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  1. I'm getting the hang of the controls now. I'm unsure what to do though, continue playing 3 which I haven't played before but is not really giving me that magic Metroid feeling so far or replay prime which I love but have already experienced.

  2. I upgraded from windows 7 to 8.1 recently and now Resident Evil doesn't work anymore. When I click on play in Steam nothing happens. All my stuff is up to date and every other game I tried works great. I searched around a bit but it seems there's no other people with the same issue so I'm at a loss what to do :(.

  3. I just finished watching the whole series, amazing TV. I don't agree about season 5 being weaker really, I thought it was really good. In fact I struggle to think of any season as being weak, they were all consistently great.

    Also, I watched the new HD version, can't say I ever noticed that it wasn't 'meant' like that, looked fine.

  4. I'm going to hate myself for this but I'm going to lower the difficulty. I've been playing on hard but it's just killing me, quite literally. I have 8 hours on the clock according to steam and I'm still in the medical facility [emoji19].

  5. I really need some tips on how to deal with the alien. I don't really want to read the thread but I'm playing on hard and one of the very first encounters is kicking my ass. I have to find some keycard and the alien shows up, I tried hiding and sometimes it works but the damn thing doesn't go away, it just keeps patrolling near me so the moment I peek out I'm dead :(.

  6. So my PS4 has started to randomly eject discs and even if there is no disc in the machine it will periodically beep as if trying to spit one out. A quick google came up with the suggestion of keeping the power button pressed until the console shut down and leaving it with the cable unplugged for 3 minutes. I tried this, it didn't help. Am I going to have to send it back?

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