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  1. Can’t score one either. I scored one the first week and none since. No matter what I do they just balloon up high - not enough power or direction.
  2. the match isn’t lost before it’s kicked off. You need to try and shake this attitude! It does of course become a self-fulfilling prophecy… Qualifying is form based so if you lose your first 3 matches you’ll face others with a negative record. It’s entirely possible to lose the first 4 then win the next 5 due to easier opponents. don’t get disheartened by opponents teams - if you’re someone who is easily triggered that way… look away from the screen! It used to bug me last fifa as everyone had a better team than me, and looking away from the screen really helps.
  3. Sold up and went to a mostly untradeable team. Still got Lodi and Fred as investments which will put me at 6m liquid give or take once I sell them.
  4. Got him on my second account and play him as second ST with FB Benz. Even his 84 card was nice so he’s gonna be saucy at 87.
  5. Nice team. Hold off on Nlunku as we are getting TOTGS on Friday and I expect him to be in it.
  6. Numbers Up Declan Rice would go nice in there in place of Hendo!
  7. sounds like it’s been a good weekend for you! How you planning to spend your millions? I did every single viable flash SBC besides the 84+ Player Picks on my main account. Not a single walk-out. But a handful of 84s and a couple of discard IFs. my best return all weekend was from doing two of the 81+ Ligue 1 double upgrade as i posted earlier. WL I was 9-6 and with a chance of rank 2 but couldn’t be arsed, gave my last 5 matches away. Red picks Kroos and Felipe. TOTW Felipe and two discard IFs. Bruno and Parejo in the 100k pack. Nothing to get excited about but could’ve been far worse.
  8. Did him on my second account and was really impressed. He has a bit of the glitch effect. I was so impressed I did him on my main account after that.
  9. 85 Vinny is a significant upgrade, his finishing is noticeably better. if you want a good LW/LM that’s pretty well rounded that RB Machis is only 11k and pretty decent, felt like a budget Fekir.
  10. Promised myself no gambling SBCs however the Ligue 1 Double 81+ upgrade looked tasty. So I did two. - Navas and 82 IF - Marquinhos and Icardi Quitting while I’m ahead.
  11. i would say no. I like my CAM to have great vision, short and long passing, and neither of these are good enough for CAM in my opinion. i would say you also wanna have your best players in your team man. I can see Sanitzer and Sane in there yet you have Fekir, Theo, Hakimi and Politano on the bench…
  12. Just went 8-1 in qualifying this morning, which included 2 free win and 5 rage quits. I may have got lucky but I feel like Saturday morning may be the optimal time to try your qualifying matches.
  13. i haven’t done it and I’ve been super cautious with SBCs this year. looking at this Benzema card I agree on price-point but I think you need to factor in that he has lots of pace and much better ability and balance. It’s probably the best a Benzema card is going to be all year in terms of those meta stats. From that perspective it looks pretty good value. However I get your point about comparing it to alternatives on the market which is always a really sound logical approach.
  14. when I say 15 mins I presume you have at least some cards in your club. I’m pretty good at SBC solutions and tend to solve them myself. But even following Futbin and buying everything I would have MM done in 20 mins, it’s only four segments.
  15. i just move the starter players around to achieve good chemistry, which always then gives you a couple hundred coins. I then buy a 200 coin bronze card off the market and buy him from my main account for 10k. Then use 10k to do one of the foundation SBCs, sell every thing, move to the next foundation SBC. It was a bit fiddly at first but after doing it a few times it gets easier.
  16. Yeah true. Admittedly, I have a lot of time, but it’s not all that intensive honestly. 10 mins to setup account, 1-2 hours to do the foundation SBCs and then 15 mins per week for MM.
  17. yeah lots of steps, I don’t know how many of them are effective or placebo though. Last year I bought around 2m coins and the method was to bid in the final 60 seconds as opposed to buy it now. i also only transfer every few days, and I try to do it during busy periods or market volatility, for example, within the first hour or two of a TOTW when prices are all over the place.
  18. Yep. Did the juicy valuable foundation SBCs on all three and then just do MM or any tradeable SBC each week. Granted, I’ve had excellent luck between the four accounts which is good because my main account is literally a Gosens generator.
  19. Have you done SBC accounts? Im almost 5m up thanks to my four SBC accounts. No money spent besides the Ultimate Edition…
  20. Top nation rare golds 77-82 are flying at the moment. Alex Tiexera 5k, Guata 3.5k etc. Check your clubs.
  21. I did him on my other account. He’s alright but he’s probably not up to his stats. i wouldn’t recommend doing him unless you really like the guy in real life or desperately need a Dutch player for your squad.
  22. Wait, and see what packs they throw at the store during back Friday. It might be a little optimistic to hope for cut-prices packs but at the least I expect some 50k and 100k packs to appear in the store.
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