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  1. 9pm for the event on a school night? hmmmmmmm my son will be pushing the limits of good will that night I am actually looking forward to a new season , hopefully it will be free from Marvel.
  2. I think he is, unwisely, saying that the Series S will hold back the X as it is basically a One X, which it isn't. It would be like saying that an i7 cpu pc with a 2060 gpu is "holding back" development of PC games for i7 cpu pc with a 2080gpu. It has same cpu and stuff just the gpu has less grunt.
  3. Mostly people were reposting beard guy’s video where he laid it out. you can only go on the information you are given by the tech guys, beard guy or cerny. Obviously devs choose hl how to spend their power budget
  4. oh poo it is £50 digitally does the export of RB3 to RB4 also export ALL of my RB3 song list? I have exported RB1 and 2 and DLC etc to my RB3 so I want to keep my whole song list if I can. I could buy a cheaper disc copy but I hate discs. Do the wired instruments work from RB3? Also do the wireless ones from RB4 work on Series X (I know RB3 and earlier ones need an adaptor)
  5. I'm considering selling my perfectly disassembled and rebagged lego death star and getting a PS5 digital. Are the restocks favouring one model or the other at the moment? Also do we have any idea at all on the split between how many of each they are making? 349 is a v tempting price and the big lego box is just taking up room I might have to wait til new year I realise!
  6. Got it today... I think you have to be a real hardcore Romero fan to enjoy it but the massive dawn of the dead box set is fantastic watched the theatrical in uhd and it was better than seeing it at the cinema a few years ago - ok not quite but my word it looks good
  7. I am wondering what the BC team will be working on next. I can but hope they go back to do more 360 and OG Xbox games!
  8. Its a real shame to hear the impressions of Shadow here , I think I won't plump for it, I'll give Rise one more try. I hope TR gets a decent reboot/refresh this gen but if not Tomb Raider Anniversary is still superb and BC. Probably the best TR game that can be played on modern hardware. Keeping a franchise fresh for nearly 25 years must be tough there are not many that stand that test.
  9. Has anyone tried any of the Rockband games? Do the wired instruments still work? EDIT - Apparently I never bought Rockband 4 - I kept the 360 hooked up for Rockband 3 - not sure why - maybe I didn't want the faff of transporting all my purchased DLC and Rockband 1,2 migrations over to RB4. I will have to investigate further but it might get expensive.
  10. good lord what a revolutionary idea... And shocking news that the thread in question hasn't worked. I wonder why that thread didn't work as intended?
  11. It is the first and only dpad I have been able to properly play SWOS on and I assume many other digital/dpad dependant games will be in the same boat but noisy yeah
  12. Go back and read those posts that start with "making a serious point here" or words to that effect. Some people are taking this thread seriously and it all gets mixed up with the "bants" so we dont know if it is bants or not. Go look at Gooners fucking posts on "raytracing" in Fortnite - apparently he wasn't trolling but making a serious post! One which was wrong as he wouldnt know raytracing if it sat on him apparently. and certain posters are NOT keeping it confined to here go and look at the multiformat comparison thread or the single format threads - littered with g
  13. What a nasty little piece of work you are. Can't enjoy what you have, you have to bash others. This is the launch of two fantastic consoles and we should shouting it from the rooftops but morons like you have to bring it down to the fucking playground. I pity you like I pity most pathetic toxic posters. This place is a shit hole because of threads like this and posts like yours.
  14. “Pushed your buttons” ”only bants” ”only a bit of fun” smug smirking at getting a rise? It is Nothing but Low level bullying. surprised the mods created this toxic outlet.
  15. Is Shadow more like Tomb Raider or is it still another shitty stealth game with tiny "tombs" I played the reboot and liked it - it had the stealth kill stuff but the arenas were focused. Rise was just awful for dumping you in a massive area and saying "ahaha loads of soldiers here to stealth kill with no indication of direction and there might be a tiny tomb to explore at the end of a 2 hr grind through the area". I gave up on it, being dumped in a laerge open area and told to stealth kill your way round a bunch of npcs is my idea of hell.
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