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  1. Thanks for the reply man. I’m aware of KSI although I didn’t know that song. I checked out and Kinda agree on the AutoTune. However, it doesn’t feel like hip hop to me. I mean, it sounds more like something that Craig David would do instead of Wu-Tang. I guess that’s part of my problem, the worlds perception of hip hop has moved on a bit and I have not!
  2. Ah yeah I really like that too. I’m pretty new to Verbz in all honesty, I need to properly check out more of his stuff. I literally didn’t listen to any music since like Eminem - Recovery, so I’m playing a decade of catch up over the last 6 months. That feels kinda good to me, I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but so much I am instantly turned away from dur to autotune. I remember hearing Kanye’s 808 and then a bunch of Lil Wayne stuff, dismissing it as a fad, and here we are like 10 years later (or more) and it’s… everywhere. Even to me when I hear Kendrick or Freddie Gibbs, Joyner Lucas, I notice it. It puts me off. Even if there’s some talent in there. I feel a total disconnect to a lot of stuff. I’ve spent a lot of the last couple of months going through lists of best albums of the decade and all it’s done it send me further into my underground rabbit hole. The UK sound feels more authentic to me, especially like High Focus stuff as opposed to Dave and Stormzy (grime and drill in my eyes, not really hiphop). Having said all of the, I’ve also found lots of great stuff I didn’t know existed. Even if I’ve delved back into the late 90s and 2000s to find lots of it. I do remember this place being such a vibrant hub of hiphop enthusiasm. You guys put me onto stuff 15 years ago I’d never have found otherwise. It’s sad to see the thread is only busy when yet another legend passed away. Sure it’s been a bad year but I’m trying to stay positive.
  3. You’re right. T-Pain, Kanye and latterly Lil Wayne. But actually for me especially Kanye, it was a stylistic creative choice. My bigger issue is the number of copycats it has spawned and the overall lack of diversity it’s fostered. The hip hip genre is even worse than the overall state of pop in this respect (IMO).
  4. I can’t stand this ridiculously overt application of AutoTune which is so prevalent in modern hiphop. I honestly worry for the genre should a day come along where it’s no longer vogue.
  5. I mean, you gave me a good heads up on PAST, and even though I’d probably have come across it myself eventually, I appreciate that and could tell we had some stuff in common with taste in music so I’ll try and check as much of your list as possible. Straight away, i did not know Apathy and OC had an album, and I’m pretty sure that will be well worth a listen. Apathy has dropped plenty stuff I enjoyed so I’ll definitely check this. i also didn’t know Ronnie Bosh had a solo project so thanks for that! Otherwise I was aware of/already enjoyed a lot of that but there’s still a few beyond that I don’t recognise! i enjoyed Breukelen Story by Masta Ace but also enjoyed his 2016 release The Falling Season, if you haven’t heard it, worth a listen.
  6. Just looking over my favourite albums from the 2010s and it is absolutely dominated by stuff from 2010-2015. Anyone want to share your favourite albums from the latter half of the decade?
  7. Just discovered that this gem exists. Vinnie P over an Apollo Brown beat!
  8. Guy’s just on another fucking level. The fact this guy isn’t mentioned in the same breaths as Nas, Rakim and BIG kinda blows my mind. Heads be sleeeeeping.
  9. Ah yeah I remember you mentioned that EP recently. And then I recall him saying that he was gonna be handling most of the production on it. So I figured it may end up quite experimental and from the sounds of that track I feel that may be the case. Looking forward to checking the EP.
  10. This be Fresh but gives me serious mid-2000s backpacker underground / street cypher vibes. I was looking for more stuff by producer BP and found this. Not for everyone’s tastes but his production gives me mostly Snowgoons and Stoupe kinda vibes. I was inspired to hear more of his work by this nice producer EP “The Supreme Seven” that he dropped last year with guest spots from Crook, Ras Kass, Tragedy Khadafi, RJ Payne and Nature. I love the overblown production and the Django Unchained sample.
  11. RIP Biz. Just a little before my time, but mad respect.
  12. https://www.ea.com/games/fifa/fifa-22/buy/playstation#pre-order-benefits-ultimate Pre-order benefits for 22. I mean, I know you don’t wanna. But just in case you do…
  13. This has aged amazingly well.
  14. I had a crazy thought today. Like literal stoned out paradigm shift. I got to wondering what the hiphop scene would look like had the backpacker underground era of the late 90s and early 2000s had occurred instead within the technological context of like the SoundCloud era, instead of the Napster and CD-R era that it was unfortunate enough to coincide closely with. Thoughts?
  15. I would maybe be interested in the hip-hop CDs.
  16. I’m sure that will be a really nice project. The CD is sold out at Suspect Packages already.
  17. Thanks, Had never heard of this guy before! Really not sure what to make of that. The production was so smooth and nice but I felt a bit let down by the vocals. At first I wasn’t sure, but after hearing him on a few further tracks, I think he just sounds better with a higher tempo. I definitely have a preference for a reasonable tempo anyway, so that didn’t surprise me, but I just think he remains on-beat much better on tracks like Calling Me Back or even My Wonders with Fliptrix.
  18. This is really epic. The hardest truth to obtain is in a knotted shard Buried in my guts this man at large knows that nothing lasts Even the last laugh will demise into a dreaded silence The dreaded sirens of the banshees of unsettled violence Broke my chain of thought of self emancipated guidance A rebel rising on these vapours of a devils island
  19. Damn that’s so nice I’ll need to check that album. Chester P for mayor!
  20. So much love for this never gets olds. This would be right up there for me too.
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