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  1. I have an account linking question. My nephew has been playing Fortnite on his Switch for a while. Recently he got an Xbox Series S and wants to also play on that. I've been trying to link his accounts but it's incredibly confusing. The main issue I have is that when I try to link the Nintendo account to the Epic games account that's also linked to the Xbox (which I think was created from the Xbox account if that makes sense) it tells me that account is already linked to another epic account. It doesn't give any details though and in the Nintendo account there doesn't seem to be any way to unlink anything. Anyone have any experience doing this?
  2. Thanks everyone that recommended trying the ray tracing mode on series x. I usually blindly go for performance modes but I gotta say it really looks great like this and the 30fps is very smooth. I think I'll stick with it.
  3. Sounds great, I've added them to my reading list .
  4. I thought season 2 was even better than season 1. 6 episodes is also the right length I think, keeps it tight and brisk. Roll on season 3!
  5. I'm going to let my subscription lapse I think. The value is amazing but I just don't actually spend any time playing GP games because of a lack of time and my favourite games last year not being on gamepass (Elden Ring, Cyberpunk). On top of that the choice stress is killing me, the prospect of not having GP is already making me feel better .
  6. Well amazon refused to give me the credit. They first made me give them all the order numbers, then said the promotion was only valid for single purchases over 15 pounds, then said hotukdeals is a fraudulent website and they would only accept an email from amazon as proof this promotion existed (I didn't get an email saying the offer was activated, did anyone else?).
  7. I got Nocturne and have been playing it for a while. It's still amazing. I'd urge anyone considering Soul Hackers to get Nocturne instead. It's got that menacing, mysterious atmosphere I associate with SMT games that later games in my opinion have never been able to live up to. The touched up ps2 graphics also look great on the OLED Switch. I get quickly bored playing games these days, drifting from one half finished game to the next, but I'm 100% sure I will finish this .
  8. I bought: The Bridge to Lucy Dunn - 2.73 Logic Beach part 1 - 3 Geometry for Ocelots - 3.18 The Fifth Science - 2.88 The Prince of Milk - 3.77 The Galaxy and the Ground Within - 0.99 Shuggie Bain - 0.99 Existential Physics - 1.59 Almost 20 pounds in total. I'm pretty sure I activated the deal, but no email so far.
  9. Where can you see this? Was it an email? Or somewhere on amazon?
  10. Did anyone get their voucher for spending 15 pounds yet?
  11. I'm considering getting Nocturne on Switch. It's always been my favourite SMT, mostly because of the atmosphere. I heard the port is decent but not great, some slowdown and compressed audio. Especially the audio is a shame I think. But since the digital version is now on sale for 20 euro I might just get it. Or the physical version for 33...
  12. Sane

    Outer Wilds

    Ok, thanks for the guidance everyone! I'll dive back in tonight.
  13. Sane

    Outer Wilds

    Ah ok. I guess I just ended up somewhere I shouldn't go yet. Can you give me a hint as to what the first thing to do is when you launch? It said I had to go somewhere but I couldn't find it on the map.
  14. It's good but a bit bare bones and I lost my enthusiasm to keep playing after a while. I'd recommend buying this physical if you can so you can sell it on in case you have a similar experience. Also SMTV and Tokyo Mirage are both much better.
  15. Sane

    Outer Wilds

    I find this quite difficult to get into. I played until the first launch, I flew around space for a while, landed on a planet, scanned some ruins, continued flying in space, went into some kind of portal and got stuck there. I think the problem was that I couldn't find the place it said I had to go. Maybe I should start from scratch...
  16. Well that's valentine's day's activities sorted
  17. CDPR actually do this a lot with their games, all the Witcher games have gotten similar upgrades for free.
  18. I think the physics part of it is what appeals to me, the concepts he comes up with and the way he spins the stories out and blows up the scale. That said I wouldn't call myself a hard sci-fi buff. Anyway thanks for recommending those anthologies, that's actually much better than searching for something similar to what I already know!
  19. Agreed. It's only £2.61 though, so well worth that I'd say. I'm hoping he'll release a proper new novel soon, his books really scratch a particular itch that you can't really get in many other places. Speaking of that, do you have any recommendations for similarly themed books?
  20. Mine's running out in January, fingers crossed!
  21. That would be a good comparison if it's a game that's all about the story. But when I play stuff like Dying Light 2 I really can't find the patience to listen to the characters explain in detail what happened with X and why I need to go to Y now, I just want to parkour dropkick zombies. Eastward is different, it IS about the story and it tells in a way that holds my attention.
  22. There is a lot of talking, but it's really well done. And I'm someone who skips all dialogue in most games. Also I haven't noticed any lag. Edit: you said baggy. It definitely takes it's time, I can't really tell yet if it'll stay like that or if it will pay off.
  23. I've bought it on switch 2 weeks ago. I've played a few hours and like it a lot! The story and atmosphere in particular are great. Gameplay wise it's fairly basic so far but I'm hoping it will become more interesting.
  24. Interesting to hear about the battery life. It's good enough for me not to worry about it usually, I just charge it once a week or so. The bluetooth/xbox simultaneous thing is another downside indeed. not sure why they couldn't manage it. I don't really have a use for it but for a headset like this it should really be included.
  25. I'd say it really depends on how much you value sound quality and looks. From what I heard the official Xbox headset is very good and if you're mainly going to use it for gaming I reckon it will be a great choice.
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