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  1. It's fantastic. Best book I've read in years. I still think about it regularly. In fact I should reread it, even though I have a huge reading list waiting for me.
  2. I really loved Oblivion back when it came out. On 360 even. It had loading times that lasted minutes and often just crashed entirely. And there were so many bugs. I remember getting stuck on a bit of the main quest where the person I was supposed to protect kept dying instantly because he went into battle in his underwear. But I still loved it. Because I had never played a game like it before. To have this amazing open world to explore, all that freedom. Just blew my mind. I guess it is different when you played the older games before and you can see where they did a step back, but I always felt it deserved a bit more love.
  3. Yeah I agree, it's probably the most 'friendly' installment in the series yet. Everything is very streamlined, but without losing the mystery and challenge. It really feels like a lot of thought went into every little aspect, you can tell they spent a lot of time making it. I also love hunting the mimans. It really makes you spend time in an area, get to know it. So yeah, it's been a long wait but so far the game is meeting/exceeding my expectations. And they were quite high.
  4. Really loving this. It takes a while to get going but in exactly the opposite way to Persona. Where Persona holds your hand for hours, focusing on the story setup and slowly introducing all the gameplay elements SMT V shows you a short bit of story and then lets you go off and do your thing. Then 7 hours later (for me anyway, I'm a pretty slow player) it picks up the story again. Now things are developing and it's getting interesting. The world itself is also very well made, much much more intricate than SMT VI's which was understandably limited by the hardware. There's lots of structures and buildings to explore in and around, a lot of verticality. And the 3D demon designs are all pretty fantastic, adding a lot of life to them compared to the 2D versions of IV. Gameplay wise I like all the changes they made, even though it's all pretty safe. It's not too difficult so far, although I'm pretty used to how it all works so I think for a new player it'd be pretty tough. Still, I died quite a lot (this is how it should be). The first patch was just announced. Some minor tweaks.
  5. Haha no problem! I figured you would like it . Keep in mind it can be quite crowded, especially in the weekends. If possible I'd recommend going on a weekday.
  6. Have you been to the Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer @Fallows? The name is kinda misleading, they have a small museum bit but mostly it's just rows and rows of amazing arcade machines that are set to free play (you only pay a small entrance fee). It's just the best place. I took my nephews there a few times and they (and I) loved it. They have a lot of racers, Sega Rally, Daytona USA and 4(!) Outrun 2 cabs. And lots of lesser known ones. But also fighters, shmups (they had EspGaluda 2 last time I was there!), lightgun games, lots of classic stuff from the 80's and just anything that has interesting an cabinet. Last time we played this Star Wars space shooter that has you sitting in a huge sphere with a round screen. My nephew landed the shot in the trench and blew up the deathstar!. I've never seen him so proud . Or horse racing. Or wacky japanese rhythm games. The place is clearly run by people who love games, in fact it's better than any arcade hall I went to in my youth. And it's the opposite of shit like Gamestate which only exists to hover up people's cash. Some pictures (not mine):
  7. Yeah that's definitely true, I felt that frustration! I guess I was more hoping/expecting proper scifi concepts and mindblowing time travel paradoxes. I guess it's a case of going in with the wrong expectations.
  8. I bought it just now. The TINAD reference was all I needed .
  9. Maybe it's me. I was surprised I didn't like it, it gets good reviews on RT.
  10. The thing with the space jump is that it doesn't activate before you reach the apex of your jump. Any time after is fine. Took me a while to adjust to that.
  11. Timecrimes - 2/5 Complete rubbish. It doesn't do anything interesting with the concept and all the characters make completely unbelievable descisions all the time.
  12. Ah he did Drive! It's a little style over substance but I enjoyed that. Neon Demon I think I've seen, but somehow I'm drawing a complete blank trying to recall it. I see he also did Bronson, I liked that a lot too! I've added the cop show to my watchlist, god knows when I can find the time to watch it though. I have some alone time the next few weeks so I try to prioritize things I won't otherwise get around to when my family's here so movies are higher on the list.
  13. Pusher III - 4/5 Last one in the trilogy. I enjoyed it a lot, but the second one is still my favorite (because I love Mads Mikkelsen). The entire trilogy is great, I'm definitely going to look up what else the director did.
  14. Sane

    Nintendo Switch

    Minus points for making things unnecessarily difficult though. Edit: for Nintendo, not the customer service.
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