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  1. Brilliant will take the time tomorrow to watch the whole thing
  2. Cheers, this is what I feared ive got a rather large catalog too. I think I'll need to split it and see if I can manage with the 20gb space for current work. I have use it very infrequently so it may not be so troublesome for me.
  3. I enjoyed the sprint, I was looking strong until I was sitting behind pim on our way to turn one and pim was drafting someone in front he missed the breaking point as did I and was wondering why I was heading in at speed and binned it. That track and car was excellent. Once I was used to the slipstream I enjoyed it some good fun up the home straight.
  4. I got 2 E types last week one for the millage and the other as I done track experience literally at the same time
  5. I'm looking for some advice, I have lightroom classic on 2 devices and I have a server running at home that I can access via vpn. I will be editing images on both my win10 and mac I'm wonder if I should create a share on the server that both access and save my catalogue there. Had anyone got experience with this? I'm not willing to go to the cloud solution as the cost is too much considering my usage. Thanks in advance
  6. You got a recipe for that garam masala? I've been meaning to try some out for years but never got round to it
  7. I made a batch of both base 1 and 2, they were made on the 22nd December I've just used the last one and I'm having around 1 curry a week. I would usually have it out a jar that would cost around £4 for 2 jars as the kids don't like it hot. I would occasionally get a takeaway that would cost about £25-30 for us say twice over the 7 months. Now I've made my own different variants I can use one base for the 4 of us and adjust the heat without the Need for another sauce. I will freeze my chili's and batch up some garlic and ginger to freeze. The spices I already have for m
  8. I had another shot with some practice laps last night and when in cockpit view it didn't seem so bad in respect of framerate. I adjusted my wheel settings per a post on gtplannet and it's a bit better but still a bit to light on the straights, the feedback on the corners is much better. The sound is awesome in cockpit veiw but chase camera it's dreadful. I'll do a little more with it this week and see how I go
  9. I started of quite tired last night as was going to bail after the first race as I was feeling the same. I'm glad I stayed tho the final race was excellent the mid field was nice and tight with decent clean racing (for the most part anyway) Thanks Joe
  10. I'm having the same thoughts here, I thought it was my bog standard ps4 but if your running it on pro and getting the same then it's an issue with the game. The sound when you use chase cam is laughable too its like a rocket taking off when doing the initial test in career mode in the lambo. The g29 isn't feeling as tight as I would have thought either, between around 0-5 degrees is got quite a bit of input to the car and little to no resistance. Shame I was looking forward to a little more detailed sim.
  11. No worries Bunny, I was taking it easy at that point in the race and as usual with racing when you simply relax you faster. I enjoyed it last night got a good bit of rhythm going and was quite pleased when I was being lapped it was able to keep the leaders in sight for quite a bit of time. Technically I overtook @morcswhen he pitted and he had to overtake me again once I pitted a few laps later. Although I tried to save a bit of juice at the end coasting and on level 6 and nearly took him out whne he lapped me the second time as the blue flag warning seemed late until I
  12. I got dealer style scales for doing it. Seen then on a police interceptors episode an though I nerd a set for measuring the 5 grams (of yeast/salt)
  13. Nice, I made some silly mistakes and got a 2 penalties and I was sure you were going to pass but you must have kinda followed me with the wee trip ups as the gap got a little larger. EDIT:until I balls'd it at the end
  14. I'm sure I would have been watching it for some time I was around about you if I remember correctly fighterDj (Need to change that name)
  15. Yeah, lots of fun last night, I knew I would be close to you due to daily times I was seeing last week.
  16. I just tried that one myself using my new wheel and stand (cheers for the recommendations) and I've as expected taken a step back. Using the controller I was at 7:06 and with the wheel I was 7:28 so not too far considering I binned it during the lap. I'm 10sec of the Dailly gr3 race time and I'm quite happy with that as I've only been using the wheel and manual gears for a few days. Some more practice and I should get back to if not better times than my controller.
  17. Looking to join in on this too I've sent mcapeed a friends request. Hope I can get this wheel working for me quickly. My main issue is consistent laps some sectors are purple then I blow it. Recovery is quite a different experience when using the wheel takes ages or I'm heading too deep into the kitty litter.
  18. What's the thoughts on left foot breaking I was trying out the wheel tonight and found that using my right foot for the break was better but I have been driving for 23year so would expect it to. Is it worth working in the left foot breaking for trail breaking?
  19. Thanks to those who posted about the wheel stand. I've ordered the cheaper one and looking forward to its arrival.
  20. Hi, I bought the g29 that Beenabadbunny had up and now I'm looking for a stand. It needs to be reasonable in price prob max £100, be quite compact and fold away when not in use. I'll be using a chair from my dining table due to the availabile space I have. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  21. Never seen this thread before. Popped in to see if this was here, I burst out laughing at this in the cinema everyone turned to look at me and my GF at the time had to try and calm me down. One of the funniest this in a movie.
  22. The local Morrisons to me had everything you would Need to make the base and at least a basic curry, it may need to be lamb or beef tho as there was no chicken.
  23. Just incase you've not got a wheel I found project cars 2 unplayable(even researching setups and playing around with it) with a controller on the xbox. it was OK in the first open wheel campaign but the second years campaign was dreadful. It was better than the first project cars but again still twitchy to the point I could not get any decent racing. I'm happy to hear if there is a way round this without a wheel.
  24. Since I have made they base gravy, I've not bought a sauce since. Thanks to whoever posted about Als kitchen. I've done both versions and like the second one a bit more than the first due to the complex depth of flavours.
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