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  1. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Hell, yes. And Powerstone (was that Sega?) Edit: Capcom. Still do-able.
  2. smac

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I have a great selfie I took of my Link in disguise surrounded by a ton of skelly mates - only I played it on WiiU so can't just copy it off a storage card. Time to buy this for Switch and play it again...
  3. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I was eying one of those up.
  4. Yeah, this - first time I saw true mastery was in the arcades, where I saw a kid I vaguely knew lose his planet in Defender. And then survive for wave after wave. That was awesome, and all the more special because you were there; almost participating in his game.
  5. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm playing Yoku's Island Express at the moment - would fit in nicely with that collection; lovely art style. Although I am now going to have to buy a proper pinball game as a result. Still, Tate mode on the Switch should be easy enough. If I also buy the right grip... Feck, this is getting expensive.
  6. smac

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    D'oh! A bit late today, but tempting - thanks for the heads-up. I do need a bit of nice pixel art in my house, and yours is pretty darned good. Looks like they use good quality inks and paper, so shouldn't fade.
  7. smac

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    I'm pretty sure I tried to map this, or maybe it was Dun Darach, and just couldn't work it out.
  8. smac

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Crash! was your friend, here... Man, the days of manual mapping. Do not miss those.
  9. These days, you finish a game's main mode and move on - even if you replay it, you don't necessarily master it; I played Dishonored loads of times, but I wouldn't say I had mastered it, as I played it differently each time, with different powers. Even something like Just Cause 2, which I virtually 100%d, I still didn't think I was a perfect player. Looking back... Asteroids on the VCS. I could clock this every time. Rebelstar on the Speccy; I went through it a million times; while the RNG meant I usually lost a few people in addition to my droids, I could reach the computer each time to win the game. International Karate - the original, in the arcades, with twin joysticks. I was unbeatable at my Uni halls of residence. Cosmic Gunfight - Williams pinball table. I could stay on all night on a couple of credits Star Wars arcade cab - actually, I hadn't mastered it as much as my mate, who once did a 24-hour session on 1 credit. But I reckon I was pretty damned good - this game was totally fair, even at the highest levels - there was always a way through the trench using The Force. Driver. I could do the last level, the President's run, more often than not by the time I gave up on it. Burnout 1. Even New York, in the rain, in a rear-wheel drive car. Splatoon? I dunno - it's competitive and I'm only up to S+4 rank, so I'm nowhere near the top - and to be honest, some games I'm hopelessly outclassed. But I feel like I'm as good at this as I'll ever be in any game, again.
  10. smac

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Yeah, I did that quest very late, and it took me bloody ages to find that one - tucked away as it was. Well worth it when I finally opened it up. I might even have abandoned the bone quest at that point and been searching for the last few shrines - I can't recall. Awesome location. I loved traversing those mountains.
  11. smac

    Have you ever lost your save file?

    There was this one time in Eternal Darkness when the game announced it was deleting my save...
  12. smac

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    US site, mind, so postage/shipping might get you on the framed stuff (@Melon_Bread - you got any UK sources?)
  13. smac

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    https://society6.com/armyoftrolls Linked from yer man melon_bread's site: http://www.armyoftrolls.co.uk/website/html/homepage.html
  14. smac

    Rick and Morty

    Ha, just picked up s3 and watched the Pickle Rick episode. I can see why that became A Thing. The bits in the counsellor's office totally make it - the bits with Rick are batshit, but it's the whole package that makes it so good. Good to see more Adult Swim stuff is coming to C4, too - it always tried to champion good animation. I just wish one of the terrestrial channels would pick up Gumball or Bob's Burgers.
  15. smac

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    I couldn't even workout what the fuck to do in Amaurote, and I find out that this is your attitude to other people's impossible games? You're dead to me, man. I expected you to be so much more.

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