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  1. Hnnnnngh, yes, I just spotted it before I was going to go to bed. An hour ago. Stupid, sexy Picross.
  2. What I liked about Obra Dinn is that I didn't need many notes. I made 6 notes for the entire game, all from the same scene. You can probably guess which chapter. The rest I did via the UI; this is a very well-designed game. But I like the look of Paradise Killer; it's just moved up my list.
  3. I'm a little at a loss now I've finished it. It's such in intense experience. In a way, you feel the action so much more because, paradoxically, the game was just frozen moments in time. That you experienced in so much greater depth as a result; you see each fate in intimate detail, over and over, from all angles.
  4. Yeah, I just had to play it straight through, ASAP. First game I've played through to completion in a while, too.
  5. Hope we were spoilering responsibly and didn't ruin your enjoyment too much...oh, he's gone.
  6. Agreed. He's been solidly...solid in stuff I've seen him in; has grizzled and world-weary down to a tee.
  7. Yeah, I spotted that, too. Which is how I got him.
  8. Yeah, my last three fates were the seamen who I simply could not identify before the end. And I only sorted the Chinese topmen out just before that, using a really bloody obscure clue. I kicked myself when I got it. Did you find
  9. And we're done. 60 down. Not too shabby a completion time, 14h. Although I was a little surprised at:
  10. Got it! I had one wrong cause of death - a crush instead of a drown. I have now done all I can on the Obra Dinn! All currently solvable fates down (58, I think). The last four get solved in pairs, so you can brute force them a little. Time for that last chapter.
  11. Sooooooooo close. 56 fates down, 13h20 on the clock. Now to work out where my logic fell down. Plus there’s one guy who was
  12. Yeah - for the first, I clearly remember seeing it in a memory before linking it to a name, so I'm in the same position as you. For the second, I ended up not needing it.
  13. Well, you're on the right tracks with the three guys in question; one of those reasons matches mine. Bosun's mate: Yeah, that particular Ch 2 spoiler is given away immediately after the spoiler alert in that video @Paulando posted; I'm steering clear of that whole thing until I'm done.
  14. And another 3 down at lunchtime. Including one of the 3 guys @scottcr mentioned in his spoiler, in that location. What cause of death did you have?
  15. Yeah, think so: I seem to recall that one reason to be out in a sandstorm was that you'd pick up more parts that way. But I've forgotten most of the details. Must give it another spin; great game.
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