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  1. In GT keep abs on and fettle the TC in race. The braking was the hardest part for me to get.
  2. Yeah then some animal wipes out the 100m marker on barthurst on the opening lap of a 60min race and I spent the whole race trying all different references points:)
  3. I find using the engine noise a better way to know when to change. I'm watched a replay of the daily and kept thinking that's cheating but I'm always too conservative when attacking then and this track shows it massively. Did you and Joe get some time on Monday for some mentoring?
  4. I had a wee watch of this and I'm not sure if the replay is totally accurate but I noticed your changing up really early, you can (more so in higher gears) let it run on, this will allow you to be in the powerband when you get the next gear if you take the F1 car your at the top of the revs for ages. Your the only person I'm able to beat so maybe I shouldn't tell you that
  5. I felt it was a bit look at how good I am/was and seemed to miss the poor performances particularly the period where redbull have been shit. The aero stuff was fascinating as was the insight of the early days political moves.
  6. I was the same until i got the wheel. I thi think it's much easier to feather out the brake when turning in.
  7. Brilliant will take the time tomorrow to watch the whole thing
  8. Cheers, this is what I feared ive got a rather large catalog too. I think I'll need to split it and see if I can manage with the 20gb space for current work. I have use it very infrequently so it may not be so troublesome for me.
  9. I enjoyed the sprint, I was looking strong until I was sitting behind pim on our way to turn one and pim was drafting someone in front he missed the breaking point as did I and was wondering why I was heading in at speed and binned it. That track and car was excellent. Once I was used to the slipstream I enjoyed it some good fun up the home straight.
  10. I got 2 E types last week one for the millage and the other as I done track experience literally at the same time
  11. I'm looking for some advice, I have lightroom classic on 2 devices and I have a server running at home that I can access via vpn. I will be editing images on both my win10 and mac I'm wonder if I should create a share on the server that both access and save my catalogue there. Had anyone got experience with this? I'm not willing to go to the cloud solution as the cost is too much considering my usage. Thanks in advance
  12. You got a recipe for that garam masala? I've been meaning to try some out for years but never got round to it
  13. I made a batch of both base 1 and 2, they were made on the 22nd December I've just used the last one and I'm having around 1 curry a week. I would usually have it out a jar that would cost around £4 for 2 jars as the kids don't like it hot. I would occasionally get a takeaway that would cost about £25-30 for us say twice over the 7 months. Now I've made my own different variants I can use one base for the 4 of us and adjust the heat without the Need for another sauce. I will freeze my chili's and batch up some garlic and ginger to freeze. The spices I already have for making other meals spice rubs/chilli Mexican spice mixes etc. For me there is a cost saving. The base 2 is quite a bit more expensive but you could ramp up the scale of you had the freezzer space to maximise the savings. Base 1 is pretty cheap and is good too I don't actually do it for saving money as its not a focus for me when cooking. Steaks and fish cost me a fortune.
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