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  1. Sounds good to me. I read it's all a little smaller scale which actually suits me fine. Less demons means I get to spend more time with the ones that are there rather than fusing them ASAP into different ones. And less time to finish means I'll actually have a chance to finish it. Also I love what I've seen from the setting, I have to say the endless sand covered ruins of SMT V didn't really do much for me. Hope my game will arrive today, can't wait to get stuck in!
  2. Really looking forward to this, it has exactly the vibe I need right now.
  3. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah like this. I never knew if there was a reason for it to be honest.
  4. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Operation Starfish is great! Awesome gameplay, music, a LOT of levels. It even had one of those extra big cartridges because it's so awesome it didn't fit on a normal one. One of my favourite Megadrive games .
  5. Don't know if this was posted before but it's a short behind the scenes of the last day of filming. Have some tissues handy if you're going to watch.
  6. Ra is the magic one. It didn't really work for me because it seemed to take ages to get going and once it does in the final third it kinda makes the first two thirds obsolete. I also didn't really gel with the characters, it's never really his strength but they seemed particularly one dimensional in this case. It does have some really cool ideas that stuck with me though, so I guess it's worth finishing it.
  7. HBO Max was introduced here in the Netherlands earlier this year for 8 euro p/m and they did a special 50% lifetime discount deal if you signed up in the first month.
  8. Sane

    Abandoned Games

    It's too bad, but life's too short to spend it on trying to like things you don't enjoy. One thing I do want to respond to, not to try to convince you to keep trying but maybe for other people reading this: you can control the actions of your entire party. That, combined with the harder difficulty setting, made the game much more engaging for me. It's still not very difficult but much more challenging with a few proper difficulty spikes that require you to fully utilise the entire party's skills. It's arguably also how the game is 'meant to be played' I'd say (controlling all the party members, not the higher difficulty).
  9. I really enjoyed Fine Structure too. It's a crazy mashup of mindbending, cosmic scale concepts and people with superpowers which sometimes seems a bit messy (or maybe I just couldn't always keep up) but somehow manages to successfully combine it all in an enjoyable novel. I read Ed last week, Qntm's first novel. That's also really good. Much shorter and less ambitious but a very fun read. The only book of his I didn't really like was Ra. I felt it was too long and just a little boring.
  10. Ooh I didn't realise this was coming to Xbox. I had Cyberpunk lined up to play after I finish Dishonored but I might go for this instead. Looking forward to hearing some impressions.
  11. Hmm interesting. I recently started this, got a few hours into it and dropped it. As you say it felt really flat and disappointing compared to the older titles (which I loved). I guess I'll hang onto it and get back to it at some point. Edit: bought the season pass since it's on sale .
  12. Sane


    I see they garantee that it will never be released digitally, as if that's a good thing. I really dislike the concept of making games artificially rare. So while that looks very cool I'm not going to give them any money.
  13. Also the buttons are the wrong way around. Maybe they fixed that with the rerelease though.
  14. Also there's a sepaprate option for audio passthrough in the settings.
  15. Where can you watch this? Doesn't seem to be anywhere .
  16. Shit, I just bought it . Edit: too bad, it sounded quite OK, I'm just a sucker for this kind of thing. What's so bad about it? And any recommendations for something similar but better?
  17. I highly recommend Weaveworld for anyone who likes weird/dark fantasy. One of Clive Barker's best novels in my opinion.
  18. I feel exactly the same. PSO just has this magical quality to it, the atmosphere, the sounds and music, the locations, it's just perfect. I still install it regularly and lose a few weeks to it every now and then. When I get a steam deck this will be the first game I will install on it. I disagree about PSU though. It doesn't have the PSO magic sadly, but I played that game for 2 years with a group of close friends and it was a great experience. It certainly had it's problems but I remember it fondly.
  19. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it, seems like it's a bit of a marmite game.
  20. Ah right. I sold Village after finishing it, might pick it up again in a sale to try it out sometime. I will restart VII next time I want to play a horror game.
  21. One day I will go back to this and finish it, I played maybe a 3rd I think and got distracted by something else. I enjoyed it up to that point. I think the first person works well, it does in Village as well (I didn't know they added 3rd person to that).
  22. Is there any other benefits compared to using an external HDD than hotswapping and the obvious loading speed benefits?
  23. 4 was kinda dissapointing at the time but it's far from shit. It's just full of amazing moments. In fact It's the one I want to replay the most now probably.
  24. I'm really confused about which version to buy on Xbox. I want to play the most recently enhanced version offline only, am I right in assuming that the currently discounted 30 euro xbox one and series bundle is the best way? Is the premium edition just the last gen version?
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