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  1. This is the reason I don't use Instagram to view images as I like to pixel peep and it doesn't alow it. I feel, particularly with landscapes (mainly what I like to view) that Instagram doesn't allow it so chose not to. I think they only recently allowed users to view outside the app this too was a big issue for me as I don't want to have to have an app and all the crap that goes with especially Facebooks apps. This workaround seems quite a faff, I assume it allows the crop in app so your not spinning out 3 jpgs from lightroom?
  2. As an aside that's the first race in ages (years???) we've had a battle for first place and it was a decent enough battle.
  3. I'm quite easy going on things and can see them for what they are but the FIA seen racist as fuck. Its hard to ignore the inequality in the stewarding decisions of this whole fucking season.
  4. Max was way fastest so everyone going on about turn 1 is purely academic. It was Max's race and it was easy for him.
  5. Seen this today and still trying to make up my mind on it. The Rami's age to Madeleine seemed off and I kept thinking about it.
  6. I'm sure they forgot about the time he tryed to kill Rubens at hungry by squeezing him almost into the pits. I enjoyed the doc but it was always going to be a guarded view and a narrative that the family wanted. I respect his wife and the other family members for working to ensure he gets a level of privacy he always seemed to want.
  7. This guy started me on a wonderful journey and I'm still travelling on it. I got to play in a C5 in Comet as a kid and can still remember the smell of the brand new plastic Sad
  8. Good to see Danny get a win. It seems the you spend more time talking about the incidents in F1 rather than the racing. I've stopped recording it now as it's all bull from Sky presenters trying to make something of what would have previously been regarded as a distraction.
  9. We're in the danger of encroaching on the mnrc biscuit chat. This is like Dutch version, we had the English(only as us Scots hadn't heard of a certain biscuit) version the other week.
  10. Is this based on underground to Canada? I've remember this being part of our reading in school.
  11. Django is the only reason I held on till the end of this flick and Hateful eight. I really wish I went with my gut, both had very little going on for me and I was glad the end arrived. I'm not a big movie buff and don't care for some of the fluf and "beauty" in this. My mother (70s) loved it. My suspicion is he's seeing how long he can keep ppl hanging on through a movie.
  12. Thanks for your posts mate, it never entered my mind how close after such a long race too. It was excellent. I was a bit disappointed I span early on and messed it up (I think for @mexos) I'll need to check the replay. MNRC is excellent
  13. I love this and cry every time I hear it.
  14. London grammar, I'm not sure why but their songs seems to never hit a crescendo that i expect. It's a little disappointing and I feel guilty for not liking it
  15. I've actively avoided going in as it assume I'm not their target market as the fucking noise coming out of the shop is enough to put me of its like walking past a JD sports with the volume as high as a night club. Old man me
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