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  1. Is Tiger King a genuine factual documentary, or a fictitious series presented as a documentary?
  2. Yes, the animation of everything in the game is beautiful and has a really weighty, solid feel. The way you fling your character around and the way they respond to being in water compared to dry land is just brilliantly realised. Work of art.
  3. Apple Arcade, a few us were really into it. I played on an iPad Pro with a Dual Shock 4 and external speakers, the experience was just so atmospheric and intriguing. Nothing annoying or nagging about the survival elements.
  4. There are, and I usually can't stand that kind of mechanic, but it's genuinely not to the detriment of the game. Buy in confidence. It's the best game I played last year, gameplay, audio, visuals are all sublime. The atmosphere and sense of isolation and exploration is really special. Even just moving your character around feels amazing. Wonderful game.
  5. Is voice comms with other players necessary? Any good for solo play? The trailer is completely focussed on teamwork which has put me off a bit.
  6. That's the Hunt: Showdown getting bought, then, only £25 on PSN.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/user/Worthabuyguys Your new favourite reviewer.
  8. Yep. I think you have to intrigued enough in the world and want to desperately see what's around the next corner enough to want to persevere. I dunno if DS3's world design is strong enough for that.
  9. Looks good for the PS2.
  10. I don't get the poor reputation that Angles has. I know the recording sessions were strained and pretty much done individually and phoned in (I remember an excruciating interview with Casablancas in Q magazine that made me think, mate, just jack it in if you hate it that much) the production is thin, Hammond was on gear and the album art is awful, but the songs on Angles have aged really well and are the closest to the classic Strokes vibe than anything they've done since. It's The Strokes, but with a bit of an 80s sheen which works really well with the scuzziness of Julian's vocals. But I totally agree with everything else you said. The Strokes are simple on the surface and looking at them you make your assumptions about what they're going to sound like, but beneath that they are a deeply complex and intricate band with layers of detail and flourishes that are still revealing themselves years later. Listening to Is This It now still sounds vital and fresh, it's timeless and not stuck in the 90s like everything else that came along behind them. Live, they are phenomenal and have this incredible ability to sound tight but completely falling apart and loose at the same time. They are all on top of their game as musicians but not in a chin-strokey, noodly way, they are just incredibly tasteful and restrained players. My favourite ever live recording by anyone is a soundboard of their gig at Alexandra Palace on the Room On Fire tour, I will upload it if you don't have it. It's a fucking monstrous recording and makes me really tired of this old rhetoric that The Who's Live At Leeds is the best live album ever YAWN. Have you read Meet Me In The Bathroom? I have it but am still getting through Peter Hook's book before I dip into another rock book. But yeah, really looking forward to the new Strokes album and hopefully seeing them live again. I saw Casablancas live at the Kentish Town Forum a few years ago when he did his Phrazes album, good but just not the same as seeing the Strokes.
  11. That should give you enough time to defeat the first boss. Good luck!
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