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  1. Rendered using the realtime renderer? I've seen some demos of it, looks amazing.
  2. Great renders - which render engine and 3D app did you use?
  3. Sekiro. Love Miyazaki's games and was excited about a departure from the Souls series. Love the games that were supposed to be an influence, I really miss Tenchu. Thought the setting would be perfect. No.
  4. Expected not to enjoy the new smaller map (Kill House?) but I loved playing Kill Confirmed and Domination on it last night - using the RPG to clear out enemies from their flag (got me a triple kill and best play of the match) and being super sneaky on Kill Confirmed by hanging back and waiting for the enemies to collect Dog Tags then WHOOMP with the RPG, it's just endlessly entertaining mindless fun to me. I absolutely love this game.
  5. Played solidly since launch, every night and every weekend, not had a single laggy game. I lost my mind at Virgin Media once about my connection being intermittently slow, turned out I'd forgotten about my Backblaze backups uploading when I was working on massive 3D renders and comps that were all getting backed up. That was pretty humbling. So just check you have nothing chewing your bandwidth before you blame the servers because they are rock solid in my experience.
  6. Headsup in case anyone is expecting to play tonight, another big 3gb-ish patch is out. 725 nerfed again. Full patch notes: B flag being repositioned on Picadilly is an improvement, it was way too exposed before.
  7. MP5 is a beast since the patch. Always loved that weapon in in the original MW, it sounds so good with silencer attached. Spent the night levelling that on a riot shield build with a thermal scope, fast weapon swap and fast reload. Too much fun. Pew pew!
  8. Inspiring launch lineup, there.
  9. A game where if you fall over a baby starts crying.
  10. Got my first rage hate message on PSN last night, apparently I'm being reported for cheating because of my killing machine build of the riot shield and 725. I'm so proud. I'm even wondering if the riot shield is a bit OP, the way you can just steamroller people into corners as they panic spray you with bullets and melee them to death as they reload is probably like, um, bringing a riot shield to a gun fight. Hunkering down to defend objectives with this thing or going in hard on the offensive is equally viable. On your back it massively reduces your chances of being shot, and you'll never got shot whilst looking through a window again if you pull it up first.
  11. Seriously, are there two new games called Modern Warfare?
  12. Played for a few hours (all Objective based) and the patch seems great, 725 still a beast, not ridiculous at range anymore but still an absolute powerhouse, running speed is a touch faster but nothing silly or comedy, assault rifles less of an all-rounder go-to weapon, and the massively annoying semtex alarm has been calmed down. Feels like IW want to keep the game consistent with their vision and tune it without it descending into ADD lunacy. Seeing a lot of quitters on Piccadilly, people really don't like this map on Kill Confirmed or Domination.
  13. Words that you only ever hear in gaming when a Kojima game is released: Auteur
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