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  1. Clipper

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    I have many soft spots in the 8 bit era but the two main ones are Braybrook and Minter - both on c64 If someone forced me to choose I'd say Braybrook. Paradroid is magnificent - when we last did a top 100 in 2015 in the main discussion forum, paradroid was 8th in my list. And that isn't gilding the lily or rose tinted glasses - if you asked me to choose desert island games I'd still pick paradroid. I play it regularly even now - emulated and on real hardware and never bore of it, the game balance of risk/reward between destroying and possessing droids is just perfectly pitched.
  2. I can only imagine the carnage as they try to pull you down into the piut as they climb up and you try to psuh them back down. Contested strength checks for everyone
  3. they could climb out of the pit debuff and give them as many targets as possible to split up the attacks - and you did both of those altho Azaka would've been useful in the pit earlier - however you didn't ask her Remember you can shout/ask NPC to do something during battle and I'll decide how they'd react. To be fair you nicely body swerved the first shrine so they can't all be as easy as that
  4. As I said you are used to having 1 big encounter a day - that may not apply so much in a city environment or dungeons etc etc. so being "tapped out" can be a thing When two of you went down in one round (with three of them left) I did wonder if you were going to beat that one. The debuffing you guys can do is VERY effective and frustrating for the DM should be interesting going forward
  5. It was an interesting battle as it was so compressed and claustrophobic making tactics harder to apply on both sides. They hit hard and they have comparitively big AC so tough to beat You have had other "deadlyu" encounters that you handled much easier. That is why I don't slavishly stick to the CR calculations as it depends on the party makeup. If you had a couple of tank fighters this would have been an easier "deadly" encounter. All good fun though , nice to have some puzzle/fight heavy sessions.
  6. Clipper

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    As I said that only works if the jokes are funny and well crafted in my opinion they were neither. He is a clumsy standup using clumsy phrasing to make edgy humour which often just offends without being funny. Standup can be funny and offensive and skate the edge, he falls over it far too often. As for the argument put elsewhere that 10000 people who paid to see him thought he was funny. Well that is a fairly specious argument. I am sure lots of people pay to see Jim Davidson and laugh at his jokes. Doesn't mean he is a good standup or not politically incorrect/offensive. Popularity does not guarantee quality or indeed whether the humour is edgy and amusing or just falls over the line too often.
  7. Clipper

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    That's because Gervais is a poor actor. He lacks any sort of subtlety or nuance in his performance. He relies on cheap easy tricks and caricature to make his performance. The result will always be samey as he is using the same gimmicks and "tells". He is a good scriptwriter when reined in (usually by merchant) he just needs to stop acting in the stuff he writes - also see Seth Macfarlane. EDIT - with regard to the transphobic jokes - he also falls into the trap of believing the adage that you can make jokes about anything without understanding the actual meaning of the phrase. As it happens I believe it is true but it takes a talented standup comic to craft and tell those jokes that are on the edges of tastelessness - Gervais is not one.
  8. Clipper

    Lets have a watch party

    where the fuck is Rosemary?
  9. yes it is a gate - someone looked in last time can't recall which it was - maybe Feneth.
  10. It was dark and dingy inside - all you saw was steps leading down from the gate to a chamber with a sheer drop into a pit and hints of spikes in that pit - yopu only saw a little way in as you couldn't make out far side of the chamber.
  11. correct yes sorry, the rule is with two missing we call it off... Hope you feel better soon @Rikku It is probably for the best as I would've had to decide if errick would have used his boots to fly over the spike pit
  12. great update and looks fantastic, let's hope mass production goes without a hitch and we get it in a couple of months

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