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  1. 10Gb - that might be do-able as an overnight/weekend jobbie. I've gone back and restarted from the end of Byzantium - this time, not trashing my reputation with the Company, by simply lying about my actual intentions. Let's see if that makes a difference to later saves.
  2. Yeah, I've had my money's worth - but I'd like to see the end!
  3. I work in software development. I know. I still choose to vent in here.
  4. To be honest, I didn't apply the 18Gb launch patch, and thus am playing dev version or whatever it is because 18 fucking Gigabytes would take forever to download for me, and I need my internet free to do some work. Just don't release the bloody beta to your physical buyers; do it properly you bastards.
  5. Peter F Hamilton's 'Night's dawn' trilogy? About the souls of the dead returning to possess the living. In a relatively hard SF setting...
  6. Nope, now older saves are not loading. I may be done, here.
  7. Yeah, L30 for me cropped up there, too. I must count the side quests I've done - I wonder how many I missed along the way?
  8. I just got the 'Huge Capcom' joke in the thread title.
  9. There are a couple of perks that increase your stats if you lone wolf. But some of the sidekick banter is quite good - Parvati and Ellie have a great developing relationship. Just had something along the lines of:
  10. Oooooh, annoying autosave file corruption meant it wouldn't load after I got killed (a rarity at this point); luckily, I had saved just before entering
  11. smac

    Unable to kill

    I tend not to like overtly realistic violence in realistic settings - so yeah, Sniper Elite isn't my bag. RDR2 ... maybe; what puts me off is the thought of the hunting missions; quite happy to play the desperado, shooting bad people in the face, but don't fancy skinning a deer... I don't mind violence as slapstick in games; gibbage, the OTT kills in Dishonored. An interesting one is Saint's Row 2; no problem causing mayhem in the streets, but some of the cut-scenes put me off; the one with the monster trucks? Nah; my character wouldn't do that.
  12. It's a bit janky* in places, and maybe could do with a bit more balancing, but it has a good heart and some nice design. -- * I noticed that NPCs don't walk through closed doors; they dissolve/'de-rez' in front of them...
  13. Yeah, it's a pain, but I'm a sucker for a love story...
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