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  1. Anyone listening to fans of Zack Snyder needs an intervention
  2. They’ll make that $70bn back in no time selling us 4tb expansion cards
  3. Yeah but a guy in the playground who has a PlayStation told me my mum had been played by 24 million so I am not sure that helps the cause
  4. I’m not sure it is bait - it feels like some sort of performance art
  5. Kinect? ok I’ll admit to playing rare sports game with my son! and that utterly hatstand game by Swery with the cat lady - that was great/hatstand other than that it was a joke waggle thing like the PlayStation eyetoy stuff (which I also played on ps2)
  6. also if you already did that challenge before do yuo have to do it again to get the points? THat is the one monthly I haven't done but I have always fancied trying The LOng Dark so I migth be doing it anyway. It does encourage me to try new games and explore the gamepass a bit more than I would have done. Not sure about the Zoo Tycoon one though
  7. It’s just fun to speculate and wistfully hope in idle fantasy land I doubt many are too serious, I know I’m not
  8. balanced out by the toxic aggressive saddos I guess.
  9. with Bethesda some were added to gamepass in March and the rest in June - I thought some were added while deal was being sorted but looks like I am wrong
  10. depends - the Bethesda deal signed spetember 2020 and closed in 2021 (cant recall date) Zynga bought by Take Two in january and will take 6 months to close. Could be anythign upto a year.
  11. I havent followed mainline CoD entries for years and was just googling to see if it was still popular - did they really remake/reboot/rework COD Modern Warfare in 2019? Was it any good? comparable to the original? Will playstation get the next CoD mainline game this year? whatever it is. Depends when deal closes I guess?
  12. They do own BLur and GUitar Hero and and and THe back catalogue of IP goes back to the 2600 it is mad
  13. I look forward to nextgen versions of H.E.R.O. and Pitfall!
  14. that's just corporate speak. After the deal closes I imagine he'll be out on his arse within one minute. Also I would hope once the deal closes that MS are going to clean house there top to bottom as Activision-Blizzard have some pretty rancid abusive parts.
  15. I don't suppose they can get Hearthstone and WoW on Xbox can they - I would love that EDIT - actual serious question. Activision publish Destiny does that mean they "control" Bungie in any way or is that relationship purely Activision publish Bungie games on a game by gfame basis and Bungie can be published by whoever they want?
  16. Stop this toxic console wars bollocks now please! I am usually accused of being on the other fucking side - I don't even own a PS5 at the moment. I made one comment about the big money f2p machine games like Cod Warzone. Jesus this place is a fucking cesspit at times.
  17. Yes it does but with the caveat that I am referring only to the free 2 play gaming-as-a-service stuff like Cod Warzone.
  18. oh shit! I assumed this was a dodgy source/jokey thing. That is pretty fucking big. It also says to bring stuff across every device
  19. more seriously I doubt the money making machine that is CoD Warzone (or whatever the f2p thing is with loot boxes or dlc) will be exclusive. Certain online free 2 play games as a (money making) service will remain multiplatform
  20. Well MS were short of sexual harrassment in their game studios so this will fill that gap.
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