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  1. This is what I love - it combines Google Maps nerdery with gaming. Bliss.
  2. Ventured outside the UK last night and visited the airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona, in realtime with live weather and it was just about the most atmospheric, epic and even haunting sight I've ever seen in a game. The way this game unwittingly throws these cinematic moments at you completely on the fly (ahaha) is just awe inspiring. Best bit was running out of fuel and doing a forced landing in the desert, bouncing along the ground with dust clouds billowing up from the landing gear, lens flares everywhere, just incredible and more movie-like than any cut scene you've ever watched. Amazing. Scooting around the map I noticed Alcatraz which has given me an idea for a "dark tourism" flight visiting notable prisons. I've read a good few prison books so visiting the actual locations is going to be a hell of a flight. Gonna start in Bali with Kerobokan Prison followed by all the joints you see on Banged Up Abroad. What a game.
  3. Reminds me of one of the Far Crys, you had something similar to fly in that. But yeah, perfect for this.
  4. It really is magnificent. A thing of wonder. Flying a Spitfire under the Clifton suspension bridge - upside down - just because you can. It's even given me ideas for some road trips/holidays in the UK. Places I've never really considered before, but since visiting in flight sim I'm thinking, yeah, I'd like to actually go there. Still not properly visited anywhere abroad. Had a quick look at the showcase flights but just completely entranced with flying around the UK. The X is going to mature into such an incredible platform. I already love this thing but with Flight Sim, Halo Infinite and the new Forza, holy shit.
  5. The advice in that link didn't work for some of us, but someone earlier in the thread did post a solution that works. The suggestion that worked for me was to set the controls of the external camera to the opposite of what you'd expect. So if you want to pull down to look up like any sane person would, set look up to be up on the stick, and down for look down. There was some rationale as to why it's like this, made no sense to me but made it playable finally.
  6. Think I'll be the same. Always preferred driving Minis and lower powered cars in racing games, and never really got on with how demanding, say, Wipeout gets when you open the Rapier class. @spanx Yep I can see it being truly endless and as deep as you want it to be. Removing the unlimited fuel has certainly given flights over cities an edge. Watching the news today and the wildfires in Turkey - be amazing if that could somehow be added.
  7. I'm doing that with the weather as well. Went out for lunch yesterday and was just staring at the sky planning a flight. This is new. In the weather settings, if you increase the amount of aerosol it makes the sky look even better. Just adding a touch of lightning for the occasional flash of drama and rumble of thunder is incredibly, uh, atmospheric. Discovered that if you leave it on pause time continues, so a flight you started in the morning will now be at night if you pause it all day. Love that. Slowly removing the stabilisers and learning to fly properly is pretty much one of the most exhilarating, exciting and hilarious experiences I've had in a game. Love it.
  8. Starting a tour of the UK's highest peaks today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_points_in_the_United_Kingdom Doing it realtime, live weather. Gonna have to break it down into gaming time chunks but should be able to see a decent amount today.
  9. UI issues aside, the actual flying is surprisingly accessible and easy to enjoy. I was expecting a much more austere and intimidating first few days with this. Even landing is something I look forward to now. I like the way the game knows if you're lining up with a random runway for an unscheduled landing and you get the guiding lights and ATC (learning the lingo, there) voice chatter. Found a couple of airfields quite close to each other near Lizard in Cornwall and spent hours hopping between them in different weather conditions, using the taxiing and queuing lessons from the tutorial to do it properly. Really satisfying when you take off without getting an earful about it being unscheduled. I actually feel bad if I just abandon a flight in mid air now and always try to land even if it's a boneshaker. Easy to see how people get so deeply into this. It's as complex or simple as you want it to be, whether you're just going for a pootle around the Cornish coast or strapping in for a serious transatlantic long haul. This game makes me smile a lot. The sunsets, the familiar sights, the way that it combines map nerdery with gaming, the insane graphics, the endless ambition and scope of it.
  10. Some of the urban areas end up looking like Chernobyl does now with the amount of trees. That's given me an idea for a new flight path though.
  11. Software toy is a great way of describing this. There's something really addictive about flying around your own area with live weather at the actual time of day, I've also discovered that you can rewind time to specific dates so you can experience the particular weather conditions from that day. I set myself some routes last night - touring British castles, tracing the route of the grand union canal, flying to the source of the Thames from London, visiting music festival locations, visiting seaside places I went on holiday to as a kid (quite melancholic) - I'm a bit of a map nerd and these kind of expeditions press a lot of buttons for me. Very interesting to see how many private airstrips there are and how difficult they are to land at. Hardly even ventured outside England yet.
  12. Got everything installed now, thanks. Also bough that ultra-light aircraft that @Mike S mentioned, I'm going to take it out on the south west coast tonight and see how accurate the live weather is when Storm Evert hits.
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