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  1. Just looking over my favourite albums from the 2010s and it is absolutely dominated by stuff from 2010-2015. Anyone want to share your favourite albums from the latter half of the decade?
  2. Just discovered that this gem exists. Vinnie P over an Apollo Brown beat!
  3. Guy’s just on another fucking level. The fact this guy isn’t mentioned in the same breaths as Nas, Rakim and BIG kinda blows my mind. Heads be sleeeeeping.
  4. Ah yeah I remember you mentioned that EP recently. And then I recall him saying that he was gonna be handling most of the production on it. So I figured it may end up quite experimental and from the sounds of that track I feel that may be the case. Looking forward to checking the EP.
  5. This be Fresh but gives me serious mid-2000s backpacker underground / street cypher vibes. I was looking for more stuff by producer BP and found this. Not for everyone’s tastes but his production gives me mostly Snowgoons and Stoupe kinda vibes. I was inspired to hear more of his work by this nice producer EP “The Supreme Seven” that he dropped last year with guest spots from Crook, Ras Kass, Tragedy Khadafi, RJ Payne and Nature. I love the overblown production and the Django Unchained sample.
  6. RIP Biz. Just a little before my time, but mad respect.
  7. https://www.ea.com/games/fifa/fifa-22/buy/playstation#pre-order-benefits-ultimate Pre-order benefits for 22. I mean, I know you don’t wanna. But just in case you do…
  8. I had a crazy thought today. Like literal stoned out paradigm shift. I got to wondering what the hiphop scene would look like had the backpacker underground era of the late 90s and early 2000s had occurred instead within the technological context of like the SoundCloud era, instead of the Napster and CD-R era that it was unfortunate enough to coincide closely with. Thoughts?
  9. I would maybe be interested in the hip-hop CDs.
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