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  1. does anyone remember how it worked with setting your primary console when Xbox One came in? Did you just boot and it asked you and you could set it as primary and thereby wipe out your 360 as the primary? Was it a "free" switch of primary as I know you only get so many "goes" within a year.
  2. Not many poeple have access to newspaper press machinery
  3. use more electric to play it? (seriously tho) they might put some dual sense stuff in?
  4. yes that part is the bit stopping me - also wondering if the all access preorders will be at back of queue so Game get more cash upfront for full price sales!
  5. that is an easy option then. Series X on 0% for me and Series S bought outright for son for xmas (we only need one gamepass)
  6. at any point you can settle? just like buying a sofa? We did that bought it on 0% but paid it off early as we wanted our house purchase to go without a hitch so didnt want lots of 0% agreements clogging it up!
  7. Does anyone use xbox all access or know anything about how it works? If I order using that from game will I get it on day of release or do the monthly payers go to back of the queue?
  8. It was at this point I realised my folly. I was opposed to negs coming back - I never neg posts why would I ever need to use them and they are ... blah blah... And then this post appears and my god what have I done NNNNOooooooooO! Bring back negs!
  9. In some ways I don't think it matters too much what price they go at (as long as it isn't bonkers like $600) if the two models fall anywhere between £300 and £500 I think it won't make that much difference. Sony are the leaders and I think they will continue to be so, barring a disaster of PS3-launch proportions. I'll be surprised if they pitch the full PS5 over $500/£450 and similarly if the digital version is lower than $350/£299
  10. Texangineer? Yeah he is pretty decent. The T'pol stuff is just embarrasing and hilarious though.
  11. noone knows yet if S and X push same IQ at two different resolutions then either PS5 is pushing the same IQ at 1440p (maybe because it can't quite match the horsepower of the X or it goes for a higher framerate?) OR they are checkerboarding OR they add extra shinies to the PS5 and spend their GPU budget that way. Way too many hypotheticals we'd need a real world example which is likely quite a long way away.
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