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    Rock Band!

    quick question... if you have bought the US version of rockband on import... can you later on purchase tracks from the UK PSN store (when it/they are eventually released) or are you forever locked into buying US store content? Actually this applies to all import games I guess. Anyone know the answer?
  2. WORST PARODY EVER When he started wiffling on about sprite depth and key up events etc I switched it off. Yahtzee doesn't ever talk in that sort of depth so the parody is fatally flawred Oh and he sounds like a monotone whine that would make my ears bleed if I let it go on too long.
  3. If you are referring to me... I have not and will never be a part of the yakyak forums.. I visited it when it was pointed out to me after SG's release I wasn't following its deveklopemnt... the 2 youtube vids I watched were linked here from the SG thread i think.. and the wobbly nature of the camera work meant I didnt determine how the game works. I am not a psychic genius but I understand that different people have different experiences.. and that iam the exception as I seemt o have no problem with the tutorial and yet I had treouble with what is meant to be a "simple" tutorial on other games!
  4. you first... given the fact our amount of gaming experience is pretty much the same (which by the way is the WORST WAY to say my opinion is better than yours)... then surely in your twisted head my opinion carries as much weight as yours. In fact I think my expereince is nearer 30 years (defo more that 27) so you are officially wrong by your own definition of which opinion is "right" now stop talking absolute shit and run along Or alternatively accept people have different opinions and don't get into a willy waving competition and run along
  5. Well I am sorry but it is not a load of shit I speak as I find And there we see the perfect example of everyone being different Carcasonne tutorial taught me nothing about the game and I found it simply confusing.... and I did not miss out on anything from my perspective... i "missed out" on a game found to be impenetrable bollocks and I am living proof that you can understand SG from the demo alone (and a couple of youtube vids of it being played... not a demo but a simple play through of the game). So you can't say there is "no way" to play properyl from the tutorial. As I already mentioned I am rubbish at games these days so maybe my brain is wired for "old school" gaming which meant SG clicked but to dismiss an opinion as being "a load of shit" is short sighted in the extreme
  6. aand thats why I said "For the former category.. its a small number and the latter is even smaller!!!" I never said there werent any But seriously look at the list of devs from back then.. who still works like you and ste or minter? And even if they work for big companies , how many of em still do original type stuff and how many are reworking or revamping or putting a different spin on an original concept? and also to be brutally fair from my impressions gleaned from this website and others you only went back to bedroom coding cos the big corporate shit bit you in the arse repeatedly (no offence intended)
  7. does that make me a sharper motherfucker than you? My only exposure to SG prior to the demo was a couple of youtube vids just showing off the gfx etc. I played the tutorial twice and it made perfect sense.. I was a bit baffled to see so many complain about it. then again I played the Carcasonne tutorial twice and thought it was impenetrable and incomprehensible shite... To the extent that I didnt even download it when it was free... so go figure... Now I am not pig ignorant.. I accept that to mos the SG tutorial makes no sense.. but to continually determine that it makes no sense to everybody is plain nonsense. So as usual we have determined that personal experience differs.. Different people like and understand different things... heyho.... the only reason I weighed into this thread at all was to challenge the complete and utter misinformation being spouted...
  8. yes they DID say that.. And if you dont mean to say it then say what you mean... here are some quotes.. one is from you Admittedly the catastrophic obtuseness is mostly centred on Davros's sock drawer but others have said similar I'd like to see someone name another 5 people who were writing original games back then who are still writing original games now. And even better name anyone still writing original games now who were writing original games back thena nd can stil be classed as "bedroom coders" For the former category.. its a small number and the latter is even smaller!!! Yes Minter nowadays writes stuff heavily influenced by existing genre classics.. but then there arent many original game makers stil ahving original ideas 30 ish years after they started! And I'd argue that SG is the most original thing he has done in aobut 15 or so years!
  9. And for the second time here is alist Deflex hovver bovver hellgate lazerzone metagalactic llamas battle at the edge of time Sheep in space Ancipital mama llama batalyx Iridis Alpha Revenge of the mutant camels Photon Storm Light synths There are others influenced to greater or lesser extent by arcade games in a more obvious way But as far as I know these above are pretty original games so can we please knock the idea on the head that Minter has NEVER written an original game. To say that is to admit to being a complete fuckwit...
  10. I'm not saying it only applies to XBLA it applies to all games... I'll avoid the word bland as it gets peoples backs up... popular = not risky.... Which alot of the time means endless sequels and "blockbuster" type games. nothing wrong with them... I like loads of them! but they are lowest common denominator and thats why they sell like hot cakes. Tentpole summer blockbusters on XBLA... hmm dunno Geo Wars because of its association with PGR and the fact it is the ultimate noob friendly shmup. Churned out arcade emulators.. I dont consider frogger, track and field to even deserve the title remake And for the record I'm not surprised SG didnt sell. its niche and its not for everyone. And I'm not surprised the artist involved is pissed off that it didnt sell i am just a bit sad that he felt it necessary to go public with his whinge... When it comes down to it I have far more respect for Minter who puts his heart and soul into his work... rather than the talentless gits who foisted Screwjumper on us!!! Or indeed the robots in EA who seemingly have their artistic abilities beaten out of them by endless annual updates
  11. Yes you are 100% right... the "world of games" bucks the trend shown in EVERY other media type , it's that special!!! The three titles you list are in no way the equivalent to the annual Summer blockbuster movies... and in no way actually go to prove my point. in film terms mario galaxy = the latest pixar blockbuster Halo3 = the latest Die Hard sequel popular does not = bad as I already said and similar to movies no sane person would compare space giraffe with halo3 or MG int he same way no sane person would compare say Full Metal jacket with Platoon
  12. And I can equally say the opposite, as usual it is all subjective I find the organic visuals of SG entrancing whearas I find GW visuals sterile and harsh
  13. Nope I am trying to make the point that niche != popular and therefore big audiences/big sales of games = popular My more eloquent explanation was that the most popular stuff in nearly all media is usually bland... games are no different To write something like Space giraffe and expect it to have a massive audience is obviously futile. Something more bland will always be more popular tot he massmarket. popular = bland. and to make this clear... I am not saying it is BAD.. I am saying it is usually bland and so appeals to largest proportion of people.... All the suggestions made in this thread on how to "improve" Space Giraffe would undoubtedly make the game more popular but also more bland with less character (maybe apart from the tutorial altho I dont see the problem with it to be honest)
  14. When you are playing.. whatever level you reached when you die you can restart at that level next time you play with 3 lives as normal so far so shit right... Except if you ended that previous level with 3 lives when you restart that level you start it again you start with 3 lives and the score you built up on your previous go so I get to level 32 with a score of 47000000 and 3 lives.. I die on level 33.. when I play next game I have optino of starting at level 33 with 47000000 and 3 lives Which is one of many reasons why it shiots all over Geometry wars
  15. And that is my point the only problem Jeff has is the fact he went a bit too public about his complaining simnple as that. If you produce a product as personal as this then dont expect mass market cos all they want is annual EA update-athons
  16. This is the point but from the point of view of the artist matters not a jot .. they are very close to the finished article so they think it will be mainstream and sell loads. When we know that generally the best selling things are usually the most bland shite. Now when i put on a play I know that the more interesting it is artistically the less audience will come and see it... doesnt stop it hurting a bit tho!!!
  17. So by your definition there only a handful of original games! So therefore most developers fall into that category. thanks for clarifying
  18. And that is why i rarely post here.. eveyone assumes you are a fanboy or a plant etc it is just posible that I am just a guy who a) has been playing games for a very long time and is not very good at them B) Doesnt uderstand or comprehend the new complex 8 button/shoulder button control configs for the latest "hit" c) Actually enjoys the type of games produced by Minter d) But does understand that my type are smal in number yes he is a cunt and he whinges about stuff he cannot change.. I do it all the time I direct plays for local theatre... I have directed a fair number of things... I still am utterly PISSED OFF that the idiot public did not come to see the rather dark and introspective play I directed in great numbers whereas they flock to see a farce by Ray Cooney! Luckily I dont put that in the programme notes tho! And that is the ONLY mistake minter has made
  19. He already did... just cos you say he didnt doesnt make it necessarily so.
  20. Now as a Minter "apologist (ridiculous fucking phrase) I should really not bother even saying anything... but this blatant fuckwittery must come to an end... saying "Every game he's ever made as been a re-make of an existing game" is a total load of old bowlocks. Minter is like alot of old-school developers he did develop quite a decent number of original ideas over the years and more recently he has been more interested in refining existing concepts or indeed reinventing them. Space Giraffe has such a different game mechanic to tempest that the only thing it has in common is a viewpoint and the fact that enemies come towards you... You could easily argue that every vertically orientated shooter is space invaders. Space Giraffe is a redesign and refinement of the genre... But thats not the main point .. people keep blathering on about the fact he has never produced original ideas... well lets have a look Deflex hovver bovver hellgate lazerzone metagalactic llamas battle at the edge of time Sheep in space Ancipital mama llama batalyx Iridis Alpha Revenge of the mutant camels Photon Storm Light synths other stuff has been refinements of existing classics Fact is that I amn guessing most on here havnet played half of the above because quite honestly they were made quite a while ago... And also I would guess that alot of peeps on here only know Jeff since his Tempest 2000 Atari jaguar work onwards. As for the man himself.. yes he's a cunt.. but to be honest i don;t care, he writes good games... I also have to admit to being a little confused with some of the criticism. I am famously cack-handed at games and never read his forums or a guide before playing space giraffe (I had seen a couple of youtube vids of it in action) and I played the tutorial and it made perfect sense to me. heyho... the fact that he can generate a 10+ page thread in quick order must say something (well othe than the fact that gamind nerds like us do like to bleat on ) As for the emporers new clothes of Geometry wars? Nope sorry.. replaying dull opening waves over and over again? no ta...
  21. Clipper


    Superb demo... atmospheric and chilling... Also the different methods of getting thru even this short section was very good. Wasnt as imp0ressed first run thru as I blasted thru it like normal FPS and felt a bit dull replayed it properly avoiding the alarms and hacking the security bot and standing back and electrocuting the slicers in the last section. Then i discovered that if i'd been even cleverer instead of takin gout security camera I could've hacked it . wasn't that bothered aobut getting it before but now it's definitely on the list but I will try my hardest to follow my rule of not paying mroe than 25-30 quid for any game 8) (25-30 is for an exceptional game... normally I wont pay more than 20!)
  22. Hmmm... he is only 13 so the ideal is he wants to be a "games designer"... but what do ya know at that age obviously at his age I wanted to be a games programmer too... didn't happen for me but it gave me impetus to stay in education and work hard at programming and as a result I became a programmer (just not in games ) So this is encouraging his interests and making him realise that he's gotta work hard and stay in education etc... I'm thinking maybe get the game maker thing and Blitz basic 3d .. the game maker thing is free anyway let him play with both... I started with type in listings and progressed to altering them myself.. so maybe Blitz 3d examples where he can change graphics or the scoring system or something similar woul dbe ideal but just in case I have the gamemaker if he just wants to throw grasphics around and mess aobut with games design without coding.
  23. Ok... I suppose its just he hasn't touched a keyboard to program before so I thought Blitz might be too complex... but then again it is no more complez than AMOS or C64 basic (ugh) which is where I started... but which flavour of blitz is best... blitzplus? blitzmax? Maxgui? Blitz3D? And thinking sensibly I guess they are all the same language with different extensions.. i.e. Blitz3D has all the Blitzmax stuff for 2D games in it otherwise it would be limited to 3D only. He is obviously into modern games so the 3d part would interest him... so maybe Blitz3D Do they all come with loads of examples and tutorials and idiot guides.. THe website says Blitz3d does come with loads of extra stuff..
  24. Not often I post but looking for a bit of adivce on development and notice that forum is pretty quiet/dead My 13 yr old son is interestee din being a games designer/programmer.. as did we all I think.. However he seems keen and it seems a good way to keep him interested academically as well He is after some sort of games creation/programming package... He has never programmed before so it needs to be something simple. Now when I were a lad I programmed in AMOS on Amiga which was super and there was also stuff like SEUCK etc... SEUCK is way too simple but what are the modern equivalents that allow you to construct games and design games without expecting you to be a coding genius... I thought about Blitz Basic and Dark Basic but they sound too complex for someone who has never programmed and it may put him off. He mentioned something called "GAmeMaker"??? but he might have got confused. Any ideas?
  25. Good grief Can the people who think OOT on N64 has better (or as good gfx) as Twilight Princess... and those who think PS1 Quake2 has gfx "almost as good as" Red Steel on Wii please leave this thread as it is obvious your eyes do not work... unless mine are faulty... see... Q2 is almost as good as And OOT is obviously the spitting image of Shoulda gone to specsavers!
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