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  1. Is the 360 Retro yet.. probably not BUT I do have some thoughts about how multiplayer experiences will (or won't ) be replayable
  2. Jeez, that was 5 years ago! (really? wow! time flies!) It was some guy on a Facebook group, took bloody months and cost about £80 Pretty good results though :
  3. Yeah constantly referring to the PC Engine (you can hear them say it ) as a Turbo Grafix is really jarring. This aside I absolutely loved it. I was in tears at the end of episode 3
  4. This is obviously where retrogaming YouTube is headed* . So I decided to get into the action this weekend! 2 Player Games With Mrs.Bloggo - Bikini Special POW! *heaps of sarcasm
  5. My mum is 72, she has a better gaming PC than me. She plays MMORPGS mostly and steam indie games. Oh and Diablo, Skyrim and Divinity. She also has a PS3 for Street Fighter 4. It’s the only game she plays on it.
  6. So I picked up RB2 at PlayExpo London, MVS in a custom shockbox for £80. Not bad I think.
  7. Yes. And twice yes! I feel a PVM porn post coming on...
  8. It’s working out nicely so far, thanks I haven’t had the time to play too much on it though! It’s unibios 3.3, I’d guess Ninja Doc is right about the board (I’ve not opened it up)
  9. Bloggo Looks at some games that are on the Megadrive that were movies once too!
  10. Yeah that’d be cool for mame!
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