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  1. I I can't compare to how it was before, but I'm about 10 hours in and the missions and side missions come naturally. So far I've always had a main mission, 5 or 6 side missions of which some would be too high level and some vehicle purchasing stuff going on. It feels nice, enough choice but not overwhelming. Yeah the world feels quite lively. I'd say it's pretty similar to GTA V in terms of the amount of npcs walking about. I haven't seen too many random events other than the scripted ones though.
  2. That shit is some of the most cynical cash grabbing. They are charging extra for getting the game on release day and making everyone who doesn't cough up wait. You're not paying for something extra but to prevent being punished for not paying.
  3. Yeah, it turns out I have to do the breach mini game before I can use it. Any tips for that BTW? I'm terrible at it. Anyway, I've been playing this all afternoon, just finished with the heist mission and the story stuff after. I love it! I'm slowly tailoring my V to fit with my 'try to be stealthy but fuck up and kill everyone anyway'. Haven't had any bugs so far, everything's running very smooth.
  4. The castles are amazing though, with the early ones (Stormveil and the Academy) being particular highlights.
  5. While it does sound a little off I do really like the voice actor. Especially in combination with the excellent character design, it gives her a very unique personality. Gameplay wise I'm less convinced, but hopefully they will use the time they have left well. It feels like there's an awesome game in here that's not quite there yet.
  6. How do I effectively use hacking? I'm not specialising in it, I want to use it as an assist, but when do I use it? And on what? And which early hacks are good? I bought a hack that should make all nearby enemies weaker for 3 minutes but I didn't actually see it in the list of hacks when I was in a battle just now.
  7. Just played through the intro on my Series X (twice, because I wanted to respec). Whatever failings this may have later on, what I've seen so far in terms of atmosphere and world detail is just incredible. This is the first game I've played on Series X that feels proper next gen to me. Even if this gets buggy or unbalanced I will most likely still greatly enjoy playing it just to be in this amazing world.
  8. Sane


    Yeah I feel the same, it lets you play the game with a different mindset. I love the music and the atmosphere and just seeing how far I can go and which weapon to use when. I suspect if you play for score it's much less fun.
  9. I'm about to finally start playing this. Reading all the impressions I think I will enjoy it a lot despite the flaws, they don't seem like huge issues to me. Looking forward to arriving in Night City. Any tips for a beginner?
  10. What games would you need a 4000 card for that a 3080 can't run at high settings/framerates? I thought a 3080 was already overkill for pretty much everything.
  11. Did you make a typo? I can't find this game.
  12. Succession - 5/5 Amazing drama in every way, I was hooked from start to finish. It's about a Rupert Murdoch style media magnate and his family. There's lots of scheming, intrigue and politics about the running of the company and the succession of the father. Every character in the show is deeply flawed, but also has actual depth and even though they do horrible things you always keep some sympathy for them. Highly recommended!
  13. Yeah I'm on him now, had the same experience . I'm going around doing some side stuff and fusing to see if I can manage it. Spent an hour getting wiped by the 3 Halphas in Saizos soul world. Almost got them but gave up in the end, I'll be back later.
  14. I just finished rewatching season 1. It's quite far removed from the end of Better Call Saul. The vibe is very different, especially the first few episodes feel like they are part of a different show. It doesn't really have the amazing cinematography yet or the brilliant music montages (there was 1,it was OK). I get why some people get turned off by it. There's a lot of focus on the cancer too which can be a little uncomfortable because it's quite realistic. That said, even at it's worst this show is still great to watch. Episodes 6 and 7 were the best, I'm looking forward to season 2.
  15. Yeah it's weird, its like they didn't spend any time on that aspect of it. Call me shallow but I like my racing games having state of the art graphics, it's part of the appeal. Edit: maybe more important than actual fancy graphics is the art direction, which it doesn't have really. It's just so bland and flat, it has zero personality.
  16. Due to being home alone for a while I've managed to put a lot of time into this. I'm really enjoying it. It's slick and streamlined, not too many systems that it becomes overwhelming but enough to keep things interesting. Lots of quality of life improvements compared to older games in the series. Also playing on hard feels right, it's a proper challenge and I died a fair few times, but it hasn't been frustrating (yet). I'd recommend this to anyone who likes SMT/Persona games, but actually also anyone who likes RPG's but who finds those games a bit daunting. This is the perfect gateway game.
  17. I don't think there's new missions, just a graphics touch up. I've been playing in first person mode, I think that's been added in earlier updates but it wasn't there when I played the game originally. Really suits the game, especially when you're just roaming about, really let's you appreciate all the little details. It's nuts to think this started as a 360/ps3 game. On the other hand, when you have to press buttons to torture someone or spent 10 trying to maneuver some unwieldy vehicle into the exact right spot you remember this is a game from a different age.
  18. Since I managed to figure out how to buy this game I've been playing it quite a bit. It really is a stunning technical achievement. Even 10 years after it's release there's really nothing like it in terms of how convincing the world is. The atmosphere, especially with the new lighting, the level of detail, it's just incredible. It's too bad it's mixed up with all the juvenile attempts at humor and at times clunky gameplay, but I'm having more fun with this game then most of the recent releases I've played lately.
  19. Played a few more races. It's fine, I guess. I didn't really see any reason to keep playing though, so I uninstalled it.
  20. This is my favourite part of the cycle .
  21. I did one race while it was installing (you get to chose from 2 races). It seems to handle a little better than 2019 but it still doesn't feel great to me. I found myself wishing I was playing PGR instead. Graphically it's nothing special either. I did really like the audio, it has a setting for spatial audio and on my atmos setup it sounds really good. In the Porsche race I did there are constantly fireworks going off and that sounded impressively lifelike. I think it' got decent reviews when it was released so I might play it for a bit and see if it grabs me.
  22. I bought: Cage of Souls Brighton Rock The Space between Worlds Breakfast of Champions The Ardent Swarm The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Many thanks to @Stopharage for listing them as always .
  23. Mine lost in the mail . But was delivered yesterday . I played the intro bit, everything seems present and correct. It's a bit by the numbers so far, but I'm looking forward to getting properly stuck in. Playing on hard because I feel like I should be able to handle it. I'll probably regret it later .
  24. I can't handle the absence of this in my life so I just ordered a Breaking Bad bluray box. Looking forward to rewatching that as I only watched it once back when it was originally aired.
  25. Anyone have any experience with the xbox port? I'm mainly wondering about the framerate.
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