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  1. As long as you buy the game it's not piracy I'd say. The way in which you play it shouldn't matter.
  2. There's no grinding in 0, you can safely skip any side activities you don't like as far as I can remember. I certainly didn't do the real estate stuff.
  3. It was 6, not 8. There were a few more that seemed interesting but I'm a slow reader and I don't want my backlog to become too big. I really enjoy going through your list every time there's a new one and seeing what's there. I've already picked up many books this way that I'd otherwise probably never would've come across. So thanks again for taking the time to do this .
  4. Thanks, but it still ends up in the US store when I try to pay for it. It says I don't have a valid payment option and wants me to use a US address.
  5. If I search on the Dutch store it had them but says not available to buy. The links above redirect me to the US store. I guess it's a rights thing.
  6. Sadly I'm not allowed to buy these because I live in the Netherlands. Is there a way around this?
  7. That looks pretty great! I bet it will beat the Portal as a gaming headset. For me the main draw of the Portal is that it does everything (that I need it to). I wear it when commuting to work, I use it in teams meetings at work and in the evening on the Xbox. I never used them on pc though, it's disappointing to hear they have problems. To be honest I never understood why they made two versions of the Portal, why not one that works on everything?
  8. Nice! I wish they had more colors though. My old H6's had that lovely beige/brown leather look, I'd buy a Portal like that in a heartbeat.
  9. 2 is definitely the highlight of the series for me. It's the one I remember most fondly anyway. Try to find a coop partner if possible, it's a perfect game for that.
  10. Sounds like it's exactly what I want from it.
  11. At that price it's an amazing bargain. I'm actually tempted to buy another one...
  12. I had the same experience. It's the same as with my huge Steam library or burning every single Dreamcast game to cdr back in the day. Games lose their value and I end up playing lot's of games for a very short while or not even bothering at all. The slightest friction makes me drop a game for something else. It sounds stupid but that huge library and constant drip feed of new games on GP is really detrimental to my enjoyment of games. So I let my GP lapse a week or 2 ago and it felt great! I'm now mainly playing Cyberpunk and I bought Yakuza 5 for when I'm done with that. And I play Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne on my Switch when commuting. And that's pretty much it. I'll probably resub around the next big MS release I really want to play, play that and maybe some other stuff and then quit again. And I'll happily even pay full price if they get rid of the gold trick in the mean time.
  13. I'd always put it out in the open if possible.
  14. As far as I know they're all infrared.
  15. Ha, nice vid. I got it working in the end, it was a bug. I stopped using it though because it's kinda boring to be honest. Going back to being a sneaky hacker that isn't too good at either things so in the end always relies on her katana and shotgun .
  16. I bought both the 8bitdo and the black one pictured above. The 8bitdo wouldn't work, only 1 in 5 or so button presses registered. Might have been a faulty one but the seller I bought from on amazon refused to let me return it so I never found out. Shame because it feels nice. I then bought the black remote and have been using it ever since. It's like K says: it's OK. I really dislike the feel of the directional circle thingy, it's squishy and kind of angled inwards so it makes scrolling through things much harder than it should be. Other than that it's fine. I still prefer using it over the controller for putting on movies because you can pick it up and pause things without having to turn it on.
  17. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks pretty cool. I'd never buy it without seeing some reviews first though.
  18. I've been playing this recently after buying the remaster on switch and it's still amazing. This game just gets it hooks in me like few others. The atmosphere and storytelling are unrivaled to me. Some thoughts on the remaster: Playing it handheld is great! Being able to just pick it up and make some small progress or do some demon fusing in bed let's me spend a lot more time on it. Also it looks great on the OLED screen . The sound quality of the music is not great, it's very compressed. But playing in handheld mode it doesn't bother me too much. It's too bad though because the music is fantastic. I like the added merciful difficulty. I wouldn't recommend actually playing the entire game on it because it's so easy it removes any challenge, however it is nice to switch it on now and then (you can switch at any moment). For instance if you want to do grinding because you get a lot more exp. Or after doing a long difficult part of the game and you've run out of mp and you're looking for the save room.
  19. Thanks! I will dive into it this weekend, wish me luck!
  20. This is also my experience. I just fill it up with gamepass stuff because I can, but I actually only play a handful of games at the same time at most. When I need space I just delete a few of the dozens of games on there I've never played . Of course it's always nice to have more storage but considering the cost I'd spend that money on something else.
  21. How does a sandevistan work? I bought and installed one, it says to activate it by pressing and holding rb and lb but nothing happens when I do.
  22. Try the first person mode, it works really well and it makes the game much more immersive. I love just wandering about and seeing what's going on.
  23. Thanks! I sent them an email explaining everything, added this screenshot. They replied I should call them for some realtime assistance and trouble shooting . I told them they can keep their 5 pounds.
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