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  1. For those wanting "The Hero" achievement (basically doing all the side quests without missing any), then someone has done a guide on Steam (there's guides out there for the console versions too, and they shouldn't be that different, if at all).


    Just had a look, I just started the game (lvl 13) and I already missed about 6 sidequests. Is it worth restarting? Or is it only for the achievement (don't really care about that)?

  2. Nocturne is one of my all time favorite games, I feel it doesn't get as much love as it deserves.

    Although not quite as good as Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2 on PS2 are also very good. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes Persona and/or Noctune.

  3. I took the Boom Hammer to +10. It's a fun weapon but it doesn't really suit my playing style I think, so I find myself switching back to my old favourites when things get tough. The damage output is nice though. And today I finally managed to grab the Rakuyo which is just amazing. It's got such a great moveset, really makes you feel like a whirlwind of death :wub:. I can see it being my new main weapon.

  4. The burning disaster area that is the concept, execution and result of Greenlight and the many cynical asset-flipping ultrashitfests that end up flooding the store from that process, continually fucking with the sales to the point of removing the dailies, making them rather lame and pointless in the process, the difficulty of discoverability, the annoying curator stuff, the often utterly useless user review system, the incredibly terrible customer support for which they don't get enough criticism (return policy being the only step in the right direction)... need I go on?

    All good points. I guess it's different for me since I don't really use the store as a source of information. For me steam is just a platform to manage my game library, something it does very well and it keeps getting better at. For example in home streaming and library sharing, two innovations Valve has implemented in the last few years that have really enhanced the PC gaming experience for a lot of people.

    So while they definitely can and should do better in some areas I really wouldn't say they have been going downhill overall.

  5. That Universal store has got some offers going again, their reissues can be pretty inconsistent quality-wise but the 2 for £15 has some alright stuff in it. Can vouch for the third Velvets LP and the Faust debut as sounding pretty good though I'm now annoyed I paid full whack for them! Taken a chance on Marcus Garvey for that price.

    Thanks for the tip! Was on the lookout for the Velvet album, got Marcus Garvey to go with it.

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