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  1. Total apathy to both of them so far. I couldn't even be fucked to face the cable management hassle of getting one of them plugged in and setup. One killer game for each would have been enough, but there's not even a Resogun this time around.
  2. This looks really off, too clean with a kind of cuddly, funny look to the bosses, like toys.
  3. Has anyone tried flying to Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited location on earth?
  4. Stillborn console. Another disaster of a gen incoming for MS. They should probably give up and forget about gaming, they just don’t get it.
  5. New Pretenders album is great, it's very Pretenders, in that some of the songs sound like listening to all of your favourite Pretenders songs at the same time. Chrissie Hynde has such a distinctive and cool voice and this is a really honest, uncomplicated and kickass record. Best thing she's done since the classic albums.
  6. Taken from Eurogamer. Made me smile. What an absolute treasure Jeff Minter really is.
  7. MS are such slippery fuckers, it could mean anything and nothing. They make it really hard to buy into their vision when it all feels like it's almost designed to trick you. There's always something insincere, manipulative and cynical about their delivery that just doesn't sit right with me.
  8. I love getting deep into a bottle and playing Dark Souls.
  9. I have every intention of buying an X if they nail the gameplay in Infinite. If it plays as good as CE, what they've shown so far is good enough for me. The thought of bombing around in a Warthog with a couple of Marines, encountering Phantom Dropships, Banshee attacks, Elites piloting Ghosts and waves of blissful Halo combat in an open environment? Day one. I really can't say that no mud on the tires of the Warthog or a missing shadow are going to spoil that particular party. People are losing their minds over nothing.
  10. The head of 343i was on BBC Click just now (I know, I know - Aunty Nasty alerted me with "that game you used to play all the time is on the telly") talking Halo, she pretty much apologised for what they got wrong in Halo 4 and 5 - Halo 4 had bad multiplayer, Halo 5 wasn't a good Halo Story - and followed it up with something like "hopefully it will be third time lucky with infinite". She seemed weirdly casual about it. Have to say the game looked pretty good running on a big telly across the room, when you're not pressed up to the monitor watching it on Youtube a bit of distance di
  11. I'd love Halo Infinite to turn out amazing and be a reason to get an Xbox. MS lost me halfway into the life of the 360 but I'd love a reason to go back and stuff two next gen consoles under my telly. Failing that I'll stay #teamSony despite not loving their exclusives. Are Nintendo hinting at anything new or have they completely withdrawn from this race now?
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