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  1. Yeah, me too. I try to use a word that gives me a decent number of vowels or common consonants, but I don't use the same one.
  2. Ah, man, not fair. I got to Phrike for a second time...and beat him. it. Them. Whatever. Courtesy of the spaceman. Then the *&%@ing game crashed! Restart, and I'm right back at the very beginning. Don't even have the permanent buffs I created.
  3. Man, I haven't played a Lego SW since the original trilogy release on the GC.
  4. Yeah, the camera positioning when she chainsawed through doors basically had you looking up the character's skirt as she bent down.
  5. Look for I got into a small, circular area with a nice pickup.
  6. Ooh, learned something about interacting with the environment today.
  7. Yes, I did that. Perfect - was what I thought!
  8. Not too shabby today. Wordle 215 3/6 Also (mild clue):
  9. Question: are there ever any repeated letters? E.g a word like EASES?
  10. So, those orange doors are they ? Because when I enter one, I think I've seen most of the types of room in the early game, although have not picked up all types of gear/buff, yet. Have the sword, still some areas I can't access. Enjoying the game so far, but it's still pretty mysterious.
  11. I'd love to get this now I have a PS5, but 70 quid still seems steep. Where's cheapest to pre-order?
  12. Yeah, but the game I was talking about had you guessing a word, with the results given blind (one in right place, two in wrong place). Can't remember the number of letters we used to use.
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