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  1. Which one if I may ask?
  2. Seems like an interesting book. Bought it! Thanks for mentioning it .
  3. Is it similar to Diablo in that there's a lot of 'end game content' like super hard difficulty modes etc.?
  4. Still one of my favourite Switch games. I'm rubbish at it but somehow it's always fun to play. For complete shmup noobs (like me) Stan's advice is correct: novice mode is great to get started to get a feel for the game and then slowly try to move up to casual to try setting some scores. For shmup experts the normal mode is where it's at with all the proper scoring systems in place. It's an amazing game, I hope it sells well so we can see more from this developer!
  5. I wish I could get this on Switch but 30fps makes me sad. Steam it is for me too!
  6. I spent something like 80 hours on the PC version without actually finishing it. I'm now considering getting the Switch version .
  7. I'm currently playing through this and I would not recommend it unfortunately. Especially if you're a die hard Igavania fan you've seen all this before only much better. Some criticism: The world is boring. There's some nice areas but they all blend into each other. There's no real interesting ways to access new areas (it even has key cards). There's a past/present version of the map but it fails to really do something with it even though the story pretends it does. The story doesn't work very well. There's some vaguely interesting time travel ideas but it all feels very by the numbers. Characters are completely forgettable and most of the story is told via 'memory' text dumps. The time stop mechanic as shown in the gif above is introduced in the beginning of the game and then forgotten about mostly. Bosses are too easy. Some of them might have interesting mechanics but I didn't figure them out because they died from me standing there hitting them while tanking their damage (even though I'm specced for dealing damage and not defense). The loot isn't very interesting. There's equipment that changes some stats, but it's hard to notice any effect. Also maybe I'm just unlucky but most stuff I pick up seems to be worse than what I already have. The weapons you use are orbs which come in a few different forms, some of these are pretty cool. I found myself using the same few for most of the game though. There's also a rudimentary upgrade system. There's a quest system but most quests are standard go kill 10 of this or collect that for me. The graphics look nice but there's some performance issues on Switch: in some area's (or moments?) frame rate will drop in the 10's. It's usually fixed when transitioning screen. It's not actually a bad game, but it's just not interesting. I'm writing this not to put a downer on this thread but to warn anyone who like me loves these kind of games and is hoping to find some magic here that there isn't.
  8. It's short but very good and also cheap. I'd say no need to wait for a sale, it's worth every penny.
  9. Why is it not good?
  10. I think there would be applause all around.
  11. Sane

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm a bit lost as to how all this works. What's the best way to buy this for a longer period if you don't have anything running? Or can I only use the 1 month offer?
  12. I'm up for a new Tales game. The last one I played was Xillia I believe, I enjoyed that quite a bit. Since these games are usually very long I find myself skipping a few entries before feeling the urge to play again. I wouldn't mind a little more compact entry this time.
  13. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Can someone paste the link you need to claim the second part of the Prime online deal please?
  14. This review says you do. And so do I.
  15. Sane

    Outer Wilds

    What's also annoying is it crashing. I had it twice and it made me refund it. I like what I played so far and I will pick it up again at some point but in this game any crashing is just unacceptable.
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