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  1. Eurogamer published a retrospective TR2 love-in recently, @CrichStand - worth a read: https://www.eurogamer.net/25-years-on-tomb-raider-2-is-still-as-good-as-it-gets
  2. Here's another 10 reasons why I'm cooler than you: 01 - Talk Show - Touch The Ground 02 - Robohands - Violet 03 - Automatic - Excess 04 - Elijah Minelli - Creamed Horn 05 - ACTORS - Reanimated 06 - Minuit Machine - 24 07 - Ritual Howls - Ritual Howls (10 Year Deluxe Reissue) 08 - Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren 09 - Abraxas- Monte Carlo 10 - Psychic Ills/Gibby Hanyes - FRKWYS Vol 4.5: Nowhere In The Night
  3. Yeah, the dodge mechanic is a really strange design decision, especially the way it translates to the mini-boss that you fight four times. The back and forth between you and enemies sounds really boring as you're supposed to wait for them to attack first. The only positive from the SkillUp review was the graphics. Beyond that he says it flat out doesn't work or play well. I think the Dead Space remake is going to feel dated and the RE4 Remake is going to school everyone all over again.
  4. The dreadful name was enough of a red flag to indicate this was going to be a stinker.
  5. Metro is usually excellent though. Also a free London paper.
  6. Reads like it was written by someone who never played a game before. "Don't play it with the lights off", that's a good one.
  7. Uncle Nasty


    Very Motorhead/NWOBHM
  8. Thought this was a game about hunting dogs when it popped up on the store.
  9. That trailer, it looks like the game takes itself achingly seriously but then you see the monsters and it's about as scary as House Of The Dead. I just hope there's more to it than shooting generic bags of alien zombie flesh.
  10. Very much the same here. Haven't even launched the new COD since Vampire Survivors came to Gamepass, and now I feel like I'll have dropped too far behind in COD to ever catch up again. £100 game absolutely trounced by a £4 indie game. Even though I'm fully aware that VS is deliberately honking my dopamine horn, there's still something reassuringly unpretentious and authentic about it which is a big part of the appeal. No nothing apart from gameplay. I don't think I want to listen to any story dialogue or watch a cutscene in a game ever again. Hope they never fancy up the visuals or add anything superfluous that detracts from its homely BBC Micro-esque purity.
  11. Looks really great, unpretentious and in your face like Bulletstorm. The kind of game that gets an EDGE [7], but is really a [9]
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