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  1. I was considering buying this in the sale, glad to hear it was a good decision not to . It is valuable to read these negative impressions since most of the official reviews I read paint a much more positive image. I think because this is the type of game you really want to like.
  2. It seems these offers are locked by region, my kindle is connected to the US store and it doesn't let me buy from other regions. Can I just change my region without any problems? And back again?
  3. Sane


    Oooh nice! Ghost 'n Goblins too!
  4. Sane


    Is there more info in this? I can't really find anything about it.
  5. I guess then I have to. I actually bought the game at launch, played it for a few hours but really wasn't in the right mood for it back then. Time to head back to Ivalice!
  6. Collection of Mana is a good suggestion. I never played SD3 more than a few hours and SoM has been so long I can't really remember anything about it. FF XII too, it's been on my wish list for ages but I never get around to buying it. Maybe now is the time...
  7. I love Tales of Vesperia, I played it on the 360. I'd actually like to play it again but with limited time I prefer to play new games over ones I already know.
  8. Ah Grandia is a good call! I played and loved Grandia 2 on the DC back in the day but never played part 1. It's not on sale sadly, maybe I'll just wait for that and play Ys Viii in the meantime. Tokyo Mirage I played on the Wii U, great game too.
  9. Yeah I played Dragon Quest, one of my favourite games of the last few years. I don't have much time to play games these days so I want to play something that's really going to captivate me from start to finish. The exact mechanics don't matter too much (although I do like turn based and it's suitability for handheld gaming). I have Ys Viii actually, but drifted away from it when I played it last. Maybe I should give it another go.
  10. I'm in the mood for a classic JRPG. I have my eye on Ys Origin and Star Ocean First Departure R. Any opinions on these games?
  11. Yeah that's a good policy, although I always feel the lure of newer, shinier games that have 25% or 30% off.
  12. I'm going to buy ZeroRanger and nothing else this sale. There are several other games on my wishlist I do actually want (and a ton I'm really not bothered about) but I know I'm not going to get around to actually playing them. So one game this year and I'm going to actually play it .
  13. Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities
  14. The Black Heart Procession - Three. Beautiful and melancholic .
  15. Bob Dylan - Modern Times. I love this album, very bluesy with Dylan's raspy old man's voice giving it a unique feel.
  16. Has anyone played Phoenotopia? It looks amazing and sounds right up my street (Zelda 2 clone) but I read some mixed opinions about it. Mostly that it's too hard but it seems it's been patched since release to correct that.
  17. Herbie Hancock - The Prisoner. Amazing album!
  18. I would recommend taking the sleeve out of the plastic foil. Some of that stuff can degrade or shrink in time and damage the sleeve.
  19. Sane

    vinyl lovers

    Yeah those kind of prices are annoying. It's the same with anything that's rare and wanted. I don't know about this kind of EP, but generally it's good to keep mind that eventually most things get reissued.
  20. Sane

    vinyl lovers

    Discogs is great if you know exactly what you want. When you know you want a particular pressing of a particular album it's easy to find it there and then find the best priced copy in a state that's acceptable for you. Like ebay and other market places, if you buy from sellers with lots of positive feedback you can usually have faith in the grading description. Note though, that it's always subjective and 'good' might not be what you expected. Personally I only tend to buy mint or near mint stuff but obviously that's more expensive and outright impossible for some things though.
  21. Thanks everyone! I have enough to read for a year now. And probably way beyond too if I really get into it. I will start with Schismatrix!
  22. No Iain M Banks yet, from skimming this thread I had already made a note to check him out. Am I right in thinking that I should start with the first Culture novel, even if its not the best? I will add Children of time to my list as well. That should be enough for now, I don't actually have a lot of time to read so these will last me quite long probably. Thanks for the recommendations!
  23. Sounds great! Should I read the short stories first?
  24. I'm looking for some sci-fi recommendations. I love reading, I love sci-fi, but somehow I never really got into sci-fi books. I'm not really looking for the most hardcore scientifically correct concept stuff, for me it's more about mystery and adventure. And it has to be well written, with interesting characters and developments. Some of my favourite authors are Clive Barker and Jeff van der Meer. What would be the best books to get?
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