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  1. In Dark Souls, levelling up is done at bonfires, no loading a hub then warping back out. You just cash in your souls and move on. In Dark Souls 3 you have to return to the hub to level up. Not sure why they changed it, maybe it's for technical reasons. Now I want to play Dark Souls again. I just thought about being sat at that damp, claustrophobic bonfire in the Depths and need to get back down there.
  2. That, and having to return to the hub to level up.
  3. It's truly depressing to see the devs being led by the nose by the posters on Reddit demanding this stuff. The people (like us) who love the game are just quietly enjoying it, but the ADD crowd who want everything to be 1000mph with killstreaks every second are very vocal and aggressive with their feedback, hence the recent changes like Akimbo, the new perk balances etc. I hate that "gamers" have a voice now. Infinity Ward are masters of their craft and don't need advice from the great unwashed.
  4. Same on PS4. Climbing the tower kills the framerate. The latest update has killed my buzz for this game. Too many killstreaks and other annoying shit to deal with, so I'm hopping over to the Division 2 for a bit. Take THAT, Activision!
  5. Is the new loot system in yesterday's update?
  6. It just seems like such a basic thing in an online shooter to get right, don't spawn behind/infront of other players or in the blast radius of a killstreak, or on top of an objective. I love pretty much everything about this game but the spawning is weirdly fucked.
  7. More than annoying if you're playing TDM FFA or Kill Confirmed where K/D is the entire point.
  8. Rust is a mess. Ridiculous spawns, framerate goes to hell when you climb the tower, constant air support/kill streaks thanks to the new perk balancing but no fucker bothers to ever shoot anything down. New map is good though, feels like a classic MW2 map somehow.
  9. Patch notes: https://www.infinityward.com/news/2020-02/MW_Patch_Notes_Feb_20 They don't even mention the spawning, I just don't get how that can't be an easy fix. Akimbo weapons (dual wielding) perk is in. Do not like. Battle Hardened changes: (Bunch of other perk balances but this is the big one) Added Snapshot grenade immunity (moved from Ghost) Added Gas grenade resistance: Cough is no longer played when a player enters gas Reduced slowdown under gas effect Reduced blur when under gas effect Crossbow reload tuned. Increased RAM-7 extended mags ammo count from 45 to 50 Nothing else major stood out to me. Edit: Oh fuck no, now you can run Hardline and Kill Chain together.
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