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  1. I had done ALL the research on the dragon as you passed Argynvostholt's abode on the way to Amber temple so I got upto speed and then you decided to move on so I pushed that all to one side 4 sessions later inside Ravenloft - BOOM! I thinkt hat is the only time I have asked for a couple of mins to completely change tack
  2. this campaign more than any other I have literally no clue how it will end. It may not even end to be honest
  3. You know, as a DM I think I have grown over the past few years, inspired by you all. My planning used to be super tight and I had to force myself to take into account possible bumps along the way. I scripted a fair bit because I was worried I'd be "caught out" then realised (when a certain person grabbed a certain egg) that the whole point IS to be caught out! Now the planning is looser and far far more improv than it was but I still jot down thoughts about next session, what direction it is going... where might it go... how might others react to that, what if they do this? etc.
  4. yeah tokens can be anything I don't have a theme as you can probably tell - I don't even mind a mix of overhead view and "coin" style - they are just counters to know where you stand for fireballs So yeah if @MDY pings them to me as transparent png things I'll load them into Roll20 ... doesn't take more than 2 mins to do them.
  5. hey now it was a "dangerous incline" ok - we ALL agreed
  6. that is fine but we all started somewhere so it is absolutely no issue to have a newbie on board at all. If you want to give it some time before you try to join that is fine as i say but you don't need to worry about holding anyone back
  7. as offered to Benny, if you wish, you can join later in the adventure if you are struggling to join right now but whatever you want to do is fine
  8. @bridger@Seamonster@Spatial@Welrain@Benny@Graham S@Ry In Roll20 your character will have a token that you move about the map etc. I am not artistic so I tend to find whatever free token I can find that vaguely fits the character class and race @MDY from our other campaign is way more dedicated and artistic and he has produced a few tokens for the Sunday campaign and he has offered to assist with tokens for your characters if you wish. You can message him with a picture you like or a token that needs a tidy up or just your character and class/rough idea and he will find
  9. that is some low bars cleared right there
  10. Use this https://media.wizards.com/2016/dnd/downloads/5E_CharacterSheet_Fillable.pdf or any other 5e one you find or use DNDbeyond if that is your bag I'm easy
  11. Hello all @bridger @Seamonster@Welrain@Benny@Ry@Graham S@Spatial I will be sending out invites for discord and Roll20 in next couple of days ready for our session 0 on Friday at 730 I have character sheets from some of you can the rest let me know where they stand and send through to me if possible. If you need more guidance and help with putting the sheet together we can do that on friday session but can you all have the basics of what you have so far before then please? If it goes well I might even start the campaign with a gentle introduction at the end o
  12. ah yes of course but the best part of this is no one person or being knows everything - it is exhausting and hilarious keeping track of who knows what
  13. Some of you may recall That I also allow for some movement/growing time for them as well. Basically I don't have them go from 1 to the other instantly they grow gradually (as do stats) but abilities work only when they go to "next level". Keeps dragons interesting Also helps to prevent guessing as to how powerful it might be
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