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  1. Or the supergun and games you were comparing Xenon 2 to earlier
  2. c64 tape was 300 baud which is 300 bits per second AMiga floppy drive was 250k bits per second I think
  3. i know its fine I am just conscious of important story beats so at certain points I'll cancel if we have one missing. After investing so much in this campaign would be a shame if anyone missed out on some of the big stuff.
  4. sorry to hear that hexx - lets hope they sort it out for you! In meantime yes we are two down on Sunday so no session this week... It is getting towards the point when we need to try and avoid people not being around anyway so thats all good
  5. in terms of comparing SNES to Amiga in Uk you may as well compare C64 and Amiga and conclude the former is pointless. SNES uk release was 1992 and the A500 (the popular one so ignoring the A1000 completely) was 1987. C64 was 1992. But also comparing home computers with consoles is also pointless, as pointless as comparing PCs and consoles today. As for the games, meh I've talked about it before, the Amiga had plenty of very good arcade action games. EDIT - and for those using a Supergun to play original arcade games at home back in those days? I don't think any home computer experience would satisfy you - it is like someone complaining that a ford mondeo can't beat his ferrari testarossa
  6. noone - Was a good session overall with a nice puzzle reveal ... and three shambling mounds that didn't trouble you too much. Ariana took a couple of nasty hits... Roscoe visited the Astral Plane by accident I struggled during combat as never run a Monk before - I had to roll about a billion dice as I was rolling all your attacks each round as well as Lukanu. So apologies to all for me losing a bit of focus during the battle. All good in the end though and you have the 5th skeleton key. Your HP are at what they were after last session (you were healed then lost them again) and you are down two Ki points.
  7. yes ditto hope you get sorted out soon ... I mean who else is going to trigger all the traps if not our favourite goat/man/undead/monk
  8. Nice to see an actual classic sea lion post - including the faux-polite style... nicely done not seen one like that since gamergate. Also the latest info from Andrews says "to the best of our knowledge and the best of Atari SA's knowledge" ... wasn't the previous statement saying they had purchased cast iron IP with provenance and list of transactions to back it up? I am not sure those two are necessarily the same thing. I personally find this interesting as the buying and selling of old defunct IP seems fraught and whilst I am sure the buyer wants to revive that IP it is a shame if they tread on other projects - especially when it is hard to prove they bought it!
  9. yeah - it seems the concerns raised about their financial position were ill-founded. Maybe they had already paid for all this stuff (assembly etc) in advance and it was just waiting to go with the raw materials etc.
  10. You know you are talking about the PSN techies right ? More seriously PSNow is more dependent on latency/ping - that will be impacted even if you throttle the download as big chunks of data are coming through and your small packet of PSNow data might get "held up" more easily. There is a reason that loads of online enabled games disable/suspend updates and downloads while you play them. I used the Xbox remote play on my home network and that was impacted when downloads were going to the Xbox and that was when it was a local connection sharing with internet.
  11. won't your psnow lag to hell when your connection is being maxxed out as the PS5 is trying to download the game at same time it is streaming it to you? EDIT - or if it is a disc copy updating with a day one patch of multi-gig in size.
  12. no he didn't - he was talking about the facts of the situation - the facts are that he could. And youtube would act on it until it was proven otherwise.
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