City, our Brendan.
  6. Nah, I've moved on. To Ghost of Tsushima. Yes, I'm in the mood for even more icon-filled open-world shenanigans.
  7. Another vote for Ghibli, especially Miyazaki. Did you do Lilo & Stitch in the Disneys?
  8. Ah, you just want MOAR Cyberpunk? I'm with you.
  9. Yes. I was more than 60 hours in before I reached that. Are you ignoring side missions and gigs and just doing main missions?
  10. Now I regret buying Agent A for 99p, bringing my funds to 4.65, including points...
  11. You not been to the countryside, then? Place is awash with 12-gauge shotguns.
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