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  1. Unity never felt very cohesive or focussed from the clips that were shared, it all looked a bit random and loose. You never got the idea that this was a classic about to be born. I can see a publisher getting cold feet over a project that just didn't seem like it was coming together in a very marketable or structured way. It felt like quite a stretch for Jeff to make his trademark arcade shooter style and VLM mashup fully featured enough to justify a big Gamecube release. Jeff himself got quite defensive over "what actually is Unity?" questions on his own forum, easy to imagine the same attitude not going down brilliantly with Lionhead and Nintendo, no matter how much they respected him as some kind of lone maverick artist/coder. Talking of Lionhead, I get this popup every time I login to Kickstarter:
  2. Extremely ambitious KS goals. It would be amazing to see this made with the production values the director is aiming to achieve, but his goal of raising nearly a quarter of a million dollars suggests he hasn't read the market very well. He says his bare minimum to achieve in funding is $100, 000 - a hundred grand to make a film about Llamasoft just sounds totally unrealistic to me. I get that he wants to travel and do interviews and have lavish cinema premieres and all that, but really the most interesting thing about this movie - by far - will be interviews with Jeff, he could shoot hours of that with a train ticket to Wales and an iPhone. Is he going to abandon all the work he's done already if these goals aren't met (he says himself he's already "deep in editing" which suggests a lot of shooting has been done) or will he just release a more modest edit?
  3. Seriously, fuck these developers and buying their unfinished games on day one. I knew it was a bad idea buying this. They needed "feedback" to fix the most basic shit like the horrific loading times? In the good old days of ethical yarring I would've resented the wasted Easynews credits it cost me to yoink this game down. Fucking poor.
  4. Does this have summoning for bosses?
  5. Thanks chaps, picking this up today then. Looks great.
  6. Are the loading times long if you quit or restart a race on the same track? Or just the first time it loads the track? Any similarities to the mighty Rallisport 2?
  7. It's got Edge [6] all over it. Definitely worth waiting a few weeks for the honeymoon to fade and the patches to arrive.
  8. Yeah, strongly agree. I liked the game just after launch when it had been patched up a bit, but now it's turned into this sprawling, online epic with far too much stuff to do. I constantly feel like I'm running around balancing resources and remembering things and not really enjoying the universe itself that much. Do not want other people in my game, ruining that Silent Running isolation atmosphere. When it was a Chris Foss book cover simulator you could just enjoy framing shots and doing minimal busywork, but now it's system upon system upon system, so much exhausting stuff to think about. It feels like the original game was what Hello Games wanted to make, but Beyond is what everyone else wanted them to make. The scope of it is just too vast, and it's hard to imagine it ever running smoothly and bug free. It crashed at least ten times on me this weekend, just crazy to release something that unreliable. It's a shame, I really want to love it and there is something great in there, but it's just so deeply flawed.
  9. Splinter Cell Phone.
  10. But not Dara O Briain or Ian Lee, please.
  11. Mac version doesn't allow you to paste a password into the signup box, which is how you'd do it if you were using 1Password. Edit: Crikey, it also doesn't let you Command+Q to quit, you have to quit via the menu. Poor.
  12. If people really can't dig any deeper than the Locomotion or I Should Be So Lucky to find something that they like, then I fucking despair, I really do.
  13. People are fucking stupid?
  14. If Kylie could sing I'd get it. Nostalgia, pop songs, sun and booze. Great. But I just cannot get how anyone could listen to that nasally, annoying whine of hers, she is objectively a shit singer with a terrible voice. There's no way around that. It's all about her looks and being "Kylie". Fuck off with that kitsch, ironic bullshit. Has anyone mentioned how terrible Liam Gallagher was as well? I thought he really struggled after a decent start with Rock n Roll star. The faux-Beatlisms are horribly lumpen and dated now and the downtempo tracks in his set dragged it down even more. It was a real slog to get to the end of that. His band all look completely bored as well with their dressed by mum mod outfits and lego hair. The Good The Bad and the Queen were decent, good festival band.
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