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  1. Now got my own realm dilemma. My son wants to play minecraft with a friend from school online. Friend is on Switch - Son is on Xbox One I have a lapsed realm under my account. If I renew it can I set the realm to be accessed by both of them even if my son's friend is not on my friends list?
  2. If he was on sub-100k subscribers with no Patreon I might agree. However that feminist sjw skit thing he did I thought was funny and 3:51 long and got 350k views. I watch hobbyist channels with 100k subscribers that do shorter vids and longer ones - some use patreon, some don't. I maintain he doesn't need to produce such repetitive shit that is just his thing. I think he read somewhere once that repetition can be the secret to comedy - and he is right but not in the way he does it.
  3. It doesn't help that his more recent output is the smuggest "I was right ALLLLLLL along" bollocks that I have ever seen. He acts as if he was this lone crusader but that just isn't the case. There has been to and fro on these forums and all over on DLC, then microtransactions, then season passes and then loot boxes. A constant debate with strong voices on both sides. In terms of adapting to youtube algorithms I have more sympathy for smaller producers with a smaller pool to play to than someone with nearly a million subscribers and a very decent patreon income - I expect content producers like Sterling to ignore that sort of "pressure" as they have the audience and income to do so.
  4. no, I'll blame the content producer thanks. There are other content producers who dont do what he does - and that applies to many vlog type people in various hobby niches. Now sometimes those producers use Patreon so they aren't dependant on Youtube views and ads... and Sterling has a lucrative Patreon but still feels the need to bore everyone to death by making the same point on and on and on - and then obfuscating it with irrelevance.
  5. He just could have done that in far less than 22 mins. Most of the points are valid (excluding the subjective stuff he claims is objective - pfft) but he buries his main point in waffle (not objective waffle either!). However his repetitive delivery is just tedious. The reiteration of points over and over and over is just the worst way to make your point - you risk alienating your viewers who switch off either mentally or switch it off. Banging on about launch title quality is utterly stupid - yes make the microtransaction points but talking about the "objective" quality of launch titles is not relevant. FOr the first few months the only reason to own a PS4 was Resogun ffs But that is his thing I guess
  6. That pretty much sums up Llamasoft pre-production video up until release. It is usually handheld footage off screen, very brief and mostly incomprehensible. More recently they have used retro shows to show off their VR wares which has been much better word of mouth coverage. It wasn't a good fit to have a Llamasoft game come out from a "major" publisher because that just isn't their "bag". I can see why they agreed - they had just finished with the PocketPC stuff which hadn't really come to fruition (altho it was pretty good) - neither did the Nuon Tempest3000 so maybe they needed some income . Jeff has form with interesting formats that intrigue him but then fail. So I can see why they decided to go with a "mainstream" console publisher... but given the gamecube lifespan I just never saw it coming out in time. After the failure they got involved with MS who seemed to be able to work with them better (or let them get on with it) with the visualiser and Space Giraffe. it went sour after that and Jeff took the Space Giraffe reviews very badly indeed but he can be a prickly old goat/ox at times They sometimes are their own worst enemy and being a 2 man band is both a boon and a pain... Go and read the tortuous time they are having trying to get Minotaur Arcade vol 1 released on PSVR Giles is pulling his hair out over Sony certification - and they have done that before! Vol2 is being worked on which is great news. It is classic bedroom dev stuff and we should cherish it. Because almost noone does what Llamasoft does. And we will miss it when it is gone, even if we didn't like alot of it! EDIT - Going back to those shaky Unity videos there is alot of Space GIraffe and 360 visualiser in there... Interestingly Minter says that the only unfinished project of note is Unity and a "couple of Atari ST things that didn't get very far"
  7. just google man committed suicide after false rape allegations (or indeed paedophile accusations) There are cases... you might decide they are small enough in regularity to be statistical anomalies - but those anomalies are still avoidable suicides, they are victims as well. We need to be careful how we tread and we need to consider many angles. What we need is better policing, better CPS support, better conviction rates and we need women to be believed more readily. If we had all of those then maybe people who had suffered sexual abuse attacks might feel like they could approach the authorities instead of finding the only outlet that they "trust" or worse.
  8. for £25 you could have bought quite a few of Llamasoft's later games (altho Tempest4k is a bit steep ). And this is worth a read although it doesn't bring us up to date it does give us a fascinating insight into the early days of Llamasoft. http://www.minotaurproject.co.uk/lshistory1.php documentary would be amazing but I think that KS goal is a bit high. I've backed it anyway as I am a big fan.
  9. 2 concurrent users so you can invite as many as you like but only 2 can play at once. I am not sure what happens if 1 logs in from an xbox with a guest on split screen though. As for the original question realm is only way I can make it work - If you ewanted to permanently move the save you could purchase realm temporarily to move saves from one platform to another but that is about it (upload save to realm from platform 1 and then download it again on platform2)
  10. its really bad whenever anyone would say they were struggling to see something (like my grandmother had lost her glasses) my grandad would say "who said that" as if he were the one blinded or as if their blindness prevented him from seeing them. An unusually surreal piece of humour from my grandfather then and it stuck with me, and I have no idea why. My wife had a nasty infected eye at one stage and was in some pain and my response was not met with good humour! EDIT - another example was if he was asked to put the kettle on he would always reply "what would you like me to put it on". I don't repeat that one for some reason
  11. ahem , my apologies, it is very old inappropriate joke my grandad used to tell (badly) Anyway hope it heals well.
  12. nope - but when we play people can listen if they want to (on discord) and even watch the maps and stuff (on Roll20). So I meant "listening into" while we play live
  13. to be honest listening into one of the RLLMUK D&D sessions might be a good idea - wee have had a handful of "listeners" in the past. We arent professional voice actors hehehe so its more like a normal bunch playing and RPing.
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