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  1. Ain't no wonderland anywhere on the Northern Line, bruv.
  2. That Warhammer 40K techno-wossname game any good?
  3. Companions are easy - you just have to get someone to really, really, like you! Did I say easy? I meant long-winded and expensive.
  4. I actually cleared every prophecy I had before escaping for the first time, including but you just get a bunch more to do!
  5. Oh, and watch out - some prophecies/boons are dependent on you having the right bonus from the mirror - I forget the name, but for example the one where you can have either one resurrection per room with less regen, or one resurrection per run wth more regen. Think that might have been a prophecy related to Charon's store.
  6. Are you planning your early picks? Use the codex to view the God whose boons, Duos or Legendary Boon you are missing, then view their boon list (it's a keypress off their main page), then look at the boon you're missing (it'll show a scroll). That will tell you what prior boons you need to have first in order to be offered that boon at all. Legendary boons often require you to get one boon that is itself 'secondary' - you have to get Boon A, then that allows you to get Boon B which is a requirement for the legendary boon. Then there might be another, general boon. On Switch, you can get to the list in two keypresses when choosing boons, so it's not that fiddly to check. And don't forget to equip the charm for the God whose boon you're chasing, so you start early on with that God's boons.
  7. Looks like they've switched from pills to suppositories. Extra-long ones.
  8. I'm waiting for a proper localisation of combat dialog: 'Who're you looking at, pal?'; 'Want some? You're asking for it.'; 'Hold me back, Kev, or I'm gonna kill him, so help me.'; 'OK, hold me coat.'
  9. I was in a National Express coach taking the roundabout at Hyde Park corner. I looked down, out of the window, and there was someone in a C5 just off the rear wheel doing the same. Insanity or nerves of steel? A bit of both, I think.
  10. Which nation? Do I have to wait for International Videogames day?
  11. Bah. I came here just to post the 'Oh good, a Battle Chess reboot' line.
  12. It's the equivalent of their including rock and pop in the music bonuses.
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