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  1. Its ok, but came be mighty frustrating later on in the game
  2. I loved the SNES one (especially in two player) but never played the sequels. I just plain didn`t like the N64 one.....just couldn`t get into it
  3. Sorry but I asked this on the old forum, just before the posts disappeared. I would like recommendations on how to store bulks of Jamma boards. Do any PCB collectors have any advice?
  4. I got a nice shiny (well brown) C64 Xmas 1983 and spent the rest of that year playing Radar Rat Race (a rip-off of Namco`s Rally-X ) on a cartridge with a quickshot 1 joystick. It wasn`t until March in the new year that Mum decided to blow the housekeeping on a tape deck and I chose a game called "Matrix" . The cover had no screenshots but had a name too it...."Jeff Minter" That, my friends was truely the beginning
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