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  1. Yeah there are some really good, meta lower rated cards that sell for way more than most for their rating, Mendy being a good example. Often French actually, including Theo Hernandez and Ousman Dembele.
  2. Sell your Argentina and Brazil players (rated 77-82). Defenders inc full backs and LW/RW/LM/RM are going crazy on the market due to today’s SBC
  3. Still in Div 4. Decided not to rush up the divisions and take my time, some ways to make sure my 7 wins each week aren’t painful, and partly because im playing on 2 accounts, both in div 4. Im also enjoying using s 40k Team and I figure by Div 2 I may not get away with that so much. They still seem to work. Especially on a player with finesse shot trait, good long shot stats and if they green-time the shot.
  4. Ah ok, gotcha. Yeah people are playing some fairly defensive and drop-back style of play since that patch. It feels a lot like Fifa 20 at the minute. For me, I never exploited the easy finesse goals, and I spent the first couple weeks of the game just doing my best to create chances and space in my opponents box. Dribbling and skills were big parts of my game in Fifa 21, and while skills are less effective, I’m still finding ways to scrape a few goals even against the drop-back meta. Create a decent goal scoring chance and the keepers are not saving them, I actually feel they went too far with how much they nerfed keepers for saving shots in the box.
  5. Do you mean the new patch announced last night? Are you on PC?
  6. I appreciate the advice man, but I’ve used Jesus (both his gold and his RW IF). I think he’s great value with his gold card, but when I play a sole-striker formation like this, I need someone with more than a 3* weak foot. But aside from that, Teixera has 13 goals and 4 assists in 9 games so far. Absolute balling card for 12k. His attack positioning is also almost exactly the same as Jesus (86 v 87)
  7. This does play quite similar to 433, except the wide players don’t sit as high up the pitch, so definitely they play more like LM/RM than wingers. I like this stage of the game tbh. What I mean is, cheap gold cards are more than effective at this stage of the game. Give it 6-8 weeks and there will be way more special cards and cheap gold cards won’t be quite as effective. I’ve invested 1.1m in TOTW Locatelli and I also have 1.3m sitting there, but I’m having fun with a cheap team for as long as I can.
  8. The best budget team in the game, IMO. So yeah I’ve ditched the 352. I was liking it, and it for sure taught me a lot of discipline in Defence, but I just felt it was time to mix things up. The 4231 wide is a formation I haven’t used before (very familiar with the narrow) but I feel width is very important this year. With 8 games played using this formation I only conceded more than 1 goal per game on 2 occasions, and each time it was 2 goals.
  9. Ive recommended this beforehand but if you haven’t done so, try your qualifying games on Friday and early Saturday, when most sweatier players are already qualified and playing their WL games. Sunday is when the sweats go back to do their qualifying for the following week so avoid if possible. Obviously it all depends on luck with matchmaking but I have noticed another factor…. Winning your first 2-3 games can put you against players with a similar record. Players with a good record are more likely to have games to spare at the end and more likely to be giving their last matches away. Lose your first 3 and you’re gonna play people who are also fighting for their life and sweating every game to qualify.
  10. Just found today it only applies on New Gen consoles.
  11. You’re right, man. But I remember this always being the case for the first month or two. Even excluding the top-end big four cards, the mid-bracket is expensive. Son, Mane, Salah, IF Jesus, IF Vin icius. I’ve just bought RTTKO Alex Tiexera because he’s dirt cheap and his gold card was a baller last year. Also IF Talisca is good for 11k. He’s no Mbappe, mind you.
  12. Kounde for Lenglet and then switch him and Alaba positions. Catalyst chemistry on Jesus will address both your complaints. TOTW Touchameni for Valverde will fix the chemistry on Yedder and similar player to Valverde.
  13. Nice team. I really like Firmino, and his TOTW this week definitely interests me, price dependant.
  14. i would personally use Ben Yedder. Better attacking stats, plus 5*WF is worth its weight in gold. Depay has 5* skills vs Yedder’s 4*, but unless you’re spamming elastico’s, you’ll never notice. Yedder has seen his supply increase a lot this weekend and is somewhere just over half the price he was on Thursday - represents even better value now.
  15. Looking good. Depay’s fine if you can work around that weak foot. It pissed me off eventually, but otherwise, nice card.
  16. Nice pull! Sorry to say but Pogba is dogshit this year. Slow, clunky, and his passing doesn’t make up for that. I’d personally sell up (he’s around 115k) and buy someone better.
  17. ive put 99 on my transfer list plus one in my club. I run two accounts anyway so it’s not a big strain for me tbh. ive went unassigned in the past, but I don’t remember if there was a limit. I hated it though, I love opening packs lol. And given the time-frame for this investment, no way am I going unassigned for 6 weeks or whatever. For someone who wants to save packs long-term, it can be a good strategy to go unassigned. I know people who save for weeks collecting up their packs for TOTY or whatever. Guess being unassigned might help enforce some discipline for that purpose.
  18. Sell your rare silvers. Today’s SBC is terrible but people are going mental for them. Since you need 3 players from one team, there is limited options. It’s quite a tricky SBC to work out yourself, hence the reliance on Futbin solutions, hence the prices. PS - if anyone is doing this SBC, just buy discard rare golds, much easier.
  19. I would recommend if you can, try your next qualifying over the weekend, when more of the sweaty players will already be playing WL. Div 4 player should be good to qualify, with a bit of luck in matchmaking. I’m playing on my second account today, just wanted to see how I can do with a cheap team. Qualified 5-4 using a squad worth 75k. Agreed. I think only when the skill of the players is almost identical, that the player with the superior team will maybe edge it. i just beat a team worth 4-5m with a team worth 75k in Champs.
  20. What div are you in? A lot of it’s luck, my mate qualified 8-1 with 3 of his wins were opponents scoring own-goals and quitting…
  21. Having given some thought to my trading recommendations yesterday, and realising I’m sitting on 2.1m coins with not much happening, I’m seriously thinking about going in strong. TOTW Locatelli is 84-rated and 11k. He discards at 10.2k. My plan is to buy 100. I’ll cash in on half of those when he hits 25k to get my original investment back. I’ll hold the remaining 50 and cash in when he hits 40k. That would be 1.1m invested and around around 2m profit. i am pretty confident in those numbers, it’s just timing. i think the Card can hit 25k probably in around 6 weeks. But I might need to wait until late December - Mid January for the second bump. Even with that 1.1m invested, I have a further 1.1m left to upgrade my team between now and then. Seems a no-brainer to be honest. And if it fails, I can quick sell them all and only make a loss of 100k.
  22. He’s really similar to Talisca IF who is 11k.
  23. Anyone noticed a difference since the last patch? I’m finding players are taking an unusually heavy touch, dribbling at the moment is damn awful, and at a few occasions my players have literally just let the ball run past them or completely fluffed an easy pass. Might just be my connection but it’s been absolutely solid for a long time so I am hesitant to suggest it’s on my end. I’m resetting my router and gonna see if that helps but I don’t feel like it is.
  24. Contract trading should work even better this year. More of the reward packs from Rivals etc are player packs with less or no contracts in. At the moment people may have enough contracts but in the next few weeks I expect it to be especially lucrative as people run out of the ones they got early on.
  25. A few trading methods I used in years past: - Player Contracts: buy Monday and Tuesday for 150/200 coins on bid, sell during Weekend League for 350-450 coins. - UCL common/rare: buy when in supply and hold until they are needed for Icon Swaps. Mega profit, might be a few weeks wait. - SBC solution: look at short term SBCs and you often find they are reliant on common golds, bronzes and silvers. If you get familiar enough with one solution, you can simply buy cards on bid and relist immediately at Buy It Now. You might only make 100/150 coins per card, but it’s instant profit. - League SBC stock up: League SBCs are currently not here but I expect them to return. Anyone who works through these will know that demand for silvers and bronzes goes up massively when they are released. Top 5 leagues are more popular, but Liga Nos and Turkish League can work also. It pays to have some knowledge of the cards on certain teams, eg, Roma might only one have one cheap LB, so stocking up now and holding until the League SBC drops can net massive profit. Note: Roma is an off-the-cuff example, I haven’t looked into that, it’s just to demonstrate the concept. - TOTW Discards: buy up discard value TOTW cards (10-11k) and hold until a good repeatable SBC which required a TOTW is released. The discard cards can easily double in price. Higher-rated ones can also, but since you can grab these cheap low-rated ones at discard price, there is virtually no risk, you can discard at any time for 9600-9800 and restore your liquidity at any time.
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