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  1. Where is the option to ensure Tuvok survived by sacrificing Neelix? That I would vote for emphatically! Second I would accept Monkeydog's proposal and have janeway avoid the conundrum by activating the self destruct and ending the series before it could do any more damage to humanity
  2. I am going to cancel tonight's session as I am in the middle of rejigging day 1 and day 2 of my trip - damn my overplanning anxiety We will be back on next sunday as normal - if anyone wants to add anything to the above then please do (or ask questions etc)
  3. I may not be able to do the session tonight (one reason for doing the big post!) because I am off on holiday tomorrow and I have a lot of things to sort before I go so not sure if I need the evening to finish planning/packing (it is a motorcycle tour of South West so routes and maps and stuff have to be sorted) I will let you all know on Discord when I make decision - no later than 6 pm!
  4. Update on Saltmarsh politics for those who missed a session here or there! After the council meeting you went to speak to Eliander. Party tell Eliander about Balthazar and Eliander is much troubled. Eliander gives the party the option of leaving Balthazar with Welgar (if he is amenable) or putting him in jail (where no guarantees as it will be known he is around). Eliander is unhappy at Xendros on the council and isn't sure how to get her off it. Talk turns to the confessor who murdered Eda. Eliander tells them it is an assassin called Spear'd who claims to have been blackmailed by Benedict Fairlight. Party tell Eliander that Ferrets has intel that Fairlight is involved with kraken Society. Eliander says that he does not believe for one moment that Fairlight is in league with the Kraken Society. Insight check (a good one) by Ferrets indicates he thinks Eliander is lying. Eliander mentions that this is meant to be his retirement after the glory of leading the defence of towns vs giants. He settled in Saltmarsh 18 months ago for a nice quiet life... no chance of that - he thinks he should have chosen his other option of trying to return to his homeland of Xarath Kitril. He indicates that Caliban might well hail from there... Caliban is unsure. The party ask if they can speak to Spear'd or Fairlight and the answer is no to both as persuasion checks are poor and Eliander wants to keep control of the investigation at the moment it seems. The party obviously don't accept this and go off to plot Caliban, Sardan and Barley Go and check in on Welgar and Balthazar ---------------------------------------------------------- Caliban checks on boat refitting progress and the mast and sail will be ready by the end of the day (not the ballista!) - they are told by harbourmaster that two boats have been sent out to scout for the Sea Ghost. Then the duo head off to Welgar meeting a charming young boy (Joseph? I think) on the way that overhears them and enjoys some banter with the two and is greatly excited by their adventures. On arrival at the temple Balthazar is in similar condition, no change, heartbeat incredibly slow no breathing or responding. Barley casts Detect good and Evil and it has an unusual result - black energy fills the room swirling either into or out of Balthazar. There is talk of who they could ask for assistance... Welgar says that, in the Pantheon, gods have rivals and asks who was in conflict with Bhaal. Barley says many but the two he recalls are Helm and Lliira (religion check). Barley sends a message to Clarence (a fellow halfling cleric from a temple he visited) in Neverwinter asking him if he can urgently send a cleric of Helm or Lliira to Saltmarsh. Clarence replies that he will see what he can do and get back to him tomorrow. Samson, Ferrets, Glen and Archibald go to speak to Fairlight. ------------------------------------------------------------ The plan seems to be that Samson (with his high charisma!) is to go to the front door and basically talk/barge his way in. He is THE DISTRACTION. Meanwhile ferrets climbs the side of house and archibald flies up to the window on blindside of guards - Glen watches on. The guards are pretty adamant that Samson is not going in and things start to turn physical when Ferrets pokes his head over the roof - and a crossbow - and tells the guard to stop. The guard indicates they'll all be going to jail when this is over. Glen then assumes the form of Eliander(!) and tells the guard to stand down as the party are to be allowed to enter. The guard indicates he will be filing a report on this to Eliander's desk later. Either way the guards let them in (Glen goes away and later returns to cast suggestion on the guard to not file the report but the guard passes the DC!!!) Samson and Ferrets interrogate Fairlight. Fairlight is in a pretty ebullient mood - seemingly he is quite annoyed at being accused/framed like this! They ask Fairlight if he hired an Assassin - Fairlight says no - Ferrets Insight Check (high roll) indicates Fairlight is lying. They ask Fairlight if he is involved with Kraken Society and he says until that day he hadn't heard of it. Insight check Ferrets indicates Fairlight is lying. Samson insight checks and thinks Fairlight is being on the level! They ask him how he intends to prove he is innocent - Fairlight tells them that he is innocent til proved guilty and the only evidence they have is the word of an assassin. Fairlight basically tells them that it is his word vs that of an assassin and that assassin is lying! When asked who he suspects he says that he doesn't trust Anders Solomon and his manservant Skerrin is suspected as being part of the zhentarim. He lets slip that zhentarim are not unheard of in Saltmarsh and Gellan used to do a bit of smuggling once upon a time and might have had dealings. Fairlight mentions that he was told he was to be interviewed by Eliander. Meanwhile (!) Archibald invades the upper floor, finds Fairlight's room, finds papers he has prepared talking about the possibility of being on council again, restarting business contacting friends... no indication they predate their mission to get his money back. After further fruitless searching Archibald puts his ring on Benedict Fairlight's desk and enters it waiting 6 hrs. And that was it! So the simplistic view is this Bhaalists were in control of the Isle of the Abbey. They were raising a Bhaalspawn (it seems). THey claimed the island was attacked by Kraken Society Sahuagin en masse which destroyed the Abbey. They intend to use the Bhaalspawn to see Bhaal (Currently dead?) rise once more. Captain Xendros is a Bhaalist but claims that not all of the religion are as fundamentalist and she has no knowledge of this plan... She is now on the council - There was a vacancy when Eda Oweland was killed. it was a two way race between her and Benedict Fairlight but he was placed under house arrest for being involved in the murder of Oweland (hiring/blackmailing the assassin). He has also been implicated as being a member of the Kraken Society by Ferrets' contacts The Kraken Society The Sahuagin have a base which used to belong to the Lizardfolk. The intel is that the Sahuagin plan to launch an attack on the mainland/saltmarsh and start to take over the land in the name of the Kraken Society. The council have asked the party to recon the base inside and out and report back on the forces and placements so the council can decided what to do with their new found allegiance with Lizardfolk, KuoToa and Merfolk. Part of the base is underwater and Xendros has offered free potions of water breathing. Other interested parties! Skerrin is the butler/manservant to Anders Solomon and is apparently linked to the Zhentarim, the criminal underworld of Faerun. I think that covers it? ish?
  5. It was just meh, I played it for a couple of hrs back in the day and it just didn't grab me. It wasn't BAD it was just run of mill. Can't recall how much of a fanfare MS gave it, but that might be why it was so reviled. It isn't deserving of a strong reaction in either direction. EDIT - I feel Kameo falls into this category as well - although I enjoyed Kameo a smidge more
  6. Also if enough people stop buying their goods and sales figures drop then these execs might be dropped by their board/shareholders as well. If you are an exec or CEO of a big company and that company's sales drop then you might well find yourself in the poop. Especially if the bean counters look at the reasons for lost sales and realise it's because the board are putting off consumers with regressive HR practices. However(!),I doubt there are enough boycotts to change anything either for the execs or the rank and file employees. UBISoft are still led by Yves Guillmot and still haven't done enough and yet the progressive streamers and youtubers are still shilling for them on a regular basis whilst wringing their hands and writing such meaningless stuff as "I hope they are going to hear our message" - they won't until you hit them in the pocket. UBISoft had a big reveal presentation of their upcoming slate shortly after the whole abuse scandal broke and prefixed it with a note saying they were looking internally and wouldnt be addressing it - a fair number of the progressive youtubers and streamers who had been screaming at UBI to do something prior to this simply nodded sagely and "hoped UBI would do the right thing" and then did their live stram reactions etc and got all excited about the new stuff. pfft. EDIT - just so I have a point, I don't think boycotting affect much so feel free to boycott and go with your conscience. I haven't bought a UBIsoft product since the scandal broke (I was going to buy Legion and had bought other stuff in past) and I doubt I'll buy a ActiBlizz one now (Altho the remake of Diablo 2 will hurt a bit) . Since the shit hit the fan with the games industry in general I have been sticking with mostly "indie" (small dev) type productions and games
  7. Ibiza Undead yes I am back on my mission to watch every zombie flick ever made. ANd yes it means I watch a load of crap ones. And yes that includes this one Deep breath It is the Inbetweeners crossed with Shaun of the Dead if you took all of the positive features of both of them and removed them completely. The male gaze stuff is regressive and is pretty terrible and the empowerment of women is done in the most sexist way possible. The comedy moments are almost non existent (I laughed once and I can't recall what the joke was*) and the tension/horror was poorly shot. The clubbing zombie scenes were badly shot with flashing lights making it hard to see anything and the daylight stuff just looked flat and uninspired The film is amateurish but looks like it was shot with some competence, just enough to make it look better than a home movie. Cast were variable, the three guys were trying to be the inbetweeners and failing and the girls were mostly badly written. It ran for 87 minutes and felt twice as long as The Dead Don't Die. 1/5 I need to see a decent zombie film - checking the cast of this I note an ITV 6 part tv series called Zomboat so I'm trying that next! *I remember what made me laugh it was a scene near the end with a chirpy beach cocktail bar man.
  8. those were my thoughts and whilst I sound overly harsh I did enjoy watching it. I just found a couple of aspects spoiled it.The laid back worked but in the first half it felt like it was going somewhere. In the 2nd half it felt laid back with no direction just like zombies. that is probably the point I guess but again doesn't satisfy me on that level.
  9. The issue with sales threads between Xbox and PS5 at the moment is that all it determines is who has produces more consoles. Both are supply constrained so it is just a record of who made more each month.
  10. Some of these are out of date as my son is older now... Gigglebiz and Justins House are both great - genuinely funny In the Night garden is perfect for my bedtime let alone my son (every night) Rastamouse Abney and Teal because it made me wonder if I was on drugs the whole time I watched it. Sarah and Duck for same reasons EDIT - forgot Old Jack's boat - a fantastic set of performances by Bernard Cribbins and a crushingly heartbreaking story for one of the specials.
  11. The Dead Don't Die Review in the thread, TL;DR? I liked the first hr for the character work and gentle humour and 4th wall stuff... but it was flawed, was REALLY obvious with the social commentary and the 2nd half of the film sort of dribbled to an end. 3/5
  12. Enjoyed this for what it was (mainly the first hr or so) but it is horribly flawed. A gentle bit of character work in a small town in a very dry deadpan zombie film. I think it is interesting as a curio. All of the performances are interesting (Murray and Driver and Sevigny but also Glover and lots of other "bit part players") but a couple don't gel very well, Buscemi is brilliant but his character doesn't work here or it jus doesn't gel*, similar for Swinton. The fourth wall breaking stuff was a nice twist which I liked. The issue for me in this film is two fold. Firstly Jim Jarmusch obviously has some regard or love for Night of the Living Dead (even going as far as to get Barbara's car- the 68 (should have been 67) pontiac lemans for the "hipsters") and I read an interview with him where he lauded Night and Dawn but indicated that he didn't think Romero understood the significance of the social commentary in the films - some could read that as saying Romero stumbled on it by accident. Now this wouldn't be too much of a problem if Jarmusch hadn't then bludgeoned the social commentary over our heads repeatedly in such an obvious and trite way. The social commentary was laughable as a result and lost all impact - I am sure he would smile mysteriously and say it was intentional but pffft. Secondly and most importantly the 2nd half of the film lacks impetus or climax. After the first hr when the tension is meant to rise and the film moves to the next level it sort of plateaus and then just dribbles to an end. It is a real shame as the first hr setup is nicely done but then he just wastes characters and bashes us over the head with the "social commentary" about zombies. Romero did it a million times better. Again I am sure he would smile mysteriously and say it was his intention all along but pfft. I am sure there is plenty of other social commentary nuggets to unearth - the kids in the detention centre I am sure is meant to mean something but fucked if I know. The 3 hipsters getting screentime then gone with no point... And I am sure the wacky ending for one of the characters was for a reason but again fucked if I know Glad I watched it (I was going to give it a miss given the reviews) and I would give it 3/5 but only for that first half. *I found the social commentary for his character also too blooming obvious.
  13. Alien is almost a perfect film. The sequels - Alien 3 , resurrection, Prometheus and Covenant are all "interesting". They all strive to do something with the original concept and explore it, move it forward or sideways or do something with it. All are flawed to a greater or lesser extent but all have good intentions and I enjoy watching them all on different levels (even just for amusement sometimes). I guess I am forgiving of them because they have an impossible task as they are trying to respect the original and expand... because the whole point of Alien was the mystery and the naked killing machine of the unknown. It didn't matter who brought the Aliens or where they came from, that was utterly irrelevant (and still is). the point was of an alien thing getting inside of us and picking us off one by one, it was a perfect horror film with scifi set dressing. Every single sequel tried explore elements that noone really cared about. James Cameron knew this as he just ignored a lot of that - plucked out the bits he was interested in and made a big schlocky 80s action film out of it. Yes he popped some themes in there that were about as subtle as lump hammer to the skull (MOTHERS!) but ostensibly it is a big flashy action flick, a very very good one. So with this new series I am interested but I doubt it will succesfully flesh out Alien as there is no need and it won't work anyway.
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