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  1. I( did almost break my rule of not killing an absent party member - fireball took you to 1 hit point.
  2. Has anyone bought the German 4K release of rollerball? fantastic package but can’t see if ALL the extras have English language optiona
  3. So my sub sorted itself out and I got my back issues from Oxfam and 2000adonline so I started with a "run up" from prog 2224. I'm now on 2236 of my 2000AD revival here are some jumbled up thoughts - It is a blooming meaty read in general, I've read 12 issues over last couple of weeks and it takes time to read and appreciate them just like it did back in the day - I still struggle with some of the stories/layouts that seem less words and "art based or visual based" like MEchastopheles and Visions of DeadWorld - I find them harder going - Overall they are pretty damned good but they feel similar to what I read 30 years ago. The documentary on 2000ad (Arrow films "channel" on amazon) is pretty on the nose with regard to the fact they are selling to the same customers who are now just 30 years older. I am not sure how many teens read it. Also I have read one "Regenned" issue and it was fun but again appealed more to me and can't see how it would appeal to the "youth of today" might try my ten year old with the regenned and see what he thinks. So the stories/art so far Judge Dredd - All positive barring one story "easy money" which I felt was tonally odd. "Penitent Man" was superb (great art), the Rowdy Yates story was fun (again great art) and the "Brief Encounter" story was really good as well with some lovely "clean" art I thought. Just the one duffer which I wasn't keen on the art for either. Thistlebone - This is a big miss for me... bounced off it and didn't really connect with it at all. I started on part 4 which won't have helped I guess. I loved the art though very expressive. Feral & Foe II - I love this, just finished the arc and it was fun actually made me laugh and had a decent story. I didn't really follow the "lore" that well but it constructed a story where I didn't need to. The humour reminded me very vaguely of Sam Slade (which I loved) in that irreverant style. The art was very good and loved the lettering work that made it really obvious who was/wasn't speaking etc. Visions of Deadworld - loved the creepy art but struggled to follow the plots - seemed overly simple and obviously part of something much bigger. But loved the art and atmosphere. The 3thrillers and Terror Tale and Future Shocks - none really stood out. Half Life was fun but felt like I'd read it quite a few times. "regarding Henry" was a well contained little story, classic Future shock. THe others were quite quirky "CHorus & RIng" and "Symbiotic Love Triangle" but readable. Two others are just starting up Chimpsky's Law - Bit of a fun one this with a mix of planet of the apes with a detective novel built in. Department K - it's one of those "wacky" serials that I usually bounce off but I'm giving it a go As usual I'm writing all this out for my own amusement and eventually I'll catch up and be chatting about the same issues as everyone else
  4. America is fantastic but a bit heavy as an intro to Dredd. CaseFiles 1-10 are great and inc cursed earth and apocalypse war etc. Enough one off stuff as well to give you a grounding. Working from case file 1 also lets you see the genesis of the idea and how it develops.
  5. I am honestly trying to think realistically A simplified FTL? Papers please would be fantastic! hue? slay the spire? hearthstone? ( or any card rogue type game!)
  6. Boy am I only just realising the consequences of my actionthhh
  7. Hey I heard that CHannel 4 might be rebooting Gamesmaster. the super successful thread advertising it seems to have been mysteriously deleted (nothing to do with the curmudgeonly gentle mocking from this pensioners gaming forum I'm sure). Hope he got plenty of guests apply from here.
  8. Oh Eneba are like kinguin and g2a? always felt a bit grubby going that route as the keys are sometimes dodgy arent they?
  9. Sorry but I am going to cry off due to bank holiday stuff that has overrun somewhat! We will reconvene next week when no "family fun" can interrupt my D&D!
  10. That site literally has a similar 6 week course on introduction to contemporary art A cursory glance at night courses elsewhere will find you similar short courses in cinema theatre and other art forms
  11. does it start at the difficulty level it ended on with the original? Or does it start off easier like the original. The last couple of levels of the first game stretched me quite a bit so if that was the starting point for the sequel I might struggle
  12. And it's FREE* *disclaimer - Pedantically speaking it is not free! it is, of course, included with Gamepass - a service which costs £10.99 a month. Or £1 plus the cost of annual Gold subs - see thread for details on how to do the "trick". Investments may go up or down please gamble responsibly.
  13. With that wording then that certainly is a subjective opinion... your original definitive wording was objectively wrong and not an opinion. Also they react significantly different enough that people write articles about the best off road cars and tunes for cars for use off road in FH4. If you want an ultra realistic offroad racing game I am sure there are some around.
  14. I told you already and so did Layte we both picked you up on precisely the same (wrong) point - you said That is objectively wrong as the cars do handle differently depending on the interaction with the surface. Different surfaces mean different handling and certain cars and tunes are better on certain surfaces because the cars handle differently as they interact differently with each surface EDIt - and if you mean "visually" you are wrong as well - look a tthe video again the supercar on road is smooth and back end doesn't kick out... when on gravel/dirt in corners the back end kicks out more the dust rises and the car bumps up and down.
  15. I love gears I have literally no idea what the plot is other than aliens have to be shot and we have to wait for the music to subside to stop shooting (Oh some have paint on them or in them so are harder to kill) (and sometimes we have to chainsw our way out of a worm) (And there were robots in one part of one game - those were bad times ) EDIT - the "open world" parts of 5 were fun though as you got to choose what order to do the shooting scenes in.
  16. stop saying objectively wrong things then. Support your arguments instead of pretending to flounce then carrying on posting
  17. If you stopped making objectively incorrect observations then you may not be as sad and have to (fail to) leave the thread.
  18. I don't care and I don't agree they are important if you are only interested in the gameplay. In all the Halo games I was always clear where I needed to go and what I needed to do as it was a set of steps.. this is your objective and kill stuff in between. It didn't matter who I was doing it for or why, it made no difference to the moment to moment objectives and action. Open world style can fuck it up though so will be interesting to see this time out. EDIT - I should point out that I am probably an edge case as I have no regard or interest for story in videogames that is not why I am playing them... if I wanted to watch a film I would. That is why story heavy or cut scene heavy games that seem to lean on that element of being "cinematic experiences" leave me utterly cold.
  19. never has for me... I understand some people follow all the lore and get something from it and therefore how it is handled is important to them. I know nothing about the story other than I am a space future soldier and I am told to go to various places to do variuous things and I shoot stuff/bad guys on the way. I recall that I started playing the first game and I was on a ship and there were bad guys and we crash landed on a Halo which was a cool Trek-like concept. After that it was go here do this and kill stuff. So the lore/story never gets in the way as I ignore it because it all boils down to objectives and killing which can be given out by anyone Long cut scenes would cause me to switch off though! Obviously people get different experiences from it and mine might be easier to please in some ways - although if they get the core shooting and physics wrong it will be terrible.
  20. It does , the cars interact differently with different surfaces in FH4 at the very least (and probably the previous ones). The interactions are not 100% accurate because if you drove a supercar on a muddy field it wouldn't go anywhere apart from wheelspin - the interactions are there in terms of different grip and slide and acceleration etc just not as per real life. I do see your point (up to a point as you are wrong in your assertion that there are not different surface interactions). It was either FH3 or 4 where the races and routes took you cross country and initially I thought that it was "dumb" that a supercar could work offroad... then I got used to it and noted that the cars handle differently so it isn't the same as all surfaces having the same conditions.
  21. ooh thankyou that is very tempting 2007 to 2009 is a period I don't know I will PM you but will depend on distance (what part of S wales) and if I can make journey etc.
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