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  1. As well as updating the game from the GamePass section, it's asking for another 20GB install when I launch the game and go into Campaign, which is crawling down achingly slowly.
  2. The game sounds like a good Halo (campaign) but not a classic Halo. I wanted it to be a classic, but here we are. I bet when this all calms down and we look back, the Metro score and the more conservative reviews will be the ones most of us on here align with. It looks like the combat is great but the rest of the campaign has issues. The lack of variety is a real kick in the spuds. I read that you can't select individual missions to replay. That's just, fucking hell. Really wondering about the replayability of this one.
  3. Metro's reviews have been some of the best and most credible out there for years. Usually my goto site when a big new game comes out. Unpretentious, honest and usually quite low scoring when everyone else is losing heir minds, with none of the flowery shit of the bigger sites.
  4. Do we expect 343 to add new areas to the campaign (snow, urban, etc) as DLC/additional chapters? Have they talked about this?
  5. Indeed. "Master Chief brings loads of guns to the job, as is his want" I hate it when people use phrases that they don't understand but use them anyway. Especially journalists.
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