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  1. Bloggo rolls, shoots and leaves.. dancing happily in to the sunset after playing these arcade crosshair shooters
  2. There's too many MANS! Bloggo takes his sanity and throws it away by playing the most naked shmups...
  3. Don’t go spoiling it, but post pics when they arrive !
  4. Yeah, I would’ve dropped £20 or so on it... meh
  5. “Blankety blank” ?? Where’s the chequebook and pen?
  6. Someone needs to make a CMVS out of a knackered VCS....
  7. It’s bizarre... maybe after the initial batch they decided to increase the price for their new stock? Mine was delayed pending more stock so I guess I’m lucky they didn’t just cancel my order....
  8. Bloggo and Sgt.goat Play some Wii lightgun shooters and go outside for an away mission.....sunlight burns.... (contains actual location arcade footage!)
  9. I'm wondering if all these availability issues, changing prices and the case being sold on it's own (at a price equivalent to my full system) has something to do with the Neo Mini... SNK/Playmore laying the smack down maybe?
  10. Ok, it's getting odd now.... $178 WITHOUT AN MVS BOARD WTF? .. Yep it's a jamma connector and joypad ports in a Perspex case.. Nothing else
  11. Mine was from TimeHarvest too Mind you I've not confirmed delivery yet as they haven't replied about my cracked case yet
  12. That's mad... mine was £144 (plus shipping) and for the record that HDMI convertor is *OK* but it's not on the same level as an OSSC or FM.... I used to use one on my Youtube videos. Certainly a mental rip-off price.
  13. I can't watch that (at work) but if it's the video where someone claims it fried his Framemeister, RetroCore posted a reply video debunking his claims.. It's after watching this review (and seeing that Retrocore had no issues after a month of use) I decided to take the plunge and get one.
  14. Someone asked me the other day where to get one... aliexpress I replied... Now I cant see them on there !
  15. Two for Neo Geo ... two for Sega Saturn ! Pretty neat eh? Pretty useful considering the expense/scarcity of nice NG pads/joysticks.
  16. Oh fucksocks... I am fucking Neo Cursed. I’ve just noticed this fucking great crack in the side of the case.. fucking fuck.
  17. OK, who wants to take bets on how long it’ll take me to damage this in some way.
  18. Ditto..what she said... mind you Mame is practically easier to capture from of course.
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