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  1. No no no - just realised I have an early morning meeting on Monday week scuppering my plans to watch the last episode first thing before it gets spoilt.

    Has it been up earlier than 8 on Netflix???

    Imagine my pain when I realized that I'm leaving on holiday the 28th :facepalm: .

  2. MMO launches are invariably pretty chaotic.Mostly the problem is how to deal with the massive load of early players that you know will drop off, so don't want to have too many separate 'shards' (that will become ghost towns 2 months after launch) but still be able to cope with the pressure of launch. All this on new infrastructure that is very difficult to test before releasing to hundreds of thousands of raging internerds!

    I can understand the difficulty in this, but what is the actual downside to starting with a lot of servers and just merging the less populated ones a few months in?

  3. My problem is it looks like the next set of story quests are gated behind the next dungeon which the servers are not online long enough for me to either queue up for or make it through.

    I give this a week to show some improvement or I am out.

    It looks that way indeed, it seems kind of strange that they force everyone to go complete a dungeon. Are later dungeons also part of the main questline?

    There also seems to be a gap in the available quests around level 15-20 in Gridania. I had to get through most of those levels by doing fates and leves. Is this intended or did I just not find the quest starters?

  4. Checking less popular posts on reddit I can see other people having the same issue. Grr. I don't want to ditch the drivers either If I can help it. It's a pain in the arse and the release ones are really old.

    I have the same card and using 13.8 drivers and I've had only 2 crashes so far. Both seemed like it was the game's fault, it started lagging heavily, then froze and crashed. Didn't seem like a hardware issue.

    • PC Master Race - Cat Girl
    • Doctor Shark - Kel Ethan
    • Bobontheway - Hera Jika
    • JPR - Yavie Este
    • top-cat - Scruffington Wee
    • Rikku - Sanicle Mystari
    • Corleth - Logan Arthur
    • wev - Reii Tali
    • Spork - Spork Eoh
    • Sie - Nik Nak
    • U-1 - Yewone Tagow
    • Hyper P - Hanningfield Ward
    • Melon_Bread - Stabasco Seamonster
    • df0 - Kunigundar Hellmkrieg
    • Billy Brown - Haldeen Vendaar
    • Straps - Mayonn Egg
    • Fuddle - Truly Scrumptious
    • Jasberfloob - Gipsy Danger
    • Jonster - Striker Eureka
    • Craww -Hemlock Ravenclaw
    • Aimless - Elika Skye
    • bcofn - Delekth Malys
    • Sane - Silver Haze

    I just pre ordered the game, I don't know how much time I'll have to actually play it but I would like to be part of the guild if possible.

  5. My favourite is the original game, Tales of Phantasia but it's a SNES game and perhaps not quite what you are looking for. Of the modern games Tales of Symphonia is probably the best, but I also really enjoyed Tales of Vesperia.

    The thing with Tales games is that they are pretty much all the same though. There are variations in the battle system and such but the structure and gameplay always follows the same patterns so you need to be a pretty big fan of JRPG's in general and Tales games in particular to want to play more of them. So if you have already played Symphonia but you're not a hardcore fan it's difficult to recommend other parts of the series really.

    Edit: Saying this I just noticed that Tales of Vesperia is really cheap so I can recommend that :P .

  6. So, strangely, I have never watched 24. Would you say it's worth watching it knowing that I have a ton of other series and movies still to watch and it's going to take quite long to watch it all? Basically I'm asking, is it (still) really special?

  7. The US version. Season 3 is currently showing on AMC on Sundays, and episode 10 was the latest.

    Ok thanks, the US show it is. I did watch it before up to a few episodes into season 2 but I lost interest there. I shall pick it up again and see if it can grab me again.

  8. Is all the praise in this thread for the US version of the show or for the original? I don't want to read too closely as it might spoil something, but I need to decide which version to watch.

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