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  1. how do they know your "home location"? is it IP as those aren't static and presumably this stops VPN users as well? Or are they using a different tech?
  2. absolutely 100%. I love Frasier and Cheers and the former is probably my favourite long running US sitcom. Grammer is perfect in those shows, has impeccable comic timing and gives fantastic characterisation. But it also goes to show that even the best comedy actor is only as good as the creators behind it. Grammer has real talent but he also has a massive ego which means that he thinks he can do it all so he ends up one terrible film/series after another as he thinks everything he touches will turn to gold. I suspect this new Frasier project is driven by Grammer too much. The other creative people/writers seem to be from the How I Met Your Mother team, which is a good show but not sure they can do a new Frasier.
  3. you realise that risks sounding pretty insulting to people who are directly affected by trans issues that are commenting here? They obviously think there is a point to them posting here. The posters affected are not ones who are usually edgelords or trolls or derail threads. They are among some of our more thoughtful posters on the most part. If their names appear in a thread I usually pay attention to what they are saying.
  4. And the creator of the IP is anti-trans* so you can see why this might raise discussion and heartfelt contributions from those directly affected by trans issues. * I am aware that some contributors to this thread might wish to "just ask questions" about this as to if she is or not but let's not do that merry-go-round again.
  5. I'm not sure I want to see Kelsey Grammar do anything other than Frasier. Not because I want more Frasier, I'm not sure he can do it properly anymore, but because eveything else he has done has been pretty woeful. Certainly since Frasier he has been in duffer after duffer. He is a one trick pony. Unlike Danson who, I assume and hope, won't touch this with a bargepole if it does go back to "that bar". Don't get me wrong I'll watch new frasier (well one episode at least) and I hope it is good but I doubt it'll do anything.
  6. As the game discussion at the moment seems to consist of such scintillating subjects as "how big is the day 1 patch" I can see why the chat might turn towards a more wideranging topic regarding the transphobic elements. Once the game is out, if it is any good, then the "game chat" is likely to become dominant but I imagine those boycotting the game may well occasionally pipe up especially if certain triggers are mentioned. Saying the thread is an embarrassment is uncalled for when the people who are discussing this are directly affected by transphobia. It seems a little meanspirited at best.
  7. Part of the problem is that albums released after vinyl declined the first time (early 90s) is that groups/engineers didn't worry so much about where tracks were on an album or indeed mix for vinyl with regard to sound quality. The last track on a side is always going to be prone to sibilance and distortion due to the tighter tracker at that point. Some groups/engineers might order tracks so that the last one on the side wouldn't be one where it was too noticeable. Similarly engineers would sometimes balance the mix for vinyl and maybe even on track position. When I got back into vinyl I said at the time that I would only collect vinyl which was from the era when music was being produced predominantly for that format or at least taking it into consideration. For similar reasons I would be very wary of any "modern" remixes or remasters* that may have altered the sound stage to the detriment of vinyl. I mostly go for original pressings if I can but it is a minefield (groove wear ruining a record which has no scratches etc etc) and I have broken my own rule a few times - I love OK Computer and had to have it on vinyl but I think I prefer it on CD. As I am bit nerdy I quite like the part of finding the right/best/preferred release but it can be super complicated with old recordings. * I did get the Cure remasters as apparently Robert Smith did remaster them with vinyl in mind and they do sound great.
  8. I do read this thread and it often inspires me to give a film another shot. World War Z A big budget attempt at a zombie film should be right up my street but when I first watched this I was unimpressed. It felt like a disconnected jumble of scenes and stories strung together into a rough narrative. The cgi was really obvious and reminded me of the "I am Legend" cgi atrocity for the zombies. And there was only one real character to hold the whole thing together and I felt his performance was weak. So on rewatch I realised I was being unfair on the film slightly as I was hoping for the perfect big budget zombie film, a film that could present a worldwide zombie story, a film that would show the impact across all facets of the human condition. This is of course impossible in a two hour film but this film gave it a good stab. The first act and third act are the best ones by far. The initial outbreak stuff is brilliantly done and super effective (about the first 30 mins). Then the film sags as it globe trots to South Korea and Jerusalem. The former is just weird as it could be anywhere as it looks like it was shot in a warehouse in the dark anywhere. The latter has the worst, absolute worst cgi. I can see what it is trying to do with the globe trotting sections but they need to be better. The final section in Wales WHO is also very good indeed. SO the irony is that this global zombie big budget film is only really good when it tells/shows a smaller story. I think it is too ambitious to work as a 2hr film and needs a tv series (massive budget) to properly handle it. I was unkind to it ont he original release and it has some good stuff going for it. So given all that I have raised my rating by 1 to give it... 3/5
  9. Clipper


    Sounds like something from “Hardwired” in terms of general feel and drive(not a bad thing at all). The opening riff is a monster though. Overall I prefer lux aeterna as it sounds a mix of throwback and new. It has a brutal opening and the riff feels like an 80s Judas Priest or similar. The vocal and lyrics let it down a bit and the solo tries to evoke kill em all but it’s all good - Metallica earnt it I have to say it feels like they are fucking trying this time out! It’d be so easy to just do the touring circuit and not bother to try doing anything new. I respect them for trying
  10. bad actors do that. We get this in stage scripts all the time and it's really easy to fix. I tell every actor to simply improv the rest of the line (make it up in their head) and then they just stop when they get cut off. In rehearsal it is great fun when someone doesnt know their cues very well and you run out of improv line and end it with "... and this is where you should have interrupted me 30 seconds ago".
  11. ding! I only got the connection as I watched them so close together, the first time I watched Killer Klowns years ago I didn't get the link at all. John Vernon is absolutely chewing the scenery as Officer Moody but it fits the film perfectly and him acting as a ventriloquists dummy was great, could've had more of that
  12. no most are "just asking questions" in the usual tiresome way.
  13. she just seems very unfortunate in "having links to" or "linking to" or "speaking up for" many people who turn out to be transphobic arseholes. If I linked to as many sources as she does that turn out to be transphobic arseholes I'd probably re-evaluate my outlook.
  14. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (from pile of shame*) Such a delightfully silly film. The VHS rental shelves were stuffed full of B movies and horror fodder in the 80s but you occasionally got a gem and this one is a nice shiny one. The budget is all on screen even when it obviously ran out (the last act is a bit threadbare). The acting and plotting are shaky at times and pacing is all over the shop. On the acting side officer Moody is a good lynchpin and his ventriloquist scene is hilariously done. However the high concept along with the time spent and the love lavished on the practical effects married to the "set piece" gags make the whole thing fun. The clown costumes are fantastically detailed, I know the Chiodo brothers were excellent puppeteers and you can see this all over the film. The clowns themselves are silent and in lots of the set piece gag scenes there is no dialogue which helps things immensely as comic timing is down to effects and visuals instead of the acting (where it is shaky). The visual humour makes the film almost better as a silent film and the downsides are the talky bits 4/5 *This film actually has a connection with my Dirty Harry rewatch - no prize if anyone gets it
  15. The Dead Pool (not THAT deadpool , it is the shit Dirty Harry film that finally finishes the bluray boxset from my pile of shame) The first two films are still easily the best of this series. This one is as if someone wanted to make a parody of a Dirty Harry film (like Sledgehammer from the 80s!) but accidentally made it with Clint Eastwood and called it a Dirty Harry film. Oh and forgot to put any jokes in. It runs through the formula, Harry is a renegade, he gets given a new minority partner who will probably die (no spoilers here!) and he gets catch phrases. The problem is that even though it is only 1hr30 minutes long it is BOOOOOORRRRINNG and drags horribly. It also forgets the point of Harry at the end of the film... I suppose I should spoiler this 1/5 I have a boxset of Planet of the apes quintology on my shelf but I am not sure I'll do another 5 film franchise next even though I love them - it is exhausting doing a franchise
  16. I get roughly 20k a month doing the basics (I am lucky enough to have the PC play with friends one) and this month is the same, just the points are shifted around a bit. Only 500 for the monthly quest thing but instead of two 25 pt weekly games ones that are "play/open the game" it is 1 for 5 points to play/open a game and 250 pts for a longer challenge. So overall it is just as generous just focus changes a bit month to month. I have only done one of the 250 pt weeklies so far as they were mostly time sinks/busy work I wasn't interested in.
  17. My project for reducing my bluray pile of shame using this thread was going well with 3 films knocked off the pile in the last week... and then I went to the charity shop today and saw the modern trek films boxset of three on bluray for £2 so I am back to square one. ffs
  18. The Dirty Harry Quintology continues Sudden Impact This is an odd flabby directionless film. I can see what it is tryng to do but it shouldn't be a Dirty Harry film as it doesn't fit the character of Harry at all. Locke is pretty good but she does have a tendency to default to a "slack dead face" when she is trying to show ruthlessness. The reason I say flabby is that it takes 45 mins to drag the film to its main plot, so much screentime wasted getting HArry "on vacation". The bad guys are the weak point again just like in the last film, the sequels seem to forget that these films need a decent bad guy. Harry's decision at the end is out of character and his character in the first half is even more cartoony that the last outing making the sharp turn 2nd half really weird. 2/5
  19. I tihnk its the first time that the accused has resorted to GOdwin's law in its own defence yes.
  20. i am looking forward to their next label after they complain yet again that their name has been "hijacked"* TERF - originally they were proud of this label until it was used as a pejorative so they switched to GC - Gender critical and now that is synonymous with "utter cunt" It is handy though that they keep labelling themselves so as soon as they utter those words we can happily stick them in the bin with their repellant views. * it has been hijacked by transphobes for being transphobic arseholes
  21. with quotes around the "innocent naive" part
  22. Well ya know if the cap fits https://www.thepinknews.com/2023/01/16/newcastle-let-women-speak-rally-adolt-hitler-trans-speech/
  23. Feel free to discuss the human impact as it is horrifying. I was simply addressing people who think "well these jobs are obviously not needed" as that is a hopelessly naive view of a company operating in a capitalist society. Companies don't give a shit , we should. But I am running out of companies to buy games from.
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