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  1. I can't face the agro of selling stuff so I just keep it. I've still got (stashed away mostly) Atari Jaguar N64 PS2 XBOX 360 WII PS3 DS PS4 Xbox one S My PS VR kit is in a box too. Currently have a Series x and PS5 I usually buy second hand and a while after the next gen is out but jumped early this time. Only reason I don't have my original Xbox is I gave it away. If I could suck up the cost I'd probably keep all my older cars or give them away rather than have to deal with the people when selling them.
  2. Cheers for some, albeit short lived racing. I was faster than I expected and was still making gains. Some decent battles with @davejm and I think @Valver in a nice clean 3 way for a few laps then I started to peel away and binned in in the 3rd to last corner (my nemesis on this track) I need to leave that throttle for a wee bit longer. My wee spin flustered me and limping back to pit lane and forgot to drop from 3rd to 1st only to wait for my DQ All in all I was quite happy with my pace after entering with little confidence so a good result for me. Thanks again for the racing
  3. @davejmI calculated my costs for plex and it was >£100 on current rates so I shut it down time to time as I've not many shares using it. Quite happy to help out.
  4. I'm just getting started, this game does need some commitment some can see why people could struggle got make time for it. We're coming into the colder darker nights now so people will probably have more indoor time. The GT7 Monday night seems to have more racers in the coming months so hope that happens here. I meant to ask, is the a way for me to support the cost of the server?
  5. @milkoyeah spent a little time last night to get an eye on the correct line, I was quite surprised to see how they had to hustle the car around, plenty of oversteer corrections. The track when looking from an external view is very tight indeed.
  6. Cheers for this, I've been running aggressive and altering the pressures only to keep it simple while I learn the game. I've been spinning out far more and the balance I way off on this track as can be seen with my ratio of laps. The track flow is nice tho.
  7. Cheers @milko, Yeah same conditions as the the server, could be I was going offline and having to compensate. My rears lit up quite a bit without an off so adjusted the bias to help. Need to have a think about my fuel strat as I've been kinda ignoring it.
  8. Does running in traffic effect the tyre temps and pressures? Done an AI race and noticed extra movement and the tyres were above the ideal temps.
  9. The next instalment of this is available on game pass. I've not played yet but did enjoy this version fir wasting time.
  10. I've done a few laps with a few different cars and I'm quite happy with the Aston. If know I can find more time not much but a little. Not knowing the track game or cars in pretty happy so far. Need to build my constancy now. I ended up running at night during as session and trying to dial the tyres in was a nightmare track temp was 15 or so. I've no experience running in a pack with this so I'll need to do a wee AI session, does the drag and wear etc all come in to play as if an online session? Sometimes running in GT7 it's a totally different beast, so thought better to check.
  11. @Corranga @Junker If wonder if we'll still be able to download it after from the PS store?
  12. @JunkerI've just had a wee session on this thanks for the heads up. You're correct it's good. I had played it on the xbox without a wheel and it was OK but season 2 was unplayable with a controller. I had a good race with a ginetta round oulton and now have my home race to do. The AI seemed OK and I was in a close fight as I'm still learning the track. Cheers
  13. I have seen a replica Jordan F1 style car just tooting along a Glasgow street the other week, I never got to see if he had mud guards or not as I think that's a requirement for road legal status. Quite the sight
  14. Has he mentioned beating Lewis in equal equipment , I never heard that bit yet.
  15. Rosberg sitting in his house cos he's unvaccinated, fud. There must be some weird contractual agreement keeping bothy him and sky going like this.
  16. Never ending cycle, I'm 2 consoles new pc among other things this year already.
  17. All I'm hearing hear is Go spend that money on that wheel you need now. My wife was asking what she could get me now I bought my pc as that was going to be it. Aww well new DD it will be. Cheers
  18. Cheers for assistance getting on last night. Quite happy my pace wasn't that far off (5 secs) considering I've never played the game on Pc and really think the PS5 version is quite different. It's much easier to feel the car on Pc. Just need to put some time in getting my rig setup correctly key mappings etc and then look at some car setup. I take it just getting a few online races will get my safety rating sorted? Also what are the general lobbies like in the terms of other drivers are they pretty sensible? Cheers again.
  19. Ohh any setup tips for a g29 would be handy? It's quite loose at zero. I only put in a couple of laps but know I need to dial in the ff and steering angles etc.
  20. I may get some time later, I'll get signed up too cheers. Mad hectic as we're away next week and the usual stuff needs done so free time is a bit all over the place just now.
  21. @davejm thanks, having a practice period will help (if I can get to practice) I'll just be super cautious for the fist few races let me learn the physics and other racers.
  22. I just got a pc that's capable of running this and would like to get involved I got the base ACC game, is there any other DLC I'll need to join in? I'll be getting upto speed with it but will be away for the next few weeks so would likely be around late August early September before it get on. Any advice appreciated.
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