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  1. Yeah I’m ok ,physically just cuts and scrapes I think. Anxiety playing up and annoyed with myself etc. ill be fine I think :-) Edit - thank you all for the concern and messages here it is appreciated. I feel pretty stupid about the whole thing so apologies if my updates are a little short - it’s just my own embarrassment :-)
  2. I’m afraid d&d is cancelled tonight - had a little spill in the bike and waiting for recovery
  3. On £65 game prices... It is the same every time something "new" appears - they try to raise the price. Nothing to do with justification, nothing to do with inflation - all to do with seeing what the market will pay. They will always dress it up in irrelevance but it is simple capitalist behaviour. Microtransactions. Will anyone buy them? oh they will! - will they pay more? - yes! And more? - yes! what if we made the game free and really milk them? - yes! Do we make them cheaper if more people buy them? NO! Do we make them cheaper if not enough people buy them? Maybe - or cancel the game/investment Game prices. everyone charges £40 - nextgen comes so can we get away with charging 45? yes! etc Fact is that companies will charge what they think the market will pay. It has nothing to do with what is a "fair" price (whatever that is). if it costs them £10 to make they'll still charge £65 if they can AND add microtransactions on top AND loot boxes and anything else they will get away with. That is capitalism. Noone is sitting and saying "ooh now this game cost us £x to make so we will only charge £y" As consumers we have the power (in theory). We choose to buy or not, we choose to pay for microtransactions and loot boxes etc. In practice there are enough gamers to milk it seems. So even though they might be making profits they will still try and add on £5 or £10 to the price next time round. And the reverse occurs, the race to the bottom. Food has been cheap for years and years because consumers want CHEAP when it comes to food.
  4. That is fantastic, looks great ... Can he do a vampire version too - y'know just in case?
  5. Gentle reminder to @Totile@Rikku@MDY - can you please log in to Roll20 using your new curse of strahd invite please it means I can assign your token etc correctly ready for Sunday thanks EDIT - by the way - it ha sbeen a delight trying to prep for a new campaign within a campaign new book - new R20 module . Do NOT test me on all the lore as there may be holes in my knowledge
  6. Welcome back and glad you are feeling a little more human. I/we did debate whether to delay the session based on it being a fairly strong moment. However it wasn't like a possible TPK or end of campaign or anything (yet) so we felt it was ok to continue. Hope that is ok and hope you are well enough to join us on Sunday - assuming I have managed to prep a whole new campaign by then
  7. Our intrepid party, have battled foes on sea and land, they have uncovered plots in the small town of Saltmarsh as well as hints of unwelcome external influences. A malign force has been identified that wishes to attack Saltmarsh and the party have helped to gather allies... The future of Saltmarsh is finely balanced and the next few days and weeks might be crucial to it and indeed Faerun as a whole. Amongst all this the party have been investigating vampiric activity long since sealed away in a cove to the north. This has led to the unsealing of a vampire's prison and the vampire disappearing into the Mere gathering undead to him. The party were resolute and reported this - High priests were dispatched and asked that our heroes investigate the lay of the land and locate the lair of the vampire - reporting the intel back to them. Unfortunately, during their investigations, our dynamic team were ensnared by the vampire and they were asked to assist him in returning to Barovia. If they didn't? well the vampire would continue to build a presence and only the high priests could save the town. The party chose to help open the way for this despicable thing... They succeeded but did not realise they would be transported to another demiplane whilst the vampire remained in Faerun! The next thing they see is a muddy road leading to the village of Barovia nestled amongst wolf infested woods and grey oppressive skies. And with that the party shift sideways into the campaign for The Curse of Strahd! The adventure continues... But what of Saltmarsh? Well, one of the party escaped the clutches of Barovia through his valiant act of "retreating"... One day we will return to him and see what motley crew assembles to assist him in solving the mystery of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh. In the meantime Hob - @Totile Breek - @Rikku Olly - @Mogster Gazes - @Nathan Wind Vigil - @MDY Arros - @Hexx and our new character Rango - @The Hierophant Are all now in Barovia and are looking to escape this demiplane they have been castaway in... the adventure, as ever, continues.
  8. I have to remember them all and park them correctly as well! I mnight need to write a short novel!
  9. I am happy to go with majority. I did warn it was a big point... but it may well be a shorter session... and half of it may be Sardaen it is hard to judge right now. Did he give any feeling on it when he put his message? Did he say he was happy with your decisions etc? we can discuss at 730 if you like on discord
  10. yeah well his path I will be handling seperately - so likely to be a session of two halves anyhow. 1st see what happens to main party then switch to Sardaen.
  11. I should point out that a TPK is very very unlikely (unless you do something REALLY offbeam) so it isn't important/pivotal as in "you might all die". I mean you might still- say if you go wandering shouting in an undead mere
  12. If he is going to miss it completely then on balance maybe we should give it a miss as it might be a "big one". It depends on how he feels about it to be honest - I am happy to delay a week - but if he is happy to go with your judgement and can "listen in" or similar then he might be ok with that. Hard for me to judge it - but as I say I am happy to skip this week.
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