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  1. I'd say they are harsh but not cheap. If you get hit it's still your own fault, just a lot less (no) room for error. It's the ultimate test of skill really, basically forcing you to perfect the fight (for the record, I'm stuck on the dog still :lol: ).

  2. It was. The one before it too. With payoffs and twists like this you really can't accuse it of being all flash and no substance. Well, I mean, you could, but you'd be wrong. It has me on the edge of my seat every week, can't wait to see where it will go from here.

  3. I'd like to think I'll replay it someday but chances are pretty slim, I still have to do my second playthrough of part 2 as well. I may just see if I can find a list of the best quests so at least I can do all the interesting ones.

  4. Is it wise to try and finish up all the secondary quests and contracts? I've got loads of them but a lot are already grayed out because I out level them. I guess they won't give me anything useful but I'm afraid I'll miss out on some great quest lines. On the other hand, if I try to do them all I'm afraid I'll never finish the game...

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