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  1. Nah. 'Cooking Mama: Cook, stir' seems to mean about the same to me...
  2. Yeah? What does it fetch these days? Probably the cue for Ninty to re-release on Switch and trash the value! I think the most valuable game I had was an old Origin 'Worlds of Ultima' game on PC; the spin-off set in a lost Aztec/Inca valley.
  3. Offering pulls in a lot of cards and gives you the energy to get your big guns out. Alternatively, Snecko Eye and some expensive cards like Bludgeon. And Dual Wield for when Snecko makes Bludgeon cost 0. Or Fiend Fire, especially with Exhume to get it back, and cards to give you defence or draw when you exhaust cards. I could never get on with Ironclad, but he became the first one I completed the full run, including Act 4, with. Also - pay to remove Strikes to keep your deck lean. Unless you want to fuel Fiend Fire.
  4. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Games from both series are in the current sale.
  5. Yeah, the lightning strategy is pretty easy to get running; there seem to be more lightning-based cards (channel lightning when hit, lightning hits all targets, etc.) available.
  6. Because it wasn't an actual end-of-level boss, just a recycled Act 1 boss, I didn't get the achievement. Was still good to take him down. Had 12 energy, +5 strength, and Whirlwind+...
  7. Heart still got me. Boo. Donu and Deca went daaaaaahn.
  8. Ooooh, just had another first - the first time I killed a boss in a single round. OK, it was the special room encounter where you fight an Act 1 boss for a relic, so my deck was higher-powered, but it still wiped out the big, green blob in one go. Niiiiiiice.
  9. Yeah, my Ghibli top five is...all of them, squashed together.
  10. I loved that at the time - a Channel 4 production, directed by Annabelle Janel, who had directed mostly music videos before that. 'Blipverts'!
  11. The ending spoiled it for me, but only because I loved the novella so much. Lou Gossett does a brilliant job in it.
  12. I think it's a bit like Hudson Hawk; not quite as bad as it’s reputation.
  13. Yeah, quite liked the headmaster from Ferris Bueller being the bad guy. I saw the Big Bus in the cinema as a second feature; really enjoyed it, but I must have been a teenager.
  14. Well guess who had completely forgotten they had pre-ordered the remastered collection from Amazon? Get in!
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