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  1. Yeah that is a bit annoying, especially as you're hoarding all of these items before you can actually equip them. I also would've loved an option to cycle through grenades, shields and guns without having to go into my backpack, the way MGSV does it is pretty much perfect and would work here. I definitely would've used more of the loot and experimented more with loadouts if swapping weapons out wasn't as clumsy. The grenades and shields are so different to each other that you really want to be able to swap them out on the fly depending on the situation.
  2. Thanks, I think I'll roll a new character for NG and mess about with the other modes with my FL4K. I really loved FL4K's invisibility and linking up critical hits with my Jakob's shotgun that fires three rounds in one shot. In most areas I was taking out three enemies with one shot three times before the invisibility ran out. It was a race between me and my pet to get the kills. That and the Hornet legendary pistol had me covered for most situations. Hardly used sniper rifles, SMGs, Heavy weapons or assault rifles at all. Best character to try after FL4K?
  3. It's absolutely insane on the Series X. I played in resolution mode on a 55" OLED 4K Sony A8, the experience of that was just mesmerising. No matter how many particles and objects it throws at you the frame rate is still buttery, the colours are gorgeous and the lighting is just beautiful. I really enjoyed BL2 on the PS4 (even the Mac version was decent but the framerate was awful on my machine) but this is a completely different experience entirely. The combat and movement is that much more fluid and responsive, load times are almost non-existent so you don't mind fast travelling back to Sanc
  4. Yeah, I bought the version with all the DLC. Loved all of it, the Casino was amazing. There was so much creativity, detail and imagination in this game, it was everything a videogame should be for me. Easy 10/10 material.
  5. Completed it last night. Best game since Dark Souls for me. What's the best end game mode to play? TVHM, Mayhem, or start a new character? I definitely want more of this game despite completely rinsing all of the side missions and DLC, just not sure which mode to play next. By the end of the story I was one-shotting everything with my FL4K and a couple of Jakobs weapons that saw me through almost the entire game, so a bit more challenge would be welcome, though I would like to try other characters too. Thanks for any pointers.
  6. Listening to the new Sleaford Mods and yeah, its okay, sounds like Sleaford Mods with a couple of guest singers. That's about all you can say about it musically. Jason sings a bit more than raps. Maybe the beats are more developed. Lyrics about Brexit and the tories. Just dunno if I've got the energy to process these kind of subjects in my music as well as everywhere else. Kinda need complete escapism right now. I can never get past the feeling that they absolutely peaked - and what a peak - with Jobseeker, and everything beyond that will never have the same energy or impact. No ma
  7. Also putting any unused water back inside the taps.
  8. Viagra Boys album is decent but not sure if it's going to have any legs. Could have done with fewer tracks and the filler edited out, 40 minutes is too long for an album like this - it lingers a bit where it should have been a quick, violent, in and out, like the Eighties Matchbox classic album Horse Of The Dog, 25 minutes of perfection that left you wanting to play it again immediately. New tracks from Sleaford Mods sound really good, looking forward to the new album on Friday. New Tindersticks is always welcome. Album February.
  9. Thanks for that. I liked the small levels because they felt more relatable and creative, in a way. Booby-trapping the barbecue, shooting the neighbour's dog, poisoned doughnuts, the setting in the cul-de-sac, it was so immersive and darkly funny. The bigger levels didn't have the same pull for me. A celebrity add-on would be amazing. Presidential assassinations, killing TV personalities onset, arranging deadly car crashes for footballers, that kind of thing. DLC1 could be Trump, Holly Willoughby, Lewis Hamilton. Who wouldn't love that?
  10. Very inspiring title. The Medium. Really makes you want to play it, doesn't it.
  11. Haven't played much of the modern Hitman games but did enjoy the old ones - do they still have small levels like A New Life from Blood Money? Always preferred that kind of tight, enclosed level to the bigger spaces which just felt overwhelming and complicated to me.
  12. BC Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff. I would've voted for that.
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