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  1. Bloggo looks at the three games that make up Data East's Kuuga Shooter series !
  2. I’ve got a real soft spot for Ninja Combat, I mean it’s technically shite but it’s got an 80s Cannon Films era feel about it. Like Michael Dudikoff is gonna flip out at any time.
  3. Sengoku is good. (Well I like it) it’s got two sequels that I must have played but can’t remember. Mutation Nation? Robo Army? I might be mis-remembering names there. oh and Burning Fight. If you like half cooked Final Fight rip-offs edit: slow phone day means I didn’t see @ulala ‘s reply Sooooooooorrrrreeeeee!
  4. The arse has fallen out of the convertor market... those nice tidy mvs consoles on Ali-express has had an effect. And be really fucking careful with convertors on the AES.... my graveyard of AES consoles is growing. And I'm sure the latest death was down to a badly seated convertor/MVS cart
  5. Nah, they’re not worth as much these days... mine went for a pittance edit... Neo Geo is turning into a regrettable one way money pit. Well at least for me...
  6. So this week SHOCK HORROR Bloggo plays something from the current generation !
  7. Good job! I still find myself tempted to get KoF’94 Despite having the arguably superior ‘96.... and ‘98 and 2001 on MVS... and also having nothing to play it on at the moment (two dead AES consoles and counting). me? Problem? Naaaah
  8. How exactly did you receive your code? I’m a backer and I’ve had no notifications
  9. Upon seeing the teaser image on twitter last week.... I must admit to being a little excited...
  10. That looks excellent, however I wonder why the border/gui isn’t in keeping graphically with the gameplay?
  11. Bloggo tries to clear his pile of shame by dusting off 4 Dreamcast games that he hasn't played yet. Until now. Obviously.
  12. Yeah, they’re awesome! Seriously though invest in some good cables. Off the top of my head I can’t remember where mine came from but they’re a good make.
  13. I really enjoyed it on PS4. its certainly got the trappings of an old Isometric game, but I’d say Solstice on the NES was a closer comparison
  14. Aaaaaand I forgot all about Super/Sony Ghouls’n’Ghosts’n’Goblins whateverthefuckitscalled Great game!
  15. Lumines Outrun 2 Gradius Collection Ridge Racer dodgy square button
  16. I'm taking it back to Unconverted Arcade this week !
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