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  1. I got to half way through the second ep of the second series and I struggled with it. I really liked the first series but I'm seeing some really poor acting and I think it's because the story is so flat. Is it worth sticking with?
  2. Overtake button that would have been useful, ahh well I'll remember the next time. (I did use it in the last catalonia race) d'oh
  3. Yeah, I owe you an apology for a shunt at the second to last bend I think I had been rearended at the 4th and I think my brakes took a hit (that's my excuse anyway :)) . I have to say it was good racing. I was actually 2nd for a time too
  4. I was running for a time with those names around me and was getting all excited as my speed wasn't much different but then realised they were all mapped to lean. I had a blast, @Rymy first race was an endurance round spa with a crappy gr3 Ferrari on a wheel I had only used a few times. It was a long race as I was losing it every lap. There was a little rubbing from me in the last race, I'll need to check and see if I was over ambitious and send the appropriate apologies should they be needed. Cheers again @McSpeed
  5. More than likely but as part of a R&D for other formulas or road cars so as not to breach the rules of F1
  6. Has anyone been prompted to insert a disk with the game pass version? strangely I am EDIT, I had disconnected my WiFi as I used the cat5 for download and now I'm in a different room, I suspect that's the issue
  7. I had an enjoyable first race with the slippery 911 gt3 some good racing with corranga and @beenabadbunny even though I wasn't feeling the car it got better through the race. During the second race I was kinda on my own for a lot of it and allowed my focus to slip a little and lost consistency. I did notice I'm dropping a ton of time in the last sector I'll watch the replay and see if I can find some time. Shame I need to build my office and won't get time over the next few weeks to practise. Cheers Joe for hosting again
  8. On point one, I have a nikor 35mm prime and it makes my d3300 a good bit lighter and manageable when out and about. For portraits it's really nice and is good in a low light. I have to say I've not been using mine much either. I have need to make more time for snapping.
  9. Looking good mate, It took me a good few weeks to get some decent rhythm with it.
  10. As am I but I've a g29 so not got that worry, Will you be joining us tonight on GT?
  11. In GT keep abs on and fettle the TC in race. The braking was the hardest part for me to get.
  12. Yeah then some animal wipes out the 100m marker on barthurst on the opening lap of a 60min race and I spent the whole race trying all different references points:)
  13. I find using the engine noise a better way to know when to change. I'm watched a replay of the daily and kept thinking that's cheating but I'm always too conservative when attacking then and this track shows it massively. Did you and Joe get some time on Monday for some mentoring?
  14. I had a wee watch of this and I'm not sure if the replay is totally accurate but I noticed your changing up really early, you can (more so in higher gears) let it run on, this will allow you to be in the powerband when you get the next gear if you take the F1 car your at the top of the revs for ages. Your the only person I'm able to beat so maybe I shouldn't tell you that
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