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  1. I'm sure they forgot about the time he tryed to kill Rubens at hungry by squeezing him almost into the pits. I enjoyed the doc but it was always going to be a guarded view and a narrative that the family wanted. I respect his wife and the other family members for working to ensure he gets a level of privacy he always seemed to want.
  2. This guy started me on a wonderful journey and I'm still travelling on it. I got to play in a C5 in Comet as a kid and can still remember the smell of the brand new plastic Sad
  3. Good to see Danny get a win. It seems the you spend more time talking about the incidents in F1 rather than the racing. I've stopped recording it now as it's all bull from Sky presenters trying to make something of what would have previously been regarded as a distraction.
  4. We're in the danger of encroaching on the mnrc biscuit chat. This is like Dutch version, we had the English(only as us Scots hadn't heard of a certain biscuit) version the other week.
  5. Is this based on underground to Canada? I've remember this being part of our reading in school.
  6. Django is the only reason I held on till the end of this flick and Hateful eight. I really wish I went with my gut, both had very little going on for me and I was glad the end arrived. I'm not a big movie buff and don't care for some of the fluf and "beauty" in this. My mother (70s) loved it. My suspicion is he's seeing how long he can keep ppl hanging on through a movie.
  7. Thanks for your posts mate, it never entered my mind how close after such a long race too. It was excellent. I was a bit disappointed I span early on and messed it up (I think for @mexos) I'll need to check the replay. MNRC is excellent
  8. I love this and cry every time I hear it.
  9. London grammar, I'm not sure why but their songs seems to never hit a crescendo that i expect. It's a little disappointing and I feel guilty for not liking it
  10. I've actively avoided going in as it assume I'm not their target market as the fucking noise coming out of the shop is enough to put me of its like walking past a JD sports with the volume as high as a night club. Old man me
  11. Bummer in missing it, would have liked to get a run round Interlagos with you lot after doing the Fia a few months ago Good selection there @Junker Enjoy the racing, maybe next week I'll be back.
  12. Just jumping in here did you get anything? My daughter is doing singing lessons in school and I would like to get her a mic for her recordings.
  13. I tryed to watch FP1 and some of FP2 but the waffling from Paul and his pals is so dreary they repeat the same shit over and over. I appreciate there is a lot to fill but fuck me try something else. I see Martin is back so at least I'll not have to listen to Di Resta whinin on and on. I used to like the guy but of late and especially the last race weekend he got on my nerves and is again during practice. This track is so uninspiring I suspect I'll FF the whole weekend. The whole track limits is becoming the only subject of conversion every weekend now its becoming tedious. Roll on next year where the shit gets changed up and the teams fuckup regularly making it more interesting... I hope. Bit of a rant there... Sorry
  14. I watched it on record last night and the fact "he gave the seat to her" absolutely wreeks. The defence of him I found very strange especially from the Jess. I really look forward to seeing more females get a seat and from what I've seen about Neat and his incidents with Jade it seems ludicrous a female attempting to defend it. The last round and that dive bomb was fucking atrocious and his bull shittin afterwards is unforgivable. I agree that the social media attacks are shite and should be condemned.
  15. Remember they weird fag adverts the we didn't know of that appeared on the cars back when they went to America and wondering why they changed colours of the cars halfway through the season?
  16. Ohh my that's me on a high slot there. I reckon I had a good few tenths on turn 1 exit and at the bus stop. It's a long lap so takes some commitment.
  17. I accidentally started to watch it then seen that it was on a proper circuit and then noticed the circuit had been bastardised with weird chicanes in the middle of the straight. It's almost there if they can get it round a full, even an indy circuit I think it would work.
  18. 1990 was a surprisingly good year for music*. I too have been tuning in to TOTP. *some absolute horrors there too tho.
  19. I should have mentioned I done this too and it helped massively especially turn in. Braking is a wee bit fluffy as some are quite a bit off and some are dead on
  20. @jonathanhoey When I first started I was using chase cam (yeah I know) but after listening to the chat moved over to bumper cam and it took me a while to get to a place where I felt it working. On that particular circuit through the seeses you seemed to be hugging the kerb on the right at turn 4( I think). on my faster lap I never even hit the it in was a little left of it. on some laps it was a little kiss to set up as straight for the next left hander. I was really struggling with interlagos so took the jag round slowly by short shifting, coasting and making sure I was getting a good line. I found that in the slower parts of the track I was quicker by quite a margin as I wasn't over driving. I'm still pretty poor at the breaking early as Junker and others will attest especially when downforce is in play and cold tyres on lap1. I spent some time doing the daily races and looking at the top replay. Those fuckers take liberties with cutting corners and you can steal a good second a lap in some circuits You've seen me improve over the last few months (consistency is still lacking) and the reason for this for me was to use TC set at 3 then I stopped spinning off and was able to sit around the mid pack and even grab a win. I've dialed it back a little now but certain tracks and cars I still use it.
  21. That would be if he was watching trainspotting and her in her Jordanhill school uniform
  22. The F1500 is a pain it the arse, it reminds me of my R6, it would wind up and up and up with literally nothing then juat above 10k rpm it woukd try to kill me and last for a half second till I grabbed another gear.
  23. I re-watched this and it was better second time round even though I knew what was coming, it kinda made it harder to watch at bits. I loved it 5/5
  24. Murray passing saddenes me, I always loved him commentating and his passion for motorsports of all types was excellent. His biography is worth a read. I still in recent years wished he wouod come back and do a wee one off during the British gp I'm sad this never happened and he's now gone. “I have got to stop because I have got a lump in my throat.” RIP Murray
  25. @fretnoise No worries at all it was all good fun and the sight of Mr Noble stalking me and Winky down then seeing @GT3Will up ahead giving me a well needed slipstream to get the win in the last race was enjoyable. Thanks for hosting Will
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