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  1. 11 hours ago, anewman said:

    I just completed this a few days ago. I picked it up for the first time after beating Elden Ring (which took me 180 hours in total, and I really loved like 90% of it, and hated 10% of it, but loved it more when I got through the 10% bits, although I still feel like I cheesed it in the later stages with a +10 mimic tear).


    It took me 60 hours to beat DS remastered. I found the bosses much easier than in Elden Ring. I got a Dark Knight sword quite early, and used that pretty much throughout the game.


    I loved it. It's a masterpiece and I loved the second half too. I think I just get absorbed in the grind.


    Also it just seems so influenced by Zelda to me. Maybe that's obvious or not very surprising.


    Anyway I just wanted to say that. I'm playing DS3 now, only a few hours in. It feels great and looks lovely on Xbox Series S.

    Don't forget to play the second game, it has it's peculiarities but it's far from a bad game. 

  2. And finished! That was a real blast, thoroughly enjoyed it. I basically did only the main missions, took 22 hours and ended at level 23. Which was plenty powerful, I didn't need the extra xp from the side missions at all. Same for money, I never actually bought anything other the medi gel and grenade upgrades.


    Taking a break to play some Yakuza, then onto ME2.

  3. I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks so I decided I will buy Zelda digital instead of physical so I can just download it without anyone noticing 😅. Of course I don't want to pay 70 euro if I can help it so my plan is to buy the online vouchers. And I noticed they are a fair bit cheaper in Norway (about 86 euro). I just want to check if this will work:

    • Change my region to norway
    • Buy an online sub
    • Buy the 2 vouchers
    • Change region back to Netherlands
    • Pre order Zelda
    • Play the NES and SNES games while I wait
  4. I had to give up on the reverse track. I severely messed up early on and I picked the wrong tires I think, the hard ones, felt very slippery. 


    I did a Sweden rally in career mode that went really well though, even managed one track without any time penalty! First time I think. Slowly getting better at the game. 

  5. I just did the shakedown and the first race. That was a lot of fun! The shakedown was very doable and the race was very cool. I did well in the first third, after that it all fell apart and ended with more than 35 seconds penalty :lol:. It was pretty intense so I'll save the reverse one for tomorrow.

  6. On 02/08/2022 at 10:52, Wiper said:

    Even doing every side quest, exploring planets etc will only take you to around 20 hours. It's a short, focussed RPG with a story to tell, and all the better for it. Which also makes it a pleasure to replay.


    I wish more modern RPGs followed its lead! 

    I'm playing it at the moment, just doing the main story and a bit of the side stuff when it toes into it. And it's just great! The pacing is superb, the storytelling very focused with just enough action. And it's been ages since I played it when it first came out so I forgot most of it, it's like a new game! 

  7. What's the best way to play this on Xbox when it comes out? I don't really want an arcade stick because it's expensive and I'm not great with using them. I have some madcatz fighting pads which I used for SF IV on 360 back in the day but they don't seem to work on Xbox. Is there similar pads available for Series consoles? I did some searching but didn't find anything.


    Edit: There's the Hori SERIES X Fighting Commander but it doesn't really get great reviews.


    7 hours ago, K said:

    I am slightly disappointed to learn that the 2.4ghz version of the pad doesn't have the fancy Hall Effect sticks, but it's still a good buy - much better than the old Stadia controller I was using.

    Yeah it's too bad, I bought the Bluetooth one because of that, even though I don't need Bluetooth. Not sure what the reasoning for it is. 


    What's also too bad is that there's no wireless xbox version of the Ultimate. It'd be perfect for emulation and arcade type games and generally just as a good second pad. 

  9. 10 hours ago, Jg15 said:

    I think the drive may have to be formatted for use on Xbox to start with (mine is an old Seagate I bought for the Xbox One years ago) but otherwise its simple to setup to install BC games direct. I think you do it in My Games and Apps under Stoarge options.

    Ah I didn't do that, guess that's why it's not letting me do install Xbox games. But after formatting, can you add media files and emulator stuff to it? Or does formatting it make it only suitable for Xbox games? I'd try it out but I have like 3TB of data on the drive :lol:.

  10. 2 hours ago, Jg15 said:

    You can set it to automatically install BC games to your plug in HDD, saving space on the internal SDD for Series stuff.


    You can also store Series Game files on a HDD and move them across to the SDD when you want to play them (saving download/install times).

    Is it possible to do this with a drive that already has other stuff on it?

  11. Cool track and car selection! Unfortunately for me this is completely impossible, I just keep bumping into stuff and spinning out. This car's like a rocket :o


  12. 16 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:

    I've no amazing story but I picked up an OLED Switch with Mario Kart and Dread over the weekend. Haven't had one for years but had to jump in before Zelda hits, been tempted to hang on for a Switch 2 or Pro handheld but couldn't hold on much longer and caved. Not really dabbled in Switch stuff for years but I remember the Eshop being a bit of an unsorted, bloated mess... that hasn't changed 🤣 Spent ages flicking through the sale last night but couldn't see a way to filter it all properly and it was sssoo laggy. I'm on a decent fibre connection with a LAN port in the stand so shouldn't be causing issues yet browsing the full list wasn't the best with constant loading and stuttering in parts. I gave up after a bit and thought I'd give the online version a go but lo and behold its the same.  I guess there's some good games in the sale but buggered if I'm searching 56 pages.



    I Use Deku Deals to browse the eshop, it's a much better experience.

  13. 13 hours ago, Junker said:

    Yeah, one and done. No service parks this week so high risk / reward. 

    I think I need a lot more practice before I can get anywhere near a decent go at that to be honest. I'm still finding it very difficult to drive just by instructions, in career mode I generally need a good few retries for each race. I simply crash too much if I don't know sort of what's coming up. Also I'm still in the junior league so not used to the faster cars. All this to say I'll keep practicing and hopefully slowly improve because I do really like the game :).

  14. Bought this in a sale a while ago and booted ME1 up to have a look today. I confirmed my suspicion that this is still an excellent game. Ropey faces and cumbersome inventory management aside it's still the best virtual space adventuring there is, no other game gives me that sci-fi feeling like Me. 


    Not sure how much remastering they did but the environments look great. And 60fps makes it feel smooooth. 


    Time to hunt down Seren! 



  15. 15 minutes ago, CrichStand said:

    @Sane If it keeps happening, try this and see if it sorts it out. It works on PS5, never had a problem with it again! 👍🏻

    Thanks! I'll try that if it happens again. 

  16. That bug still exists on Xbox, it's happened to me a few times. Even with the Xbox' normal rumble it's as you say, without it it feels floaty and uninvolved. Had to restart the game entirely for it to go back to normal. 

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