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  1. Sane

    Final Fantasy X/X-2, the HD remaster (now on PS4)

    The battle system in X is pretty much the best turn based battle system in the series. I love that you can swap out characters in mid battle without penalty too, makes the game a lot more dynamic. It's not the best FF but definitely not the worst either.
  2. Sane


    Ah! Well I never had this type of issue with the M30, it works like a dream and I can heartily recommend it for anything that requires precise digital inputs on PC.
  3. Sane


    Not sure how to press loads of buttons without touching the controller, but I tried mashing while playing Mushi and it responds like you expect it to. Didn't notice anything weird.
  4. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Small would actually be quite nice, I'm using the Switch in handheld mode a lot lately and it is quite bulky.
  5. Sane

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I'm thinking about buying Aqua Kitty and Unexplored in the sale. Any thoughts?
  6. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    If you like shmups Rolling Gunner is a must. You'll have to get it from the Japanese eshop, but it isn't too much hassle.
  7. Sane


    I haven't used it too much to be honest. I haven't had any issues though, what sort of problems occur with the pro controller? I'll test it later with Mushi.
  8. Sane

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    Thanks. Project updates for shenmue was unticked in my kickstarter account. No idea why, but I turned it on now.
  9. Sane

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    What's the address they are sent from?
  10. Sane

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    I never get any email updates .
  11. Sane

    BoxBoy! series - Switch demo out now!

    I've been looking for a good coop game to play with my girlfriend, this seems like it might be a good choice.
  12. Sane

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Rayman is fantastic.
  13. The original music is well worth the 2.99 euro they ask for it.
  14. Sane

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I wonder if I should get FF7. I doubt I'll have time to play it to completion but the thought of playing the first part of the game fills me with warm nostalgic feelings. That music bug only affects the over world right?
  15. Sane

    Borderlands 3

    Looks great! Borderlands 2 is a fantastic game, if this is more of that I'll be happy. Some of the environments look really good too.

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