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  1. I get roughly 20k a month doing the basics (I am lucky enough to have the PC play with friends one) and this month is the same, just the points are shifted around a bit. Only 500 for the monthly quest thing but instead of two 25 pt weekly games ones that are "play/open the game" it is 1 for 5 points to play/open a game and 250 pts for a longer challenge. So overall it is just as generous just focus changes a bit month to month.


    I have only done one of the 250 pt weeklies so far as they were mostly time sinks/busy work I wasn't interested in.

  2. The Dirty Harry Quintology continues


    Sudden Impact


    This is an odd flabby directionless film. I can see what it is tryng to do but it shouldn't be a Dirty Harry film as it doesn't fit the character of Harry at all. Locke is pretty good but she does have a tendency to default to a "slack dead face" when she is trying to show ruthlessness. The reason I say flabby is that it takes 45 mins to drag the film to its main plot, so much screentime wasted getting HArry "on vacation". The bad guys are the weak point again just like in the last film, the sequels seem to forget that these films need a decent bad guy. Harry's decision at the end is out of character and his character in the first half is even more cartoony that the last outing making the sharp turn 2nd half really weird.



  3. i am looking forward to their next label after they complain yet again that their name has been "hijacked"*


    TERF - originally they were proud of this label until it was used as a pejorative so they switched to

    GC - Gender critical and now that is synonymous with "utter cunt"


    It is handy though that they keep labelling themselves so as soon as they utter those words we can happily stick them in the bin with their repellant views.


    * it has been hijacked by transphobes for being transphobic arseholes

  4. 31 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    I don’t think there is anything naive about wanting to discuss the human impact these cuts have, lest we just all turn into corporate drones ourselves, and especially seeing as the faceless corporate entity has recently stuck its head above the parapet to mouth off because it didn’t get what it wants. 


    Feel free to discuss the human impact as it is horrifying. I was simply addressing people who think "well these jobs are obviously not needed" as that is a hopelessly naive view of a company operating in a capitalist society.


    Companies don't give a shit , we should.


    But I am running out of companies to buy games from.

  5. 2 films one night


    The Enforcer (1976) (sealed unwatched bluray pile o shame project)


    Having watched Dirty Harry and Magnum Force recently this one really shows a big drop in quality. In isolation it feels like a perfectly fine simple Dirty Harry film but stacked up against the first two it is poor. This film seems made to appeal to the more right wing inclined person or Republican voter than the first two. The bad guys are badly drawn "hippies" and their motivation is all over the place with the plot seeming to be happy with "hippies are liars and not hippies or they are BAD!". Harry has always been a tricky character as he tends towards the cartoonish, here they don't bother trying to humanise him he is pure cartoon. In the first two (especially the second) there was a distinction between Harry and the vigilantes and here it is still there but more blurred. This series struggles with mysogyny but here it doesn't struggle it just gives in to it. The final nail in the coffin is the lack of a Lalo Schiffrin score.


    It is a shame as I quite like Tyne Daly in this but she is horribly wasted in all senses of the word.




    Daybreakers (Prime)


    I hopped onto Prime and just picked the "we'll think you'll like" film of the night and it was this curio from 2010. I am a fan of vampire films and dracula adaptations specifically but this one definitely caught my attention.


    It is more of a vampire dystopian Scifi crossover film than a straight vampire flick and it is frustratingly good (more on frustration later). The high concept of vampires rule the earth is solid and the idea of vampire society and its need for humans is well played. In some ways it feels like a 1970s dystopian scifi film that is out of time, or maybe an alternative universe I am Legend.The plot hangs together and the substitute vs cure thing is very nicely handled, albeit the cure stuff is a bit ramshackle in its introduction. The main cast of Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill do a decent job although Neill is a bit phoned in and it feels like his scenes were shot in a day :D.


    The frustrating part is that technically the film is not well put together. I am guessing it had a low budget but the cgi is very poor and the action is not well shot or lit at times. Parts of the in car scenes feel like Near Dark but shot by a director who is not even in the same league. I can't decide if it is budget, direction or cinematography that let the action scenes down but either way it leaves the film floundering whenever there is action/fx to be had. When the film is character driven it succeeds.



  6. MS are a profit driven tech company that don't care about their employees or their customers. They operate like any other large corporation that is driven by profit (pretty much all of them in a capitalist society). They will pretend to care about both but they don't, they'll look sad as they make you redundant but they aren't sad.


    It doesn't matter if they are profitable or not if sacking a person will get them an extra few cents profit they'll do it. Constant growth is the battle cry and if you can't do it by selling more you then you spend less.


    As for the naive attitude of "well why would they get rid of jobs if they were needed" or "why get rid of people who do good jobs"?  Well ummm that is a take but they will make job cuts to improve profits, that is what is needed to them. To large corporations employees are an inconvenience that is needed to make profits.



    (there are edge case/outliers but the above is true for the vast majority of companies)


    EDIT - also, to remain on topic, it is stupidly reductive to refer to this acquisition as buying COD for $70 billion. If you think that is why they bought them then you are mistaken. The value to them is greater than a piffling 10k employees because they can see the potential profits from King et al when acquired.


  7. 6 minutes ago, tenrou said:

    Thing is I don't think the new star wars films are any good either and they have some fantastic actors in them.  I think Adam drivers a great actor and although I haven't seen it John boyega was getting fantastic reviews for the stuff he did with mcqueen.  However they're both terrible in them.  The parts where driver is meant to show rage are just Terrible cringey nonsense.  



    Ok well I was just judging the film in front of me… as I will do when I get to the sequels :D

  8. My son has just started watching Star Wars films and he has started from Episode 1 despite my dire warnings


    Star Wars Episode 1 the Phantom Menace




    The acting is risible (seriously Jake Lloyd has no talent at all no idea why Lucas picked him), the plot is dull, the cgi is horribly dated. It has two set pieces that make it worth 1 mark, the pod race (if you ignore the fucking kid) and the Duel of Fates which is overrated purely because Star Wars fans have to hang onto it as making the film worthwhile.


    It isn't




    Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the clones


    Worse than shit.


    The acting is worse, the romance plot is embarrasingly shit. I'm not sure you could have gotten less romantic chemistry onscreen between Christiansen and Porter - hell Leia and Luke had more romantic chemistry on screen and they were brother and sister! The cgi is horrible, horribly aged, just awful. The scene in the colliseum is hilariously shit. Jango Fett terrible, more dull plot. The film has no standout set pieces at all as the action scenes are all cgi tastic garbage


    So the 1 mark is earned for Christopher Lee who brings some gravitas but even his acting looks wooden as fuck in some scenes!




    I have criticised the acting quite heavily but it should be pointed out that most of the actors can act and have prvoed it before and since so I lay the blame solely at the feet of Lucas. He shat the bed with the prequels and any talent he had was long since over the horizon.


    My son is now moving on to watching the CLone wars series so I guess it'll be ages before I have to suffer Revenge of the Sith - my memory is that it is slightly better than the other two but sheesh.

  9. Solo - A star wars story (or some such nonsense subtitle)


    Meh. Glimpses of a decent film. The Han Chewie stuff was ok, the Lando stuff was great. The need to have every single bloody thing in the film be an explanation for stuff mentioned/shown in Star Wars (A new hope if you insist) is a major irritant. Kessel run blech dice double blech cheesy as hell.


    Cast wise Donald Glover is the best thing in it despite the fact it feels like he is barely making an effort. Harrelson is always good value and it has to best if those two were not in it the film would be a stinker - the rest vary from ok(Ehrenreich and CLarke) to terrible (Bettany)



  10. Cheers was a bloody good series and had Frasier in it (more minor role)

    Frasier was a bloody good series


    I am mystified as to why people, who enjoyed the character of Frasier and show he was in, might want to see what a new Frasier series might look like <_<


    Yes Grammar has chosen shit projects since then and has appeared in some dreck, but most people don't follow the ins and outs of actor's careers, they just see that there is a new series of Frasier and that they might give it a go. Same as the follow up to Sex and the City or How I Met your Mother/Father and the clamouring for the Friends reunion.


    That being said it has a high probability of being shit so I am interested but expect disappointment.

  11. The Menu


    This is a fun little film, I have seen quite a bit of fuss about it but I don't think it lives up to that level. Fiennes is chewing the scenery admirably and taking the film as seriously as it deserves (not very). The unease and tension when watching chunks of it is palpable, great stuff.


    As it is a newer film I'll remain pretty much spoiler free but just in case I have spoilered it for anyone who wants to go in blind



    The plot is fairly obvious and progresses as expected once you work out the central conceit but it is really entertaining and it doesn't outstay its welcome. I can see why others have plumped for 4/5 but, for me, it has no rewatch value. Once you work out the signposted twists it sags a bit in the middle as it obviously has no other twist to offer at that point it just plays out (without dragging). There is one moment that almost lets the film soar (see spoiler) but after the soggy middle it just redeems itself.


    The one thing it really does well in the 1st and 2nd act is the tension and unease when watching it - it reminded me of the famous dinner scene in Parents or the slightly off kilter oddness of suburbia in Society. Just that feeling of tension that something is twisted and odd but you can't put your finger on it. The last third lacks this as it has shown its hand and the tension bleeds out



    The Cheeseburger scene is genuinely a gorgeously shot, well acted and touching moment. If the film had a teeny bit more of that sprinkled it would have been a classic.




  12. The other point about a zombie film or tv series is that they very rarely care what caused it, it is mostly irrelevant and a basic macguffin to make the plot work. There are exceptions and I am sure the ultra fans of the game will say how different this is (it isnt) and the story depends on it (it doesnt) but all you need is "Zombies" caused by meteor/infection/spores/blood/Monkey rage/virus/anything bish bash bosh done.


    Even if it is used in the plot it doesn't really matter what macguffin you want to employ.... Airborne? The Crazies .. You want it to spread without biting but near contact? Do it like 28 days later and make the blood highly infectious.


    The actual mechanics of why the zombies/infected have become that way should be irrelevant to the story you want to tell. The classic Romero Zombie Trilogy doesn't even tell you why it happened it just did.

  13. ah ok so the multiplayer I do I dont think touches the Meta OS level stuff.


    Maybe I can hang on for Quest 3 then as I guess Quest 2 might well be superceded this year?

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