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  1. The hairy bikers diet book (second one I think) had a way of making baskets out of tortilla by using a ball of tinfoil and roasting them over the tinfoil then using a tumbler to make a flat base, I found the coke Cola tumbler was prefect for it. Gives a nice crunchy texture with corn tortilla.
  2. If your just starting out and learning, keep all your images and revisit them when you have increased your skills in photo editing as your can have a rubbish image today but in a years time it may be a good image.
  3. I use it and I think the view is if your shooting Raw then you will need to do some minor adjustments in a photo editor to some degree as the raw image won't reflect the scene as your eye would see it. Framing the shot by taking your time with setting up your composition will be crucial to a decent photo. If this is wrong then its difficult to come back from it even with crops and clarity saturation etc in LR.
  4. I'm looking at buying some nd(big stopper) filters and would appreciate your thoughts on it. I shoot occasionally and mostly always landscapes. Currently I have 4 lenses 2 of those have a 52 mm diameter so that would mean I would most likely need three adapters to fit a filter holder. I've been looking at Lee and it can get quite expensive. Is it worth going for Lee and just biting the bullet or is there a cheeper alternative that will do me for the occasional use? Thanks
  5. I like the way the saturation is dialed back on that image, its in keeping with the cars era. The beige shirts help.
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    Ribeye for sure, I would have to disagree with putting it in the freezer just before cooking as every chef on TV advises to leave meat to get to room temperature and also to oil the meat and not the pan for steaks. Always finish with butter as it makes a big difference.
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    Are you using shin? if so you want to do it slow and low, I usually cook shin with bone in for around 6-8 hours at 140-150 shin is extremely tough so make sure it's had plenty of time to cook and well rested if your aiming to have it as a steak I.e individual chunks of meat. The way I do my shin is similar to a pulled pork style as its usually a chilli or a bolognes.
  8. I have made that dish a few times. It needs the fluids cut back and less creme fresh in the potato. If you let them both fully cool and chill in the fridge it helps too.
  9. Not sure where you can get some scanning done but be aware that some old photographs have some more awful textured paper and don't scann very well. My parents wedding pics are like this and I need to work them to try and remove the texture from the scanned results. Ultimately I will need to scann them 4 times to try and resolve this. Good luck
  10. Please let us know how you get on with it?
  11. what browser are you using and are there any adons that may interfere? I have three setup and they all just redirect to the browser to authorise LR then it's plain sailing.
  12. Ahhh thanks.
  13. Is there a way to get the game only? I have the portal and game on the ps3 and wish to use it on the xbox one as psn is a pain on updates
  14. Is the vignetting in the couple of images post processing or is it the adapter/lens?
  15. If your interested in doing some landscape stuff take a look at Thomas Heaton on YouTube also. He's not so technical but I find his videos inspirational to get up and go out. I bought a magazine earlier last year that gave some great detail about photography and explained the details about focal length, crop sensors etc, I'll see if I can dig it out to get the name. I think it was landscape photography for beginners but will check. I too have a 70-300 and it's good for shots of the moon amongst other things. Edit: I can't find the mag, think I have
  16. I have the D3300 and can't fault it, the image quality I get with the kit lens is great (mainly landscape) I've been using it for a year as a beginner and have found it easy to get to grips with. I have 2 other lenses a 70-300 sigma and a 10-20. I signed up for the cloud package as I could afford it and have a project to digitise my mother's collection i of photos and the package gave me the options I need to restore some images. It is a bit much for a hobby. The standalone lightroom is what I'm using 90%of the time so would think this would suffice most ppl. As
  17. I made this yesterday, however I used my own spice mix. 3 tablespoons of chilli powder seemed excessive. Did you follow it to the letter? I like spicy food but 1 jalapeño and 1 teaspoon of chili power was enough for my family I could have had a bit spicier.
  18. There is a recipe kicking about on Facebook how to make tattie scones also square sausage as well.
  19. Because golden wonder dropped the ball and cant find it again.
  20. I use a cast iron skillet and the grill on full whack and it's much better than the pizza stone. If you like bbqing, the stone works brilliant on it as long as you get the heat up enough.
  21. I used the cast iron skilit method and it was the best I have made. Even better than the ones I have made on the bbq. I used to use San marzano tomatoes but can't seem to get them anymore, they are sweeter than the usual tinned tomatoes and better for pizza. Anyone know where I may be able to get some. I don't cook my sauce either. Cheers
  22. You can't hook up the TV as the app prevents it. The app is pretty shit,there is something with the sound it's very tinny and the video stream is clunky due to the nature of the show it's not as smooth as it should be. Ohh if you do use the app and also use the f1 app for timing it's about 1-3 min delay. I personal can't justify paying the money for sky sports all that's on it now is cricket and some very poor choice football games as BT has all the premium games. I hope c4 get rid of Jordan he's a total arsehole.
  23. How did you set up the bbq? Are the coals under the drip trays? Thanks
  24. My thoughts exactly during the race as sutil was near the access point for the stewards. All very sad
  25. If you make your own base try doing it on the bbq with some smoking chips, Get the bbq going, I use briquettes and some easy light bag of charcoal. Place the stone in th bbq for about 20-30min lid closed and then do the cooking..
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