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  1. You know what's really hilarious? Managing against the odds to get down there earlier in the game. Without the Lord vessel you are greeted by an orange sealed door. And then, you have to go back up...
  2. That sounds amazing! Time to find out where to get that shield and the spell.
  3. What's everyone's favourite faith spells? I have a faith based build but I'm mostly just using it for doing damage with my blasphemous blade and buffing. I tried a few spells but they are either a little underwhelming or way too elaborate with long wind up times.
  4. I think you can respec the perks but not the main attribute points.
  5. I'm about 20 hours in and I still feel like that sometimes. The thing is, it doesn't really matter, just spend them how you think makes sense. I just kinda role play it, thinking about what suits my V. My V long ago abandoned her initial dreams of being a stealthy cyber ninja and just accepted she's more a guns blazing, katana wielding psycho so I just spend points that work with that play style. On normal difficulty you will be OP pretty soon no matter what you do. I haven't even gotten around to properly looking into the implant stuff...
  6. Have you been to the bottom right of the map in Caelid?
  7. I restarted this today after putting it away for a while after getting stuck on the fire giant. I decided the worst thing to do was to get right back into that fight so I'm going around the world doing other stuff and it's great fun. I killed the and am now using the weapon you get from him. It's great, very powerful and has builtin free healing! I'll have to check out the rest of the manor because I did the quests and got access to the boss that way, but I think there's a whole dungeon there too. After that I spent all night in the sewers underneath the capital. Not a very pleasant place but I think I cleared it all out. I think tomorrow I will go back and try the fire giant again...
  8. I guess if you already know how it's going to play out it's not very interesting a second time, but I really enjoyed the heist. The braindance too, I like that it adds a gameplay element that's cyberpunk in theme but not about combat.
  9. I bought it and am enjoying it! I'll post some impressions in the dedicated thread when I'm a bit further in.
  10. I bought it so I can answer my own question: yes it's lovely and really a Boku no Natsuyasumi game. It even has tank controls! I gotta say I would've preferred a normal protagonist though, Shin Chan makes annoying jokes and I really don't like his voice. But whatever, I'm enjoying my summer holiday!
  11. I watched Speak no Evil. Man that was tense and harrowing. Being Dutch also gives it another dimension, some of the couple's behaviour was familiar, I actually know people with similar character traits. It's recognizable but without becoming a caricature. Great job by the actors. One thing I didn't really buy was Other than that it was amazing and a must for horror fans. It will stay with me for a long time. 5/5.
  12. Everything is way too small, I have to pull up a chair and sit 5 feet from the TV if I want to see what I'm doing in the menu's.
  13. This review has filled me with a need to play Boku no Natsuyasumi. However options seem to be limited. Would the new Shin Chan licensed game be a good purchase? Does it have the same structure and atmosphere as the older games?
  14. It's kinda nice to listen to it but it doesn't really have much actual content.
  15. You might want to tweak the controls a bit, especially the acceleration and delay stuff under advanced. I turned everything there to 0 and then tweaked the vertical and horizontal sensitivity and it all feels much better. Also when things go bad I usually switch to my katana and start chopping, less precise aiming nessecary .
  16. That's dissapointing . I heard it was quite good and was looking forward to reading it. I'll probably still read it, but it will drop a few spots on the list.
  17. I liked this feature in Zombi U. You had to rummage around in your backpack on the Wii U gamepad screen while staying aware of your surroundings on the TV, pretty tense stuff.
  18. They definitely fucked up but they also did a lot to try to make amends. Refunds, free upgrades, patches etc. To me CDPR still are a company that I trust to deliver amazing gaming experiences and that are dedicated to keep supporting (and upgrading) their games for a long time after release.
  19. DS really gives you that 'should I continue on and hope to find a bonfire or backtrack and cash in my souls' dilemma a lot. For me, that's typical for Souls games and what gives it that special something. There's really something on the line, your choice matters and dying will have consequences. And there's nothing like that feeling when you're pushing forward into an unknown area, no flasks left, carrying a lot of souls, besieged by horrible enemies and then you turn a corner and spot a bonfire! ER doesn't really have this as much as the older games.
  20. Excellent news! Can't wait to see what they will do next .
  21. I'm really enjoying this, it's definitely living up to it's promise. I like how it doesn't want to push me onto 'good' or 'bad' paths, I can just role play my character how I want and not feel like I'm choosing suboptimal options all the time. It's also really immersive, I love just hanging around, tinkering with my gear and implants. Then do some missions, head home for a rest. I wish you could have a proper meal like in Yakuza though.
  22. Man these prices make me sad. PC gaming was never cheap but it's now completely out of reach for people with a normal income. I'm glad there's things like Steamdeck exist.
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