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  1. So Bloggo is back with the home conversion videos .... Konami Vs Commodore 64 POW! Part 1 https://youtu.be/q2h-HD4-OEA
  2. I had a quick go on a pirate version of a Megadrive homebrew and tested out my OSSC Barbarian? on the Megadrive? POW! Barbarian? on the Megadrive? POW! https://youtu.be/HeY8EejlZR8
  3. Not yet... doesn’t come much documentation does it ? edit... I’m an idiot... it’s on the website
  4. So it's arrived and out of the box it plays nicely with my Elgato HD 60. I think I've got a shit load of fiddling to get the best out of it but I'm very pleased with the results so far, plus it keeps the aspect ratio unlike my old SCART to HDMI convertor
  5. Yeah they’re out of stock! I will get one!
  6. I disagree, Crisis is nowhere near as good as Storm!
  7. Bloggo is lamenting the fact that there's no fourth Streets of Rage game and plays some contenders...
  8. In using a basic scart to hdmi running into an Elgato right now. It’s ok but not brilliant
  9. So finally a gaming expo with retro content in London! Who’s going? https://www.playexpolondon.com/whats-on
  10. I’m trying to justify it, it would only get used for video capture though at I've got 2 CRTs in the game room
  11. I’m really considering getting one for my YouTube stuff. I’ve got RGB for all my consoles but a lot of my cables I’ve had for years. Will this be a problem?
  12. Soooooooo! Does anyone want to buy my v2 MVS to AES converter? I’m looking for £150 plus your choice of postings!
  13. Are they building the site for the Olympics?
  14. Other end of the Country then I’m in the south east. How much are you looking for it. Depending on that I’d look at how much it’d cost to post
  15. That’s it game over. We’ll be up to our ears in diamond encrusted Super Famicoms now.
  16. Samurai Spirits, Art Of Fighting 2 and Fatal Fury Special are probably good starting points. Not too expensive
  17. So my re-branding is complete - new intro shout and graphics too!
  18. Had a bit of re-branding on the channel today, quite happy with the results!
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