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  1. Finished this last night. It's...interesting. And to avoid anything too spoilery...
  2. I think Johnny discovering things like online dating, smartphones, Facebook and WiFi etc gave me the most laughs in this. Just a brilliant idea for the character. ‘Send it to the internet!!’
  3. Oh that cut at the end of Batman Returns always irked me!! He has the makeup, then it switches to the mask tear off shot a few secs later and it’s magically gone! At about 14secs in the below. p.s Pfeiffer, still top of my list. Phwoar.
  4. I’m loving this. Cheesy, corny, exciting. It’s pretty much what the films were really. Also reminded me of this great episode of How I Met Your Mother. This excerpt doesn’t give the reveal the justice it deserves...
  5. This is just tragic. I feel so much sorrow for him and his family. It upsets me as well that I read more into people in such tragic circumstances. Like how Denzel supported him financially and his appreciation of that and for all upcoming black actors. Or how much time he devoted to those less fortunate and, well, his fans. I just never knew or appreciated that before this news. RIP, your legacy will continue beyond.
  6. Zombie Tidal Wave - 2/5 A joke/cringe watch, and wonderfully bad CGI gave it the 2 stars.
  7. Brilliant. It’s just...brilliant. Cannot wait for the next. Hats off.
  8. Hah. We sat down and watched Three Men and a Baby a couple of weeks ago as we both were like ‘that film was great!’ and it really is. One of my guilty pleasures for sure. Just takes me right back to being a kid and is one of those films that can be on at any time and easy watching.
  9. Utterly gripping television. I can't remember a series similar, where I was so invested in a relatively slow-paced drama. It's absolutely captivated me.
  10. I’m going to spend the next 5 months lovingly watching my kale and tomato’s grow in my vegetable patch. They’ll show some promise, I’ll water them every day while they flourish, then at the point of harvesting I’ll discover a big fat slug has slowly oozed absolute shite all over them, ate them, and left me unsatisfied and without kale or tomatoes. And then I’ll go watch another box set.
  11. It’s all on Prime! Finished a second watch with my gf who’d never seen it. Totally still holds up, despite some of the dragging episodes. Just mellow/easy watch telly and we were hooked!
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