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  1. Sorry no - they aren't properly balanced usually. If you made a good case for it I might read up on it and then maybe find a way to tweak or adapt - but it'd have to be a good case for it Note alot of unearthed arcana has made it over to offical books already having been properly balanced. The example I saw was having a special subclass of wizard that could collapse spell levels into healing potions that only last 24 hrs... it quickly turne dout that it was easy to abuse by selling potions to NPCs or just collapsing all spells into potions before long rest etc.
  2. Another great epilogue and that is now canon in our Faerun. The Ring of Winter is now under the protection of the dwarves. Interesting stuff makes me want to continue our world in some new direction as there are a few loose ends here and there. I doubt I have the time to do it justice but I am mulling capaign book options as well as post campaign options.
  3. They did indeed have an Omuan princess there - the last known in the royal line, an interesting side plot but the family is long gone as is Omu so it ins't as if you could restore the monarchy Yes they were and that is why they were farmers and no longer working the mines nearby... it was, let's say, frowned upon by the dwarves of their tribe - who were not the kindest of tribes at all in any case - Errick would have hated them. Hahaha lots it was a small dungeon but tricky to negotiate as it was heavily populated.t ehre were many ways it could have gone with some taken prisoner - obviously stealth was not an option for the party which left it an interesting conundrum of a place similar ot the Fire Giants hall.. but yeah you found the one chink in the Yuan-ti's armour. Ras Nsi was not really interested in the yuan-ti - that is a distraction. he wanted his power over undead back and he thought Acererak would give it to him - once you told him about plots against him and the possible betrayal he wanted you to solve that for him. Yep you could break the strut - it had higher AC and hit points but smashing one would bring down the soulmonger - as it was the soulmonger itself was easier to destroy. no he was deluded and Acererak leant into that as it gave him a cheap set of scouts to spy on the city for him. There was a nasty trap down there and the Queen's sceptre was the key to avoid it - you had it so you would've been ok Yep - Acererak built a mirror plane to test his traps he would capture poeple and set them loose in the mirror version to avoid having to have the tomb dwarves resetting and replacing expensive components. Avoiding the insta-death traps in the tomb was the surprisingly brilliant thing - some of those gave you almost zero hint it was lethal - I had hooks built for new charatcers to be introduced as I was absolutely sure you'd lose at least one. Im not sure you did anything truly stupid - I will give it some thought but the only thing that springs to mind is the fight at ngiht with the Yuan-ti that killed you - they weren't very high level but you all seemed out of sorts , I am guessing it was the surprise factor that did it. Oh not insight checking wongo is the other one. And the Valindra mess you got yourselves into - that could have turned VERY nasty. On one level it was a theft that's all based on the inn you stayed in. The thief had spotted you in the bar flashing cash around and thought you were rich which you were in comparison to the rest. it could have developed into you meeting the equivalent of the thieves guild which may have given you a different contact/guide to work with... but you didn't catch up with them thankyou but those first few sessions were scary
  4. artus wore it originally I thought you had retrieved it along with the ring
  5. A great write up there MDY a nice conclusion and happy to make that canon. Quick party inventory question - the party had an anti-scrying device as I recall. Who had that device at the end?
  6. Yes well done all it has been a pleasure as ever to run that. Some lovely characters and stories (and backstories) and a big journey for all. Not perfect but then I am always learning - from you mainly I think the backstories were better handled on this campaign - it helped that they dovetailed quite well with events! Rykan is a Level 2 Warlock you should know... The death curse is lifted and Feneth is confirmed as the big bad for next campaign - in collusion with Inete! Feel free to ask any other questions about the campaign now, I am happy to reveal most (apart from stuff that might be revisited in the future). Other than that I will keep new campaign discussion here until we have chosen it then we get a new thread. I should have said that if anyone else wants to DM I am happy to step into a player roll - always happy with that... Start date to be decided so a week or two or three Thanks again all, D&D means alot to me and love playing with you lot ... will be fun to see what our next adventure is. PS - the main part I missed out on was when you decided not investigate the Albino dwarves and why the two had been cast out etc. That was a fun little diversion you decided against.
  7. the multiplayer was decent (Q2 netcode etc) and different to what else was on offer at the time (Q2/3 and CS). There was a brief flurry of clan leagues for Kingpin at the time as it got some mod support due to the Q2 engine I guess. It didn't last. Not sure of the market for this remaster - at best you are aiming at people nearing 40 and beyond who want to relive their clan days by playing one of the least popular. I fully expect a Star Trek Elite Force remaster next (also a brief flurry of clan action as I recall).
  8. thankyou - I knew you were flying could not remember why... and yes we are in initiative at the moment
  9. actually useful to know status effects right now Feneth is paralysed I believe Roscoe in a Maze Errick is flying Ariana - are you flying? I cant recall any other statuses we need to track ?
  10. one way or another this is likely to be the last session of the campaign Question is dare I kill you on your birthday
  11. no it is the sequel/4th film to the BEST trilogy of all time - try and keep up To post on topic as I actually watched a new film for once... Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - 2.5/5 I'd missed this one somehow as I tend to try and watch most zombie films even the really dodgy modern ones. This was meh, better than I'd heard it was but not a real success. The mashup between "pride and Prejudice" time-wimey and zombies was interesting and having zombies in a more classical setting is interesting. Problem is that the film and book are hamstrung by this because they are so intent on playing up the mashup with "cleverly" reworded speeches that you lose interest in the plot (which tends to dive off a cliff). The idea of 18th Century britain having zombies and they are coherent and capable of thought is a rich vein to be mined but utterly wasted by having it bolted to slavishly trying to shoehorn everything into the plot of Pride and Prejudice A few stand out moments and action but buried under a pile of mediocrity.
  12. It is not illegal but it is immoral so you can direct your anger to the immoral company taking advantage. They are claiming tax credits in a country where they aren't paying corporation tax despite making profit. Whichever way you cut that it is a shitty thing to do. If a similar deal were available to individuals then I can assure you not all would take it as many want to pay their way and not be utterly morally bankrupt. Rockstar is a particularly toxic company with its practices regarding crunch etc being well known. But people don't give a shit as long as they can buy GTA and Red Dead.
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