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  1. @mexos https://rllmuk-racing.com/ Have a look here. This is practice times
  2. I watched a documentary a few years ago similar to this by the sounds of it. I agree it was good and he was unlucky at times. It was a good insight to new teams being formed.
  3. @Corranga I was on road atlanta and getting stupid penalties, I suspect I passed under yellows (like they are for safety and its a fucking game that no one is getting hurt) once but cunts are just punting left right and centre. I managed a 3rd place last night but the guy who took second was fucking dreadful barging and weaving all over the straight. I'm still languishing in DR C so probably to do with that. I dropped my DR after trying out the lobbies at release and quitting cos they were awful. Lesson learnt. If have to admit I did get a good race with a guy who dropped out after taking 2nd from me early on then led me to spin on the grass as I followed him, As ye do
  4. If you guys a racing tonight I'll miss it I've the first Christmas night out. Hope to catch some racing next week if it's happening. Cheers and enjoy
  5. I'm having issues with the dailys, as I said I need to try and up my DR but fuck me, the penalty system is back to being so fucking shite that if I run a fucker off the track get out murder them and steal their car some poor soul passing will get slapped with a 3 sec penalty. It's back to when I get rear ended I'm getting the penalty and TBH the standard of driving is so fucking bad its making me want to do all of the above. The other day on monza is ended up with 47 seconds due me giving a little love tap at lesmo 1 then a guy smashing the same person off the road and another person running me off at ascari I suspect I'll need to hope that the manufacturers are better and see if I have time to get some races going on there.
  6. This is my experience with it, the TV apps don't get a decent level of service support and end up slow and buggy. Plex on a Samsung app was a perfect example they relied on a user for support and the community jumped on the poor soul when it went tits.
  7. Seb should take them both out.
  8. I'm in the Rome and the Irish boozer I'm in is like it's a football game and a semi important one at that, nice
  9. A bit late, thanks for hosting the server Dave, I had a blast this season. I need to find the other second, I suspect i'm at the limit of me and the car with my times, I'm only messing with the tyres and a little wing. I need to spend some time on setup changes to try and eek out a little more time and get the balance sorted. hitting a 2:01 was quite a leap for me in the last race as i was struggling to get a consistant 2:03 at times during practice. although languishing at the rear i'm prety happy with my first season at this as it has beem a bit of game and track discovery. I've an early flight on Friday so will miss this weeks run out. have fun.
  10. Didn't Max fuck himself after admitting in a press briefing that he floored it while under yellows, giving him a penalty.
  11. Its a shame that we're talking about this instead of what was a pretty decent race(despite my earler comments) with a maiden win and a decent come back from a weary Charles even though ferrari try to screw him over at every turn it seems.
  12. Especially when we are at the end of a season where there are opportunities for drivers to give a little to make them seem less like the aggressive arseholes they are at earlier parts. Tbh I think Chico is a dick, Max is a dick so it's all good. If wonder of Sky will sully away from this story at the next race, they seemed somewhat quiet on any off track "drama" this weekend.
  13. I've never really supported a team as such. I did go to Silverstone with some BAR hats as we got them for nothing as we got tickets via Shell and my brothers work (Honda dealer) I tend to like a driver and have to say I tend to prefer drivers who aren't overly aggressive and complete wankers on track. So I usually ended up liking someone other that Schumacher. @Corrangayou sold your soul when they couldn't lose didn't you. I know some Rangers fans that done that in the 90s (can't jump a dyke now) and have felt it since.
  14. Was thinking the same this morning, the season is too long for me now. At the start with all the close stuff its was good but now it's done and the races follow the same routine and gaps are big except the DRS train I'm bored. If I've nothing to do I'll tune in otherwise I can take or eave it. The no talking to sky drama pish can all fuck off too now. Its nearly Christmas Take a break
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