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  1. What is interesting is that in a normal campaign petrification can be worse than death in some ways as it is insta-freeze whereas you get dath saving throws AND then revives etc. But in this campaign with death being permanent it is actually in some ways "better" as at least you can be brought back at some point and your soul has not been eaten by a soulmonger!
  2. Clipper

    Movies that need a remake

    Alien 3 using the original wooden planet idea from Vincent ward. script needed a lot of polish apparently but I guess a wooden planet wood(would... sorry)
  3. oh god don't remind me of the shitshow that is Craig Bond. This franchise left me behind a long time ago. Miserable cunt gurns his way through depressingly dull plot part 25
  4. Clipper

    Do people still use DVDs?

    yes there are tons of films and TV series not on streaming services. Also tons of films and TV series that didnt get a bluray release and indeed DVD release! Plenty of reasons to have a physical collection unless you are satisfied with whatever the streaming services deign to serve up.
  5. The official line from the excellent bond docs on the DVD and Blurays is that Dalton's 2nd Bond did not do as well as hoped. Then the whole franchise went into legal wrangles due to troubles with the studio (not EON it was MGM maybe running short of cash?) meaning they had to stop making Bond to prevent a cheapo bond being made and wanting to keep rights etc (I believe Mcclory was involved yet again as well!). They were working on a Bond 17 script with dodgy robot etc but it was all shelved in the hiatus. When it was back on track with Goldeneye the studio did not want Dalton, however Cubby liked him and felt a loyalty to him (in fact he considered Dalton way back when Moore/Lazenby were cast!) and offered it to him. Dalton looked at the fact the studio didn't want him and looked at what was good for the franchise, thanked Cubby for his loyalty but turned it down. Now the above is obviously a story just like all the others told in this thread but it does have a ring of truth to it. Cubby was ruthless but if he liked someone he tended to stick with them... Look at Moore, stuck with him regardless of Moore's age - The Living Daylights was written with Moore in mind (see the cello case moment for instance) but he was the one who said no more I'm too old.
  6. Inscriptions The 4 in the entrance area were This garden is dedicated to Zalkoré, queen of Omu and jewel of Chult.” “Worshiped by her people and by Thiru-taya, who loves BETRAYED her.” (The word “loves” has been chipped away, and the word “BETRAYED” is scratched into the stone above it.) “In this, the tenth year of her reign, may she govern forever in splendor.” “And may the gods themselves marvel at this humble reflection of her beauty.” 2 lovely flower garden inscriptions were "Great Ubtao, free me!” “To dream, to dance.” and inside the central structure on the back of the statue - “Forgive me." next to the lifelike statue - “Once a thief, forever a slave!” On the wall - “True love, faithful general, safe will you rest in Nangalore eternal. None will disturb you while I live. Such is my vow of penance, and for my sins I cannot die.”
  7. Clipper

    Best machine for emulators?

    Which pi do I buy? Do i need to buy anything else? The SD card - what size and speed? Which image do I download? Where do I get said image? (actually genuine questions as if it is this easy I might get one! I have avoided it til now as there are many versions of pi and the "images" aren't obvious and some need tinkering with or used to. If it is plug-and-play then I'm in!)
  8. Clipper

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    you'd think if they were concerned that it was a banned player then they might mention it in the article? I don't follow the esports thing, these posts referred to in the article are they all trying to determine identity for that reason? The mention of who Ellie might be and then the stream proof were about a male player who wasnt banned it seems. And they didn't accept that proof. If they are purely about keeping banned players out then surely the league will/should have a method of sorting that out whilst still offering anonymity (as they seemingly allow that)
  9. Clipper

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    or indeed who cares who the person is? - if they want to remain anonymous and the rules allow that then that should be fine too. bunch of fucking arseholes who can't stand the idea that a woman of all things is better at vidya games than they are.
  10. Clipper

    Classic Christmas Specials

    The Snowman is bleak? Pah that is shmaltz from Raymond Briggs... When the Wind Blows is the true king. Not christmassy but just tell people "hey the guy who did SnowMan Snowdog and Father Christmas made this it must be good" - then retreat to a safe distance EDIT - Real Answer - Blackadder's Christmas Carol
  11. Clipper

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    without spoilers - can you watch this more than once and choose different options? Or are you options "locked in" for rewatches once chosen?
  12. before I forget - XP is 3000 total - 600 each adventuring XP for handling the batiri goblins and Moa encounter.

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