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  1. order 200 of them you know you want to - They'll rocket in value or end up giving them away free with crash bandicoot
  2. brutal On our first LMOP campaign petty much all of us fell unconscious from trying to climb a small slope but no deaths so well done!
  3. Clipper

    Nintendo Switch

    nope that only fixes connectivity - which is same as when button presses don't register. Stick drift when connected or disconnected where button presses are ok indicates the stick mechanism itself is struggling and needs a clean out - contact cleaner is best apparently because its the only thing that can penetrate and clean it out.
  4. yep pos on Alan Wake, made me feel like I was in a substandard Stephen King novel - which felt great On a simila vein I loved the atmosphere of Until Dawn - It felt like living in a schlocky teen slasher flick from the 80s/90s Wipeout 2097 - lovely feeling of the future being all clean and floaty and pounding soundtrack and everything blurring No Man's Sky - lovely vistas - like exploring old scifi novel covers Going back is always hard and going back a long way means that the atmosphere is almost purely self generated - but I will mention a few The original Elite - That feeling of being a lone explorer/trader/killer... The Dark Wheel helped ALOT before you even got in the game. Mercenary had a wonderful quirky and odd outlook Midwinter for it's snowbound feeling of being lost. Hunter for similar reasons.
  5. Clipper

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah as deKay indicates this isn't the joycon dodgy connection issue. For that one you are right, using the joycons disconnected they act up/disconnect and needs a fix. I sent mine back to Nintendo for a fix even though Ididn't really experience it that badly at all. No this is stick drift, which is the Switch registering movement of left (or right) stick when it isn't being pushed. I get this on left stick and on calibrate screen it is REALLY obviously wrong. occurs whether joycon is attached or not. I have to admit to being slightly disappointed with the lack of robustness here as the stick drift issue is pretty prevalent from what I have read and the joycons are not cheap to replace. Is it because they are so much smaller than PS4/Xbox sticks and so dirt can interrupt them much easier? EDIT - A quick google indicates that PS4 and xbox controllers can also suffer with plenty of writeups on it, odd as I have never had it on others. EDITEDIT - I hope they have a better solution for the Switch lite as you can't simply replace the joycons on that! Nasty repair bill if contact cleaner doesn't work there.
  6. That reminds me of another fave of mine (altho tomb raider is top) - the feeling of dread and despair is equally as good in Paper's Please. All you see is text and you booth and the stick men around it but it is gorgeously realised.
  7. Clipper

    Nintendo Switch

    ta I have ordered some as it is only £5 and easier to do than taking apart the joycon
  8. Tomb raider, the original. lost worlds, ancient ruins hidden beneath the surface. Huge explorable areas that feel like no one has been there for hundreds of years perfect
  9. Clipper

    Nintendo Switch

    stupid stick drift. anyone tried this? EDIT - no idea why it doesn't display but link works. (Maybe deKay has posted so much in this thread it has killed Amazon link display)
  10. Sorry guys no game tonight as my wife is away and I have too much to juggle here to make it worthwhile/non-disruptive time wise for us. Apologies but we are back on next week.
  11. as long as your players are happy and enjoying the story/improv/battles/dungeon crawl then you are "doing it right". DMing isn't a science that you can say you are doing right or wrong, there are different ways to play. The only time you aren't doing it right is if your style doesn't mesh with the players and even then that is just incompatibility of styles. Like if you DM and love RP and improv and story etc... and your players want a rules heavy dungeon crawl - neither of you is right. Personally I hover in the middle but probably lean more towards the RP stuff which is making the epic multi level trap filled dungeon in Tomb of Annihilation very interesting!
  12. thanks and noted your char sheet is a dndbeyond link so I can keep that open. Looking at doodle (thanks for filling it in everyone) it looks like the only dates we miss out definitely are 4th Aug (2 missing) and 18th August (I'm missing). This sunday is touch and go for me and 25th August I am flying back from spain, should be plenty of time but delays happen so will keep you apprised.
  13. Arrived today - it is a thing of (discoloured) beauty. c64c has been moved to a backup position. got 96 cassettes to try now :-D there is something satisfying about playing retro the way it was originally. I have an sd2iec but I love loading from tape and most still work! i also typed in som listings from books/mags - the old c64 coding brain reignited! Maybe this time I will learn assembler :-D
  14. that's a pretty decent history check
  15. the fact you discuss those three in the same breath tells us all we need to know.
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