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  1. I bought both the 8bitdo and the black one pictured above. The 8bitdo wouldn't work, only 1 in 5 or so button presses registered. Might have been a faulty one but the seller I bought from on amazon refused to let me return it so I never found out. Shame because it feels nice. I then bought the black remote and have been using it ever since. It's like K says: it's OK. I really dislike the feel of the directional circle thingy, it's squishy and kind of angled inwards so it makes scrolling through things much harder than it should be. Other than that it's fine. I still prefer using it over the controller for putting on movies because you can pick it up and pause things without having to turn it on.

  2. I've been playing this recently after buying the remaster on switch and it's still amazing. This game just gets it hooks in me like few others. The atmosphere and storytelling are unrivaled to me. 


    Some thoughts on the remaster:

    Playing it handheld is great! Being able to just pick it up and make some small progress or do some demon fusing in bed let's me spend a lot more time on it. Also it looks great on the OLED screen :wub:


    The sound quality of the music is not great, it's very compressed. But playing in handheld mode it doesn't bother me too much. It's too bad though because the music is fantastic. 


    I like the added merciful difficulty. I wouldn't recommend actually playing the entire game on it because it's so easy it removes any challenge, however it is nice to switch it on now and then (you can switch at any moment). For instance if you want to do grinding because you get a lot more exp. Or after doing a long difficult part of the game and you've run out of mp and you're looking for the save room. 

  3. 37 minutes ago, Mallet said:

    I would get the system and use it before deciding to buy more storage, I have personally never felt the need for more storage yet.

    This is also my experience. I just fill it up with gamepass stuff because I can, but I actually only play a handful of games at the same time at most. When I need space I just delete a few of the dozens of games on there I've never played :lol:. Of course it's always nice to have more storage but considering the cost I'd spend that money on something else. 

  4. On 02/01/2023 at 17:13, Stopharage said:

    Maybe send this to them? I didn’t get an email confirming the deal once I clicked on it but this was on the email I received when they sent me the £5. 


    Thanks! I sent them an email explaining everything, added this screenshot. They replied I should call them for some realtime assistance and trouble shooting :hmm:. I told them they can keep their 5 pounds.

  5. I have an account linking question. My nephew has been playing Fortnite on his Switch for a while. Recently he got an Xbox Series S and wants to also play on that. I've been trying to link his accounts but it's incredibly confusing. 


    The main issue I have is that when I try to link the Nintendo account to the Epic games account that's also linked to the Xbox (which I think was created from the Xbox account if that makes sense) it tells me that account is already linked to another epic account. It doesn't give any details though and in the Nintendo account there doesn't seem to be any way to unlink anything. Anyone have any experience doing this? 

  6. 18 hours ago, LaveDisco said:

    I’m half way through Qntm’s new collection and I think it’s fantastic. Such good ideas in such easy reading fashion. Thanks for the recommendations. 

    For those looking for similar - once again I would recommend Greg Egan - he’s got a similar physics first approach, but it’s even harder scifi. 

    Quarantine, and Computation City and super accessible and fantastic. 

    Sounds great, I've added them to my reading list :hat:.

  7. I'm going to let my subscription lapse I think. The value is amazing but I just don't actually spend any time playing GP games because of a lack of time and my favourite games last year not being on gamepass (Elden Ring, Cyberpunk). On top of that the choice stress is killing me, the prospect of not having GP is already making me feel better :D.

  8. Well amazon refused to give me the credit. They first made me give them all the order numbers, then said the promotion was only valid for single purchases over 15 pounds, then said hotukdeals is a fraudulent website and they would only accept an email from amazon as proof this promotion existed :hmm: (I didn't get an email saying the offer was activated, did anyone else?).

  9. On 21/12/2022 at 14:50, Sane said:

    I'm considering getting Nocturne on Switch. It's always been my favourite SMT, mostly because of the atmosphere. I heard the port is decent but not great, some slowdown and compressed audio. Especially the audio is a shame I think. But since the digital version is now on sale for 20 euro I might just get it. Or the physical version for 33...

    I got Nocturne and have been playing it for a while. It's still amazing. I'd urge anyone considering Soul Hackers to get Nocturne instead. 


    It's got that menacing, mysterious atmosphere I associate with SMT games that later games in my opinion have never been able to live up to. The touched up ps2 graphics also look great on the OLED Switch.


    I get quickly bored playing games these days, drifting from one half finished game to the next, but I'm 100% sure I will finish this :wub:

  10. On 30/12/2022 at 11:30, Stopharage said:

    Out of interest, what did you buy to spend £15? A few books or a load of cheaper ones? 

    I’m on about £9 so far, with most being daily deals for 99p. 

    I bought:


    The Bridge to Lucy Dunn - 2.73

    Logic Beach part 1 - 3

    Geometry for Ocelots - 3.18

    The Fifth Science - 2.88

    The Prince of Milk - 3.77

    The Galaxy and the Ground Within - 0.99

    Shuggie Bain - 0.99

    Existential Physics - 1.59


    Almost 20 pounds in total. I'm pretty sure I activated the deal, but no email so far. 

  11. I'm considering getting Nocturne on Switch. It's always been my favourite SMT, mostly because of the atmosphere. I heard the port is decent but not great, some slowdown and compressed audio. Especially the audio is a shame I think. But since the digital version is now on sale for 20 euro I might just get it. Or the physical version for 33...

  12. 8 hours ago, Moz said:


    Theres no need to start from scratch, everything except the clues on your computer completely reset every time you die. Think of it like an experiment, you know what happens when you go through the portal now. But maybe you’re not stuck there once you figure a few things out. (Or maybe you are, I’m not sure which bit you’re talking about). 

    Ah ok. I guess I just ended up somewhere I shouldn't go yet. Can you give me a hint as to what the first thing to do is when you launch? It said I had to go somewhere but I couldn't find it on the map.

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