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  1. Stillborn console. Another disaster of a gen incoming for MS. They should probably give up and forget about gaming, they just don’t get it.
  2. New Pretenders album is great, it's very Pretenders, in that some of the songs sound like listening to all of your favourite Pretenders songs at the same time. Chrissie Hynde has such a distinctive and cool voice and this is a really honest, uncomplicated and kickass record. Best thing she's done since the classic albums.
  3. Taken from Eurogamer. Made me smile. What an absolute treasure Jeff Minter really is.
  4. "Arcade quality"
  5. MS are such slippery fuckers, it could mean anything and nothing. They make it really hard to buy into their vision when it all feels like it's almost designed to trick you. There's always something insincere, manipulative and cynical about their delivery that just doesn't sit right with me.
  6. I love getting deep into a bottle and playing Dark Souls.
  7. I have every intention of buying an X if they nail the gameplay in Infinite. If it plays as good as CE, what they've shown so far is good enough for me. The thought of bombing around in a Warthog with a couple of Marines, encountering Phantom Dropships, Banshee attacks, Elites piloting Ghosts and waves of blissful Halo combat in an open environment? Day one. I really can't say that no mud on the tires of the Warthog or a missing shadow are going to spoil that particular party. People are losing their minds over nothing.
  8. The head of 343i was on BBC Click just now (I know, I know - Aunty Nasty alerted me with "that game you used to play all the time is on the telly") talking Halo, she pretty much apologised for what they got wrong in Halo 4 and 5 - Halo 4 had bad multiplayer, Halo 5 wasn't a good Halo Story - and followed it up with something like "hopefully it will be third time lucky with infinite". She seemed weirdly casual about it. Have to say the game looked pretty good running on a big telly across the room, when you're not pressed up to the monitor watching it on Youtube a bit of distance did it a lot of favours. Out of all the games that have been shown so far for next gen, if I could play any of them right now it would be Halo.
  9. I'd love Halo Infinite to turn out amazing and be a reason to get an Xbox. MS lost me halfway into the life of the 360 but I'd love a reason to go back and stuff two next gen consoles under my telly. Failing that I'll stay #teamSony despite not loving their exclusives. Are Nintendo hinting at anything new or have they completely withdrawn from this race now?
  10. @Vemsie I don't know if comparing Mortal Kombat to those movies is even relevant because I don't know the context for the violence in them. The Fatalities you posted are grim to me, and watching that kind of content repeatedly in a game is a turnoff, just because it's so fucking stupid and unnecessary. I would just feel deeply ashamed if anyone walked into the room when I was playing that, like getting caught watching horse porn or something.
  11. I just watched a compilation of the latest Mortal Kombat fatalities and, Christ, it's all gone a bit medical hasn't it? The amount of exposed organs and ripped out body parts is quite something. There is something cruel and nihilistic about these Fatalities that just feels deeply unpleasant. I know that's the point, but it really made me think, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. It's crazy that the original was considered to be so controversial and shocking, but this latest version is released not even 40 years later and has almost no impact. Manhunt did at least have a conscience (kinda) and motivation behind the killings and obscured the actual acts with distortion and static effects which tied in with the concept of the game. I think they could revive Manhunt and tread a fine line between arthouse, stylish stealth/survival with the worst of the violence obfuscated. But this latest Mortal Kombat is just gratuitous and explicit with no real justification. I find it embarrassing and pointless.
  12. That would be wonderful. Indestructible Warthogs and their bouncy physics were a joy. Removing that sucked a lot of fun of the game.
  13. I'm strangely optimistic about it turning out brilliantly. They just can't afford to get it wrong, and with it being an ongoing title like Destiny they can tweak and adjust as it evolves. Just thinking about firing a rocket into the landing zone of a Phantom and watching the Grunts and Jackals explode in all directions again makes me want to play this now. Infinite looks to have some of that Halo playful silliness and I'm totally down for that.
  14. Why has 4k/60fps become such a big marketing thing for Xbox? Is that something a lot of people care about? I have a 4k TV and really don't think 4K is much of a big deal. HDR is definitely something I notice with lights, fire, neon etc, but 4k res isn't something that has impressed me at all, if I even notice it.
  15. I think one of the problems with the 343 Halos is not much is left to chance, you don't get the random madness that defined Halo CE because the game is so scripted and cinematic now. The narrative is constantly driving the game forward, leaving you with fewer opportunities to dick about with the physics/AI and let your own version of the game play out. It's more restrictive because of the story. Original Halo wasn't exactly sandboxy, but it did have a sense of freedom that made you feel that no one else's game was playing out exactly the same as yours.
  16. Xbox Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg: "Listen, we're in the middle of a global pandemic. It's July, we're far from [launch in] Holiday, you're seeing a work-in-progress game." https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-gameplay-demo-early-work-in-progress-build Massive crunch at 343i incoming.
  17. I PM'd you @Percy Filth Anyone else who missed it, drop me a PM.
  18. Maybe Halo is just of its time and its concepts, characters, designs and story just haven't aged well enough to be rolled out again. It's all very silly and cartoony, the enemies look and sound comedic, and its epic sci-fi plot just feels dated now. It feels like gaming has moved on, and if they were designing a flagship next-gen FPS today, it would look and feel very different to Halo. Must be tough working at 343 and effectively having your hands tied in terms of creative direction, where any new ideas are immediately ripped apart by the internet, and a return to classic roots gets memed into oblivion and laughed out of the room. Five years of work went into this which is just madness for a videogame.
  19. I find it daunting, exhausting and the main reason I dropped so many games this gen, especially when it's combined with that annoying new button hold mechanic instead of a quick press that Destiny introduced. In Horizon I spent more time picking flowers and hunting rabbits to upgrade my inventory than I did fighting the Zoids. The actual game was picking flowers and hunting small mammals. Same as Last Of Us 2, the actual game was Advanced Drawer Rummaging Simulator, whilst a zombie apocalypse kicked off outside. Utter wank.
  20. Stalker, given some polish and console accessibility, could be incredible.
  21. Those are subtle details though and not in your face "graphics whores assemble" headline features. And that's what I mean, Halo's beauty was in its subtlety, not in its ability to blow you away - especially in the space year 2020 - with a short clip of someone playing through what we can assume is an early sequence of the game. It's when all that subtle greatness plays out in your own version of events that the magic reveals itself. I've got faith in this game to deliver. Christ, I really badly want it to deliver. But I think what they showed was confident and enough to say that they understand the spirit of Halo and what made it so special.
  22. Halo was never really eyeball-bleeding, soak your knickers eye candy, was it? It was more the scale of it and the consistency of its world that pulled you in and made it believable. The weighty, satisfying heft of its convincing physics that also generated thousands of genuinely hilarious and brilliant moments, the sparse but meaningful level design that allowed room to breathe and plan amongst intense combat situations, the little touches like the sunlight filtering through the trees and your lonely footsteps echoing on ice. Backtracking an entire level to collect two sniper rounds to perfectly execute your plan of getting through an encounter. That is the meat of Halo, not instantly "wow that looks next gen" thrills. If they can recapture all that and make the combat feel essential and thrilling for every encounter, it will be fucking brilliant.
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