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  1. 1 hour ago, Freeman said:


    This was me in the BMW at Tsukaba too.  I was racing with Noble for 2 or 3 laps I think, and actually passed him, and then passed others too.


    Sure there were probably on fuel map 5, but I was on 2, so erm, I'm taking it :lol:

    I actually raced my way up to within half a second of the lead too, then needed fuel, and ended up running slow and lean for the 3rd and last set of tyres, but it was fun whilst it lasted :D


    Yeah, I owe you an apology for a shunt at the second to last bend I think I had been rearended at the 4th and I think my brakes took a hit (that's my excuse anyway :)) .  I have to say it was good racing. I was actually 2nd for a time too 

  2. 25 minutes ago, McSpeed said:


    I really, really like the Monday Night Racing Club, too :) It's literally something that helps me get out of bed in the mornings and that I look forward too from every Tuesday on. The friendly motorsports banter in our PS Messages is very nice, too.


    Also, Pim and Jon are definitely the quickest generally speaking, but don't dismiss @TheRallyBart and @Batmobile for being able to attack them frequently - not to mention the likes of @Varnsen@GwiDan even and yourself (and me) on our day!

    I was running for a time with those names around me and was getting all excited as my speed wasn't much different but then realised they were all mapped to lean. I had a blast,


    @Rymy first race was an endurance round spa with a crappy gr3 Ferrari on a wheel I had only used a few times. It was a long race as I was losing it every lap.


    There was a little rubbing from me in the last race, I'll need to check and see if I was over ambitious and send the appropriate apologies should they be needed. 



    Cheers again @McSpeed

  3. Has anyone been prompted to insert a disk with the game pass version? strangely I am 


    EDIT, I had disconnected my WiFi as I used the cat5 for download and now I'm in a different room, I suspect that's the issue 

  4. I had an enjoyable first race with the slippery 911 gt3 some good racing with corranga and @beenabadbunny even though I wasn't feeling the car it got better through the race.


    During the second race I was kinda on my own for a lot of it and allowed my focus to slip a little and lost consistency. I did notice I'm dropping a ton of time in the last sector I'll watch the replay and see if I can find some time. 


    Shame I need to build my office and won't get time over the next few weeks to practise. 


    Cheers Joe for hosting again 

  5. 11 hours ago, Jamie John said:

    I'd like to start taking more photos using my DSLR, especially some portraits.


    At the moment I've got a Nikon D3200 with a 17-50mm f 2.8 Sigma lens. It's currently sat in its bag, catching dust, which it's where it's been for several months. I think I've stopped using it for three main reasons:


    1. It's heavy - lugging it around with me on days out, especially when I've got a toddler to look after and all of his guff to take care of, is a pain.


    2. Getting the photos from it is annoying as it only supports SD cards, and my current computer doesn't even have an SD card reader, so I need to buy an external one.


    3. The Nikon software I use to edit the photos is cumbersome, unitituive and generally horrible.


    I don't think there's much I can do about 2, except for buying a more modern body, but as for 1, I was thinking of getting a smaller prime lense than wouldn't be so bulky to drag about. Failing that, I'd sell the D3200 and get something a lot more compact.


    Regarding point 3, is there any software that people would recommend? I know the default answer to this is Lightroom, but I'm not prepared to pay £10 per month, or whatever it is, for something that could only get a limited amount of use.


    Anyway, bit of a blog post, but I'd be interested to know people's thoughts. I still take lots of snapshots using my phone, but not being able to see what I'm shooting on a sunny day isn't exactly ideal, and I think composition and so on is a lot easier on a 'proper' camera.

    On point one, I have a nikor 35mm prime and it makes my d3300 a good bit lighter and manageable when out and about. For portraits it's really nice and is good in a low light. 


    I have to say I've not been using mine much either. I have need to make more time for snapping. 

  6. 17 hours ago, beenabadbunny said:

    I was really pleased with this race tonight at Dragon Trail.



    Nothing objectively fancy (started 13th, finished 12th) but the reason it was exciting for me is that I had this guy Sylenzo breathing right down my neck for the whole race and I didn’t crack. He was huge in my mirrors all the way to the end but I kept him behind me.

    Watching it back I realise just how much you can (and I do) abuse the chicane of death. I don’t think I took it clean even once in the four laps but didn’t get pinged for it. Sylenzo could probably be justifiably cross about that! 

    Probably would have been a place or two higher if I hadn’t outbraked myself into the hairpin on lap 1 and put it in the wall :facepalm:

    I had a wee watch of this and I'm not sure if the replay is totally accurate but I noticed your changing up really early, you can (more so in higher gears) let it run on, this will allow you to be in the powerband when you get the next gear if you take the F1 car your at the top of the revs for ages. Your the only person I'm able to beat so maybe I shouldn't tell you that :)

  7. On 29/07/2020 at 21:25, deerokus said:

    That Adrian Newey book is surprisingly good, didn't think he'd be such a good writer. Well worth the 99p it cost the other day. 

    I felt it was a bit look at how good I am/was and seemed to miss the poor performances particularly the period where redbull have been shit. The aero stuff was fascinating as was the insight of the early days political moves.

  8. 10 hours ago, idiwa said:


    Feel your pain on this; I tried to set something up between my Mac and my work Mac using Google Drive. It was just a total pain in the arse. I also pissed about with using a Library on a flash drive just to take stuff to work, edit on my lunch and then import back into my home Library. It's do able but it's just a daily pain in the tits. 


    Lightroom (non classic) was easier but fuck that shit. :quote:

    Cheers, this is what I feared ive got a rather large catalog too. I think I'll need to split it and see if I can manage with the 20gb space for current work.


    I have use it very infrequently so it may not be so troublesome for me.

  9. I enjoyed the sprint, I was looking strong until I was sitting behind pim on our way to turn one and pim was drafting someone in front he missed the breaking point as did I and was wondering why I was heading in at speed and binned it. That track and car was excellent.


    Once I was used to the slipstream I enjoyed it some good fun up the home straight.

  10. I'm looking for some advice, I have lightroom classic on 2 devices and I have a server running at home that I can access via vpn. I will be editing images on both my win10 and mac I'm wonder if I should create a share on the server that both access and save my catalogue there. Had anyone got experience with this?


    I'm not willing to go to the cloud solution as the cost is too much considering my usage.


    Thanks in advance


  11. 52 minutes ago, Pete said:

    only just saw this but surely the process is make a curry, then add a shit ton of ghee?


    I get by with about 15-20 spices, and I make my own mixes with them. Home made garam masala is amazing. And yes always always buy whole spices. When it's ground it reacts with the air and loses most of it's flavour in days, let alone years in a jar.


    Once you start using spices you'll get confident enough to experiment and then you'll find you get through them much more quickly.

    You got a recipe for that garam masala? I've been meaning to try some out for years but never got round to it

  12. I made a batch of both base 1 and 2, they were made on the 22nd December I've just used the last one and I'm having around 1 curry a week. I would usually have it out a jar that would cost around £4 for 2 jars as the kids don't like it hot. I would occasionally get a takeaway that would cost about £25-30 for us say twice over the 7 months. Now I've made my own different variants I can use one base for the 4 of us and adjust the heat without the Need for another sauce.


    I will freeze my chili's and batch up some garlic and ginger to freeze.


    The spices I already have for making other meals spice rubs/chilli Mexican spice mixes etc.


    For me there is a cost saving. The base 2 is quite a bit more expensive but you could ramp up the scale of you had the freezzer space to maximise the savings. Base 1 is pretty cheap and is good too



    I don't actually do it for saving money as its not a focus for me when cooking. Steaks and fish cost me a fortune.

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