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  1. it is a horror film and has the usual horror movie tropes - as a horror film fan I would say its not extreme. The opening 30 mins is a bit different and definitely worth a watch and see how you feel about it and then you can decide whether to continue If you have disney+ already then it is a no brainer to try out the first act.
  2. Barbarian Just a random pick from streaming (Disney+ in this instance). It is pretty damned good just not as clever as it thinks it is with a subtext that is really text Worth a watch and a decent horror film. EDIT - I should point out (not a spoiler) that I think Bill Skarsgard's performance in this is one of the highlights of the film. 3/5 Don't click unless you have seen it. Rambling thoughts within that are probably way off beam
  3. I know I've asked before but this list https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/ps-plus/games/ in the Game Catalogue section does that include PS3 games you can't play as an Extra subscriber as only premium can game stream (which you need for PS3) or is that a different list.
  4. i got it as I had 500 vbucks on my balance - I was convinced it would 1200 or something stupid so that was a nice surprise
  5. Deathrace 2000 (prime) When you consider the genre that is 1970s dystopian scifi many will point to Silent Running, Soylent Green, Logan's run, Rollerball, A Clockwork Orange and many others - few will quote Deathrace 2000 and with good reason! This film swings between lampooning the genre and trying to be like it. The clumsy social commentary is hilarious when paired up with regular nudity and comedic sped up car footage. It is Roger Corman of course so the budget is low low low hence the sped up footage and pretty shit effects instead of scintillating stunts. The first 2/3rds are great schlock nonsense and pretty funny throughout, genuinely funny not just laughing at how shit it is (although there is a bit of that). The film stumbles on its final 1/3rd as it seems to labour under the misapprehension it is a serious dystopian future film with the rebels subplot taking over. It also leans more on Carradine's acting which is utterly woeful - Stallone is surprisingly good at chewwing the scenery and despite having to remove her top on a regular basis Frankenstein's navigator, Annie (Simone Griffeth) is actually a half decent actress. I looked her up and she did guest appearance spots on pretty much every 80s tv show, 6 million dollar man, Magnum PI, Quincy, Hulk,Hawaii 5 o , Dukes of Hazzard, CHIPS, Hart to Hart, Golden Girls, TJ Hooker etc. Recommended to those with a penchant for schlock B movies, especially those movies that nudge the top end of that pile. 3/5 EDIT - a quick mention to the quality of the print and transfer. It is amazing how much effort is put itno preserving/restoring these old shlocky films. Plenty of film grain and variable film stock in general but the reason I can spot that is that the transfer is really good. I recall this from VHs and old tv viewing and it looked like shit, now it looks vibrant with colours popping and (when the film stock allows) nice and sharp. It is not a reference quality transfer but just amazes me the effort expended.
  6. I last watched that on late night VHS drunken movie marathon with some friends in the late 80s/early 90s (we did this once a month - rent films and get pissed and watch round the clock to the bleary morning). My memory is not of a 4/5 film but now I am intrigued enough to fire up Prime
  7. Now to the end of Season 3 and hmmmm S3E14 - the one where nothing of real consequence happens A bit of a nothing episode. Andrea finally realises that the Governer is very very bad (sigh) and tries to escape to find Rick and the others at the prison. Quite meh really, the writers burnt their bridges with Andrea earlier in the season so this part fails to land well. The burning of the walkers and Tyreese's group is laso just not well developed enough to be of interest. S3E15 - the one where Merle nuts up Rooker again effortlessly moves up through the gears and steals the show. I like Michonne but she is acted off the screen here. A great character piece and well worth devoting almost the entire episode to it. The final 10 mins or so where Merle finally nuts up and takes on the governer is brilliant and makes us realise the governer isn't just all talk he is quite adept at fighting. Good stuff but does flag up the fact that the rest of Woodbury is faceless. S3E16 - The one where there is a final conflict and the governer is defeate.... wait WHAT THE FUCK? Yes I had forgotten that this was the finale that wasn't. It seems the showrunner didn't want to lose the governer so despite losing Woodbury and the battle with the prison they decide to have him run away with two henchmen at the end. Terrible way to end an arc. For a show that revelled in its ability to kill off characters with no warning it really doesn't know when to let go of characters. The episode starts with Michonne forgiving Rick for giving her up to the governer (snore) and captured Andrea being left with the freshly murdered Milton - again the governer showing his brutal side and nicely done. The scenes of Andrea trying to get the pliers is weirdly intercut with the main action, taking away the tension. You could easily intercut the initial moments of her talking to Milton and then once we are on the pliers sequence stick with it and play it out raise the tension and her desperation. Intercutting it all weakens it. Intercut with this is the "main action". The sheep of Woodbury follow the governer to the prison and suddenly they have rocket launchers and woohoo time to blow that budget on blowing up bits of the disused prison they must've had a cheap long lease on (there is no other excuse for the fact they fucking stay there when there is a town nearby after this!). They arrive with all the subtlety of the bikers from Dawn of the Dead , it is such an utterly stupid attack that is makes little sense. Ont heir first attack they were precise and incisive, got a kill straight off and made the prison grounds fill with walkers this time they bumble around blowing up stuff at random! Once they have ineffectually blown up some bits outside they go inside and , oh no rick and the crew have gone... or have they! Of course they haven't and the governer walks into a trap so obvious that even Wil.E.Coyote would be giving it the side eye. RETREAT is the call when the trap is sprung and a chunk of Woodbury sheep are driven off without a single prison inhabitant being so much as wounded. The Governer follows the retreat and then guns down his own people for running away before himself then errrrrr running away with two henchmen! Overall I actually enjoyed season 3 and when it hits highs it is very good (THe morgan/Rick episode and Merle episodes are real high points), but it is frustrating as the dunderheaded decisions they make elsewhere are so easy to fix. For example, following the Morgan/Rick episode with a Rick/Governer negotiation episode is poor plotting/pacing as you need those tight episodes spread out (and better written in the case of the latter). The governer is a great villain but they don't quite nail him quite right and waste him a bit. I know that this is meant to show the fact he is unhinged since losing his daughter and him becoming more erratic but it doesn't sit right. I guess part of the problem is the way that Woodbury is so undeveloped as a location and populous. Apart from Tyreese's group and one henchman there are literally no recognisable characters, they could have employed different extras each episode (and I'm sure they did) and I wouldn't have noticed.
  8. Clipper

    Boomer Shooters

    Playing proteus and the only thing that bugs me is why does it have modern controls, aim down sights??? Don’t need it, my meaty action hero shoots from the hip
  9. He never said he did own it. The article is pretty clear on his position. Making a homage or spiritual successor can sometimes be just fine to pick an example at random Llamatron was an homage to Robotron and Llamasoft didn't get sued over that as far as I know. He did Minotron 2112 on mobile as well without a peep coming from the rights owner He tried to make amends with Atari when they complained and at that time they weren't interested. Later they obviously struck a deal for him to make Tempest 4000.
  10. by 2014 "Atari" was a husk and plenty of people make homages to games that get away with it. Minter obviously thought it was dead and if they complained be able to negotiate with them. It isn't even crystal clear if "Atari" would have won any legal battle as Minter himself pointed out that Atari diddled him out of Tempest X3 royalties because they had changed Tempest 2000 juuuuuust enough when they ported it to ensure they could avoid paying Llamasoft. Jeff's view is here... https://venturebeat.com/games/abject-bollocks-tempest-2000-creator-calls-out-atari-for-trying-to-block-his-followup/ specific interesting points
  11. He has been licensed to do it by "atari" so no worries there. As for a couple of other linked points. Someone asks why they are doing all the ports and saying oh it is "atari" not Atari. Atari is indeed only a shell company that own all the IP etc. They license it out to various 3rd party devs to do stuff as they have no developers themselves. So there is noone to do the ports so that is up to whoever they license it to. And, as we know, "Atari" have licensed out to people who have produced great stuff like Atari 50, Jag emu, Tempsest 4000 and now this ... and they have licensed out to stuff like the Atari VCS. So it is very much a random chance of greatness with anything with Atari's name on it. But it is Llamasoft so no worries
  12. This is going to be a sporadic series of ramblings as I rewatch, sometimes it will cover half a season or part of and sometimes not - this time I just watched S3 E12 and 13 and it is the perfect exmaple of the chalk/cheese decent/shite mix that is watching the Walking Dead. S3 E12 - The one where Rick finds Morgan again The setup is clunky to get Rick to meet Morgan and the Carl/Michonne scenes are not good but the Rick/Morgan stuff is superb. Lennie James is great here and shows why it is such a shame they overused Morgan and messed the character so much over on "Fear...". Morgan's despair over losing his son and how it happened is moving and Rick's reaction is spot on. Such a good episode, mostly well written and acted. I know at the time some people said that Morgan should join the show but given the fact the writers had no idea how to use him properly on Fear I think we got off lightly Then compare and contrast to the next episode S3 E13 - The one where the Rick and the Governer "negotiate" It is as if someone watched the previous episode and thought "you know what I can do the same thing of two actors working in a tense environment acting and bouncing off each other AND I can make it ten times worse"! Andrea continues down the "wtf" path by getting Rick and the Governer to negotiate when she knows the governer is mad and won't change. The reveal of the gun strapped to the table is stupidly early (it should be a nice surprise mid-tension) and then they don't even fucking use it. The opening gambit from the governer is "we are negotiating terms of your SURRENDER" dun dun dunnnnnn.... then he chats to rick for 20 mins about various other things/moments/negotiations unrelated to surrender before settling on "ok well just give me Michonne" followed by the hilarious scene with henchman after saying "hahaha we will kill them all" FFS. The opening ploy is just weird bait for the audience and then he drinks whisky and persuades rick to drink some. From the (relative) sublime to the ridiculous.
  13. didn't know (or had forgotten about) this so I will save some money now. I tell you if Jeff Minter turns into a right wing arse then I may never purchase another video game.
  14. do you get paid everytime you use the word nostalgia?
  15. I don't play masses of games but I have completed all the BIoshocks so I really like the look of this one. I am assuming he doesn't have the Bioshock name anymore hence the name change but the game looks the same
  16. The Crazies 1973 Been meaning to rewatch this since I got the boxset of Arrow blurays that cover Romero's films between Night and Dawn (a badly named boxset as it ignores Martin pft). Anyway having watched the remake the other night I was thinking that the original had a tough mountain to climb to match it but it does it with aplomb. I wouldn't say one is better than the other as they have different aims and both get the same rating for me but for different reasons. In the remake I mention Olyphant carrying it a bit but that can't be levelled at the original as the acting is a little, shall we say, rough round the edges The real star of this film is Romero himself, the direction and editing is so much better than the remake with more interesting shot composition and editing that sharpens the action brilliantly despite the tiny budget it was shot on. In any other hands this would look ten times worse, Romero knows how to make cheap outdoor night lighting and special effects work. Yes it looks dated but I think it works. Thematically the film is similar to the remake but the split focus between the group trying to escape and the military and scientists adds another dimension. The military in the remake look like a relentless machine that is excising a diseased town and its population. The original paints authority as incompetent and brutish, the military as violent and bumbling and scientists as badly done by and a little arrogant. The behaviour of the Crazies between the two films is similar but the remake does produce some chilling and tense moments. The original has a documentary feel and the action of the crazies is variable, the knitting woman is superb and the creepy descent of Artie (played by Dr "FRANKENSTEIN" Logan from Day of the Dead) and his daughter is truly distrubing to a level the remake doesn't quite reach. However the mass crowd of crazies in the High School is poor and even Romero frantically trying to edit around them can't quite fix it. The acting performances are nothing to write home about but the main escaping group are well played given their talent and the slow descent of some of them into madness is handled really well. This rating is if you can handle dated early 70s low budget scifi/horror 4/5
  17. That definitely does sound like a great twist on the narrative, would've loved to have seen it. Surely if that was the plan for a season 2 opener and you got Witwer in to do the zombie in the tank you'd shoot the stuff needed for the followup/prequel episode at the same time? Otherwise you have to get the tank and the expensive set together again. In the end he was show runner for the first half of season 2 and it felt like a show that wasn't sustainable. I get the slow burn zombie survival idea but it was lacking in action you need to drive a plot and Carl lying in bed for several episodes with your lead giving him blood transfusions wasn't enough to sustain it. There were obviously lots of things going on behind the scenes as well and that didn't help but I think the direction of the Season 2 oopening was Darabont's idea and it wasn't working yet. Now the reason Is ay this as I have read about Darabont's plans for those characters and they link up with the vibe and feel of the first half of season 2. He was going to have Dale and Andrea get involved (he called it a May to December thing) and you can see that start to happen in that first half and then it is killed literally stone dead. Maybe Darabont was hard done by when it came to season 2 budget (Season 1 was good!). Maybe he wasn't up to showrunning a big TV series when alot of his expeirence was in film. I love Darabont and would loved to have seen how his version of Walking Dead would have panned out. I still think that slow burn thing he likes would have been a hurdle but maybe we would have avoided alot of the pitfalls it fell into as well.
  18. When I play games like that I can't stop the cognitive disonance going off every single time it happens. It is as if someone took an Indiana Jones film and every 5 mins they splice in 20 minutes from Rambo
  19. That is the point of the event film isn't it. Noone really watches Titanic for the story do they? I'm not keen on James Cameron as a director or creative visionary or whatever he is referred to as but he is a superb salesman and can produce an event movie like very few others can. Terminator is his best film with Aliens behind it a bit, after that the rest have been greater or lesser diminishing returns. Terminator was tight, thrilling, hokey and fun, Aliens was a good action take on the Alien mythos. Most of the rest of his films were bloated in one way or another and the stories got worse as they went on. The reason for that is despite what he says I don't think he is interested in telling stories, he is interested in the visual and the spectacle. The stories have felt bolted on since at least Titanic and possibly earlier. Technically he is a great director that can produce a great visual spectacle but he lacks something. He can make a lot of money however.
  20. Or Lara Croft in rebootRaider. Oh god I just had to kill a beautiful deer, life is soooo precious. 5 mins later sticks ice pick in a guys throat. But Nathan Drake is the funniest example... Hey Sully... Hey Drake (insert funny buddy stuff here) then switch to gameplay and Drake kills 27 guys in a small chest high wall ridden area
  21. I maintain that any game that takes ten hrs to "get going" - or anymore than 10 minutes - is doing itself no favours at best and is a shit game at worst. EDIT - see also games that go on too long. They have a gameplay mechanic and loop , it works and is enjoyable but has a lifespan. Sadly the narrative the games makers have come up with means the gameplay outstays its welcome.
  22. My rewatch is now 3/4s of the way through season 3. I can see why they got rid of Darabont mid season 2. Darabont wanted an achingly slow simmering build which he couldn't quite pull off, I am not sure why he went so off piste with this as Darabont knows how to entertain with horror. 2nd half of season 2 showed what they wanted which was more action and protagonists. Season 3 so far is pretty good, probably as good as Season 1 with some caveats. As I mentioned before there should have been 1-2 episodes covering their 6 month winter hell which would have given the audience a good reason for why they holed up in a fucking prison full of zombies! If we had seen the desperation of those months then maybe we could understand but all we saw was actors returning after a break between seasons all saying "yep winter was tough" and then they go live in a prison, full of zombies! I wouldn't mind but Woodbury is a short drive away you would have thought they would have spotted that! The other thing I worked out in Season 3 (due to the prison zombie scenes) is why the Walking Dead seems to rely on teleporting zombies and 50 zombies round a corner. THe filmmakers and editors don't know how to do slow zombies and don't know how to shoot action with them. We all know that slow zombies are tricky beasts to make scary as you can run away, you can outpace them and you could even walk round them (as Barbara points out in Night of the Living Dead 90). Good directors and editors like Romero make it look easy as they direct and edit the action so the zombies are a threat, and if they teleport a zombie (all slow moving zombie films do it all the time) they do it with sleight of hand or sleight of edit. The walking Dead creative team seemingly don't know how to do this. So Rick turns back to look lovingly at his crew in the prison compound and suddenly there are 20 zombies there, Virgil loses a leg, Carol ends up hiding in a cell, T Dog has to die and Lori dies. ANd all because they couldn't spot 20 teleporting zombies and instead of reacting to 20 slow moving zombies sensibly they all fly off in different directions. The other thing they can't do is edit/direct action without confusion. Those prison corridors make no sense and I cannot follow who is going where and why, I am sure they are trying to give the impression of confusion but you don't do that by confusing the viewer! The trick of a good sequence is we completely understand the layout of corridors, we know they are confused, we know they are doing the wrong thing and going the wrong way and can feel the oncoming disaster. But no the Walking Dead creators think it is better that we are as confused as the cast. Other thoughts on aspects of season 3 (I am on episode 12). Governer. Good villain poorly used. David Morrissey does a damned good job even though some of the material he has to work with is clunky, some of the switches between strong leader and damaged human being just fall flat and make it look like he is two different characters. His humiliation of Maggie was a really uncomfortable watch, probably one of the creepiest scenes in the Walking Dead. That showed how he ould ahve been used more effectively. Anthea is almost good. Her build up through the season and falling for the governer makes sense and works as she wanted something like normality and Woodbury seemed to be that. Her viewing the experiment by the science guy works as she is appalled but there is a tiny glimmer that she hopes he is right. However once she realises what the Governer is really upto it falls apart. Sending her to the prison is a mistake unless you intend her to rejoin the group. Her character deciding to still go back to Woodbury to fix things is madness as it is obvious the governer is as mad as a box of frogs. Michonne is a great character and it is a good introduction to her. She is a bit too stand offish when she finds them at the prison but it still works. Strong scenes for her throughout Merle is great and helps to save Woodbury being just the Governer's bland backdrop. He is one dimensional but Rooker plays it to perfection. The attempt by Daryl to save him is a good set of moments but those scenes also highlight that Norman Reedus is out of his depth playing against Rooker, the latter acts him off the screen. Merle's desperation when Daryl leaves him is palpable Woodbury itself lacks texture and colour, it is too bland a backdrop. It is completely about the Governer (and Merle) and that is it. SO much wasted potential Lori is a wasted completely and she is just a vessel for Rick's plotline which is pretty unforvgiveable. In fact her character is poorly written from the start, she exists just to help form the male characters of Shane and Rick. Rick - I like the actor but having him stumble around for two episodes answering phones and being out in the wilderness - well 5 yards from the prison gate really did him no favours. PRisoners - wasted potential as they were barely used. Tyreese's group - wasted potential so far.
  23. As per my previous post and with minimal ads (4 instance of 15secs each so these Amazon film with ads on Freevee is pretty good) we have The Crazies (2010) It isn't perfect but it is a very tense well crafted film. Olyphant is superb and does carry the film a bit but then the film focuses on his character. Which is the main point of difference between the original and the remake. The original is about how the military do/don't control a rapidly deteriorating situation and it has a documentary feel to it. The "remake" is a smaller story about a couple who try to make sense of the outbreak from the other perspective. The crazies themselves really aren't zombies, it is a birlliantly crafted alternative take on the zombie style film. The antagonists are still intelligent, still have the drives they had before they "turned" and still have feelings. I like the way their actions post infection are still a reflection of who they are, like with the hunters and the "wronged" Mother and Son. The soulless cruelty they can enact whilst still displaying intelligence is quite chilling and it is a shame it has never been expanded on. It loses a mark for the direction/shot composition/editing being quite pedestrian at times. A perfect example is the brilliant enigmatic "final shot" of the backs of two people which is then immediately ruined by the blunt reveal pullout to satellite footage. However, considering the director it is amazing it turned out as well as it did! 4/5 (I am rewatching the 1973 original tonight I hope so will follow up with that )
  24. I don’t buy many games due to gamepass easily supplying enough stuff to fill the spare time I have for gaming. but I make an exception for llamasoft as the industry will be a poorer one once he (and Giles) hangs up his keyboard. switch and Xbox for me this time. Just noticed tempest4000 is on Xbox as well! Time for a triple dip on that one!!!
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