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  1. Go to your profile page (your icon/mii picture in the home screen), and you'll see the games you've played listed under 'Play Activity'. Doesn't always list the hours played, mind, if you haven't played it much.
  2. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Ain't that the truth? I kinda like it when I drop out of S+ back to S or even A+, after a bad streak; the matches are that much more relaxing to play!
  3. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Told you DC Lemon was the nazz when it came to Splatoon2. Maxed out all modes, by the look of it... Well done, sir!
  4. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Fair to warn you that there are some people who don't get it [Edit - see, what dr_manhattan^ said] - it starts with restricted access to the modes; you run through a training intro and once through that you can play the base online game and the single-player campaigns. When you start playing online, you can only play the base Turf War game using the starting weapons and gear. When you get to level 4 )I vaguely recall - it's been a while), you can start to buy new gear from the shops and play Salmon Run (co-op horde modes); when you get to level 10 the game opens up with Ranked Battle matches becoming available. So really, you don't get to see it all until you reach level 10; not that long, but a disincentive all the same. Oh, and you need to pay for the Nintendo online service; you can get it for free if you have Amazon Prime, apparently.
  5. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    For the sheer amount of stuff they have in there, the game remains surprisingly well balanced. A lot of top players still use the basic starting weapons.
  6. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Has gyro aiming, and that's the way to go, with sensitivity set to max. I play it exclusively on a Pro controller - a lot of people swear by detached joycons.
  7. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    For me, no voice chat in online, but generally it's a great online game. Matches are short, around 3-4 mins or so, and intense (especially in ranked). The setup allows for an amazingly rich set of, frankly, bonkers weapons types, and a tactically complex game. See, think of it a bit like a paintballing game - except that you shoot a lot more ink, and it covers the ground, which in the basic game is what you need to do - cover more ground in ink than your opponents. You can ink over their ink, too, to reclaim what you lose to them. Hit your enemies with enough ink and they get 'splatted' and returned to base to respawn. But then - you're a squid kid! You can instantly change form from kid to squid, and in squid form cannot shoot but can swim through ink of your colour; you're harder to see and move faster in this way. So inking also gives you freer travel around the level. This switching between squid and kid allows you to set up pop-up ambushes, lurk in the ink, slide unseen down inked walls and the like. And as you are splashing ink around, the variety of weapons is massive - as well as basic 'shooters' from fast and short-range to slow and hard-hitting, to 'sniper' type weapons, you have buckets to slosh paint, paintbrushes which give you super-speed on foot, modified washing machines ('sloshing machines') that play like mortars, umbrellas that shoot ink like shotguns and act as shields... And each weapon has two sub-weapons; a standard sub like a grenade, sticky grenade, rain cloud (rains ink over a wide area), ink bubbles; and a special, which you need to charge up by covering the ground in ink. You buy items of clothing (in-game currency, no IAPs here) that have a primary buff and can be trained with up to three secondary buffs, that do anything from make you invisible when moving in ink to reducing ink consumption to increasing movement speed. So you can tailor your gear to your play style. So a hugely rich gameplay that they have balanced to perfection. And in a joyous setting - no dull brown marines here.
  8. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Was 995 hours a few weeks/months back. It's now over 1000 for sure. It's my daily go-to game; even if I'm running through another game, say on PS4, I'll have a 40 min session at lunchtime. Not that I'm that highly ranked as a result of all that game time - @DC Lemon is something like X Rank on all modes, I float around the lower S+ ranks.
  9. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    I took a look at my playing time on the Switch...
  10. smac

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    I didn't get much time to play this, but so far, seems like familiar Metro territory, and yes, Artyom is still the strong, silent type...
  11. smac

    Monochrome games

    Good find, Swainy. Love that walking down stairs animation.
  12. smac

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part

    The Ninjago movie is awesome. The absentee dad jokes at the Green Ninja's expense were so on the nose, it hurt.
  13. smac

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Dead Cells is in the sale - meant to be good, isn't it?
  14. I did not know that, and it is and excellent idea. Simple enough to do in the Splatoon UI, 'though - most of the main UI is bold shapes surrounding white text.
  15. smac

    Are cutscenes necessary?

    In answer to the OP: yes, for some games. Other games, not so much, or no, not at all. Because games make for a much more diverse entertainment medium than any other, and therefore there is no definitive answer.

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