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  1. I bought this a little while ago in the humble store sale for €10 or so and I love it. The music is amazing! It's really hard though, or maybe I'm just not very good at it yet, it takes a little while to get used to the way you have to play it. Great game and highly recommended :wub:.

  2. It does work - just only occasionally. Which is why I can't see how it can be down to my settings/router.

    And as I said earlier, there must be thousands of people playing at any one time, so it seems unlikely it simply can't find a match.

    Just seems very bizarre to me.

    I had the same thing. I was able to help a handful of people but I was never invaded and summoning someone to help me never worked. I tried waiting for ages and occasionally I got a message that the chime of a bell was found but it never led to someone actually appearing.

    I do remember also having these sort of issues in the past on the 360 with strict NAT and such. As luck would have it I switched internet providers this week though, from ADSL to glass fiber so I will do some testing later today.

  3. I think the intention is to make you have to fight your way to the boss again every time you die, to raise the stakes of the fight. The problem with it is that it possible to run past everything, making it just an annoying hindrance rather than extra difficult. In fact, I hope they will solve this problem in DS3 by making it impossible to run past enemies, maybe by making them never give up on chasing you, right into the boss arena :P.

  4. The wiki says this:

    • He appears in three places in Boletaria asking for your help against enemies, so in a way he proceeds through the level as you do.
      • When rescued in 1-1, gives a Brass Telescope as a reward
      • When rescued in 1-2, gives Dark Moon Grass x3 as a reward
        • If he is not rescued in 1-2, and then his black phantom is killed in 1-4, his chain will be broken and not appear in 1-2 or 1-3. The Mausoleum Key will be lost for this playthrough.
      • When rescued in 1-3, gives a Pure Clearstone as a reward. This is the only sure way to get this Pure upgrade stone without trusting Crystal Lizards.
      • If rescued each time in 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3, gives the Mausoleum Key upon finding him in 1-4.
    • Appears as a Black Phantom enemy in 1-4 just before fighting the 1-4 boss, regardless if the player helped him or not earlier.

    So the appearance of his BP version is like a separate event from the quest line it seems.

  5. FFX is indeed a bit poo for all the reasons mentioned, however it does have one of the best iterations of the active time battle system. Especially the fact that you can swap characters in and out at will gives it a lot of depth. I remember having lots of fun with it. Are these remasters based on the vanilla version of the game or the later 'international' edition?

  6. Watch this for help with Defiled Dungeon Watchdog:

    Thanks, he makes it seem so easy [emoji1]. I have to beat him and the rest of the dungeon bosses tomorrow so I can get the platinum trophy and start The Witcher tuesday. Something tells me this might not go as planned...
  7. I'm in there as well, stuck on the fire dog. Using my best fire proof gear and some runes for extra defense (and a ton of VIT) I can't be one shotted anymore by his forward dash move, but I'm still not getting anywhere with him. Maybe I'll leave it for tomorrow.

  8. Okay gents, what weapon should I use for my NG+?

    Used the Cleaver, Kirkhammer and then LHB in my first play through, and I'm not sure what to try now. I missed a bunch of the side quests first time around, so BoM, LW, etc aren't an option yet, but I did get the Reiterpallasch. That, the Burial Blade and the Rifle Spear are the current frontrunners (until I get the BoM, but I think I'll probably stick to using them on bosses and solo enemies anyway from what I hear), or certainly the prospects I'm finding most intriguing.

    I haven't played in a few days, so I'm still undecided on what to level now too. I'm about 32-30-30-10-15 at the moment, I think, but wondering if I should actually be doing Bloodtinge instead of Arcane, as the new toys seem to have limited use, and at least Bloodtinge would help if I do choose the Reiter or the RS, and/or ever learn how to bloody parry properly...

    The BB is awesome, I recommend that. I wouldn't raise bloodtinge though, you won't get much effect from it unless you really specialize in it. And since you also want to use the BoM you should focus on skill.

  9. The tutorial in 2 is infamously off putting, they even changed it later on. If you get past it you are rewarded by a stunning game though and while the combat won't win any awards it's definitely not bad, in fact it can be very satisfying.

  10. When you want to summon help is it better to ring the bell in front of the boss room or at the lamp where you start? Or does it make no difference and can you just run around while you wait? I'm asking because it doesn't seem to work at all for me. I've tried a few times and I've only had a few instances where it said 'chime of a small bell ' found or something like that, but no one showed up :huh:.

  11. I spent my evening getting battered by VA on ng+. God she's tough! Last fight ended in me almost getting her and spending all my numbing mists on the attempt. It failed of course [emoji19]. Tomorrow she's going down though!

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