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  1. bah! I don't tend to get DPD nowadays - I get random white van man. Reliable but infuriatingly does't give me a minimap to follow their progress
  2. oooh Amazon you tease you just took £399 out of my account no despatch yet.
  3. As I have PSVR I will be sticking to stuff that isn't on there or is roomscale or dependant on motion tracked controllers.
  4. Also I need to buy a chromecast thingy - damn more expense... its the 3rd gen isnt it? and you aren't getting Vader
  5. yeah with me they often dont despatch til v v late/early hrs and it still arrives next day. I can order some stuff upto midnight and still get it next day so I guess I am close to a warehouse...
  6. one problem with amazon order is they often dont despatch til v late/early hrs so I get to bite nails over shipping being on time all day! EDIT - are there reviews of the launch lineup anywhere? as in collated so I can make my shopping list and weep at cost. Superhot and Beat Saber ware obvious
  7. Can I buy from oculus store for rift if I don’t have rift anymore (I got rid of mine) tempted Ed to save on orbusvr EDIT - yes you can
  8. Clipper

    Games that you nearly purchased but didn't

    Steel battalion - came close to buying it many times over but always resisted
  9. @The Hierophant cannot do tonight (he posted in the wrong thread). Therefore I am tempted to call it off tonight as it might be a pretty major event as you have a) Told Ras Nsi about the Red Wizards (4 mages and 8 guards) and their location to attack them to help you retrieve the 9th cube. b) You lot are hanging back to watch a bit and maybe join in c) Artus is also doing this so it is likely to be a pretty big event (or might be) So best if we have a full complement.
  10. uploadvr youtube channel or twitch?
  11. Clipper

    Are cutscenes necessary?

    I'm sure there is and I am sure there are things that belong in all the segments in that Venn diagram. In the film/videogame crossover though the evidence is clear to me. But it is subjective, so you will find people who think there isn't a post apocalyptic film that is a better cinematic experience than playing the Last of Us. You will find people who will say that the Netflix Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch has better gameplay elements than any other choose your adventure style videogame. You will find people who find it incomprehensible that people only play videogames for the gameplay within and ignore the story completely You will find people who think that most cinematic storytelling in videogames is embarrasingly awful and the few top examples are equivalent to middling(at best) films. just more Venn diagrams.
  12. Clipper

    Are cutscenes necessary?

    Agreed, that is the phrase I should have used. Videogames need to stop trying to tell a story using cinematic methods as they just aren't the same medium. It would be like a book trying to tell a story like a film or vice versa. The mediums are very different. The 2nd paragraph is more interesting and yes storytelling woven into gameplay can be evocative (Brothers and Limbo spring to mind) but I don't agree with all your examples there. And I don't agree with cutscenes as they always fall back onto trying to tell a story like a movie does, Mass Effect 2 for instance. And they alwyas come off as clunky B movies , agasin Mass Effect 2 is the one I'd pick out as it is like a cheap Star Trek knockoff.
  13. Clipper

    Are cutscenes necessary?

    This is a subjective argument so almost pointless but I can't resist a list in my favourite genre. The Road, MAd Max 2, 12 Monkeys, Dawn-Night-AND-Day of the Dead, 28 days later (and weeks later even though it is weaker), The last man on Earth and Omega Man (TLoU is probably equivalent to I Am Legend in quality terms), Night Eats World, The Girl with all the gifts (flawed), the last days, logan's run (flawed), Last train to Busan, Planet of the Apes, Contagion, The Crazies (despite the low budget), Threads, Shaun of the Dead, Silent Running. Even Wall-E is head and shoulders above Last of Us. And that isn't a list for sake of lists - that is off the top of my head - films I would prefer to watch in terms of quality vs playing the Last of Us and watching/playing that plot. I am a huge fan of the post-apocalyptic genre (of all flavours as you can see) and yet my main reaction to the story (beyond the evocative opening sequence which was superb) was "meh". And the worst part is that LAst of Us is probably at the pinnacle of videogame storytelling, amongst the top echelon of quality available, the creme de la creme. And yet compared to movies in a similar genre it is middling at best, something like Cargo would be equivalent.

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