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  1. PC issues are surrounding 144hz monitors as frame rate is locked 60 so if it is forced upto 144 it goes haywire. Also no options to change anything so fixed resolution no windowed options and vsync locked on. so no major bugs as long as palying in 60hz at 16:9 fullscreen
  2. Apologies for being a let down but child duties have played havoc today so I will have to cry off this evening I'm afraid. Sorry for leaving it til last moment but I have been trying to get stuff ready and just cannot juggle it all. Sorry again will be on next week as "normal" whatever is normal for us right now! Please let others know who don't check thread as often.
  3. This weekend my wife is away so I am stuck with the child - ahem sorry - I am primary care giver this weekend. So I may be a few mins late putting him to bed n stuff. Also I have a bunch of stuff prepped from last week and I will prep a bit more tonight but won't have much time to refresh or embellish that (I usually immerse myself in the prep I have done in hour before we start so it is all fresh) - Most of what can happen I have just forgive the occasional extra long "errrr" Aug 12th I am away
  4. Clipper

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    she didn't react to nothing. That initial tweet was the sort of "polite" comment you get that isn't polite at all. The analysis of it in that tweet thread is spot on. It's buried in a whole load of shit in that thread but the analysis of that initial tweet is spot on. The opening and closing words are the sort of bullshit you tack on to make it seem less confrontational and the middle bit is presented in an "I know best" way. It isn't saying "wouldn't it be better if..." otr "had you considered..." it is presented as definitive statements. That makes it an arsey tweet. If got an email at work about a proposal I made and it came with those starting and ending words and the middle bit was definitive like that I would not be happy. However she DID overrreact and the firing was bullshit. So we agree on almost everything but that initial tweet is a bit shit.
  5. Clipper

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    Just to note Java edition will not be going to bedrock but it will still be updated with the new stuff. So the aquatic update is in the works but sadly not yet ready. Java version is far from dead.
  6. Clipper

    Favorite Gig?

    I don't know about favourite but my most memorable was Donington Monster of Rock 88 - superb sets by GnR and Maiden but the Gnr set being at the front as I was? a mixture of fear and exhiliration. The music filled you but jumping and your feet leave the floor and dont touch down for some time after is a scary thing. ANyway away from that I think my fave gigs were the more intimate ones (but yes a couple of stadium gigs too) Ice Age at Edward's no8 in Birmingham HElloween at the Hummingbird Metallica ont he Justice tour and the back to basics tour they did not long after Dread Zeppelin at some dive in Birmingham SLayer and Megadeth on the Clash of the titans tour. I am seeing Slayer on their farewell tour in november - if they are as intenst as they were in 1990 I may not survive!
  7. Clipper

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    the new twist stuff
  8. 5th July - Session 47 - The Golden Goose - day 102 - 104 I got the timeskip wrong it was 10 days not 7 - damn me and my forgetting that weeks in D&D are 10 days. It's harder to write up fullon RP sessions as a lot is said. I think i got most of the down there or at least the gist. That was a fun RP session I think with a nice surprise or two. Billin there is a reason you weren't bothered by going to Yartar - you didn't know his family were from there - Gerald was murdered elsewhere All you know is he had tried to strike up a trade deal and stuck his nose in somewhere he shouldn't (crossing another family) and annoyed some people who paid the Wolf's Teeth handsomely. You didn't know who the other family were or where they reside either. Next session is 15th July - I may be a little late but will let you know nearer time.
  9. When we had a baby my wife gave birth 3 weeks after I had just finished directing a play at a local theatre. I had also been directing and acting in another production for a new drama group I helped co-create this carried on until 3 months after we had the baby and the play went on stage* What I'm trying to say is that I am a terrible husband and father.... no no no hang on not that one... Your DM is a lightweight *I will admit now that I did miss a handful of rehearsals around the time of the birth
  10. Clipper

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    he hasn't posted since late 2016 I think we might be on a hiding to nothing. The last game turned into micro-transaction hell and this one looks to be starting out that way (see the shopping basket subtly in the corner of the screen all the time next to the "currency" amount) if it is free I'll give it a go as I did like it (after an initial bump) until it got hobbled. I know he claimed that was because of the bad people he sold the distribution rights to but it didn't get better when he got the rights back.
  11. Clipper

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    like this thread then. A lot of subjective opinions. None are correct, only to the person who holds them. COnstantly clashing against opposing ones makes no odds.
  12. Clipper

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    Worst month ever OP? llamasoft release a game this month! automatically best month!
  13. Clipper

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    oh updated lists ESB Star Wars TFA ROTJ (this one and TLJ are very close) TLJ R1 That is all of the Star Wars films ranked - apart from Solo which I haven't seen.

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