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  1. I've had the most success with defect. Mainly because combos that generate a lot of lightning damage seem relatively easy to set up. And there's the card that ensures lightning hits all enemies, so giving you instant crowd control. Orb damage is also indirect, so you don't trigger thorn damage or similar punishment. My best runs involved combos where taking damage invoked lightning, lightning affected all enemies, and I had a couple of methods of gaining and keeping focus to maximise damage. There are a few of those (I had a run yesterday where I had five 'gain focus' cards).
  2. Good advice. I still enjoyed Kiwami when I played it, but 0 is just so good; Majima's intro is the high point of the series so far for me.
  3. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm so pleased I renewed my online sub yesterday!
  4. Thanks, @harsin; yes, Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza Kiwami 2 are reworked versions of the first 2 games originally released, using the same game engine as 0, I think, with some tweaks and changes/improvements. So, on PS2/3, you had the original Yakuza, then sequels numbered 2-5, plus a spin-off or two (zombies, Samurai). On PS4, you originally only had 6 expected as the last in the Kiryu sequence, but they announced 0 as a new prequel story, using the new engine, which came out first. Then we had the news that the Kiwami remakes of 1 and 2 were to be released. So 0, 1 ('Kiwami') 2 Kiwami, 6 and now 3 are out. So the release order on PS4 is all over the place. I bought 6, but might hang on until they've released 3-5 now and play them in order.
  5. Yup, zero's the place to start. Only thing is that Yakuza Kiwami isn't quite as good in comparison, being a remake of a much older game.
  6. smac

    The return of FMV

    Confirmed as a Carry On fan...
  7. I switched to Platinum style before I did the training and first re-did the opening file from the PC in the main room. As a result, I got promoted and got a police cap as a reward, so when I found my locker, I could wear it. Sweet! So you can start customizing your look pretty early on.
  8. Speeds up attack animations on both sides, ISTR.
  9. Stack 'em up, knock 'em through, and live in the resulting space.
  10. Thanks for posting those - I forgot to take screen caps to show the Missus back when I played it.
  11. Man, you are such a contrarian. I swear you buy games you know you won't like just to sigh loudly when the rest of us are giggling like schoolkids. Or maybe I do you an injustice and you're just the victim of your own unbounded optimism, let down by tawdry reality. Either way - sorry you didn't get on with it, man; I haven't played it yet, so I'll tell you if when I find out you're wrong. :wink:
  12. smac

    Homeworld 3

    Solid gold bargain.
  13. Jeez; obligatory download when I stick the cart in, which takes 15 mins on my connection. I wanna see the intro NOW!
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