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  1. I have the same card and using 13.8 drivers and I've had only 2 crashes so far. Both seemed like it was the game's fault, it started lagging heavily, then froze and crashed. Didn't seem like a hardware issue.
  2. Oh do you need to be online to receive an invite? I just logged out for the day, I shall message you tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. Yay I'm in! Could someone please send me an invite for the guild? My character name is Silver Haze.
  4. I'm not really into online fps games but I have to say this looks tremendously fun! I will definitely get the pc version when it comes out.
  5. I just pre ordered the game, I don't know how much time I'll have to actually play it but I would like to be part of the guild if possible.
  6. Oh man, I used to love that game. Just thinking about it makes me want to dig up my old megadrive and play it .
  7. My favourite is the original game, Tales of Phantasia but it's a SNES game and perhaps not quite what you are looking for. Of the modern games Tales of Symphonia is probably the best, but I also really enjoyed Tales of Vesperia. The thing with Tales games is that they are pretty much all the same though. There are variations in the battle system and such but the structure and gameplay always follows the same patterns so you need to be a pretty big fan of JRPG's in general and Tales games in particular to want to play more of them. So if you have already played Symphonia but you're not a hardcore fan it's difficult to recommend other parts of the series really. Edit: Saying this I just noticed that Tales of Vesperia is really cheap so I can recommend that .
  8. Alright, guess I'll just start with season 1 and see where I end up.
  9. So, strangely, I have never watched 24. Would you say it's worth watching it knowing that I have a ton of other series and movies still to watch and it's going to take quite long to watch it all? Basically I'm asking, is it (still) really special?
  10. See that's the thing that makes it so much more painful, those first 4 seasons were absolutely awesome, pretty much the best show on TV at the time. To think it's fallen this much, astonishing . It makes me wonder as well, did they change writers etc?
  11. Ok thanks, the US show it is. I did watch it before up to a few episodes into season 2 but I lost interest there. I shall pick it up again and see if it can grab me again.
  12. What gear are you wearing if I may ask? It looks very cool 8) .
  13. Is all the praise in this thread for the US version of the show or for the original? I don't want to read too closely as it might spoil something, but I need to decide which version to watch.
  14. SSFIV's flash sale was 75% off, I bought it for €4,99 and the normal price is €19,99.
  15. Always dress for style first, stats second 8). A few points more or less in defensive stats don't do that much anyway.
  16. You can play Demon's Souls if you haven't yet .
  17. Sane

    Games on Gold

    So how does this work anyway? If you download it is the game then forever tied to your account? Or is it like PS+ where you need to stay subscribed?
  18. 1 Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst 2 World of Warcraft 3 Half Life 4 Half Life 2 5 Fallout 3 6 Portal 7 Portal 2 8 Borderlands 2 9 The Witcher 10 Left 4 Dead 2
  19. PC version incoming. Hilariously, I literally ordered the PS3 version 2 days ago .
  20. So is all the Sleeping Dogs DLC worth getting? There seems to be an awful lot of it. I plan on actually playing the game, but I don't have that much time so I wouldn't actually mind not having some extra missions and such unless they are really great.
  21. Thanks for this, I never linked it to the updates. I kept thinking I was going nuts .
  22. Sane

    EDF 2025

    Which version of this would be better? 360 or PS3?
  23. It's not that bad is it? I'm not a big fan of first person shooting in general but I thought it worked ok, nothing special but it's serviceable. Certainly not appaling .
  24. Where is this complete all in 1 costume pack? I only see the separate packs, or do you just need to buy all those? Edit: Nevermind, I found it.
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