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  1. I have the same concerns, but let's not forget that as kids in the 80s we all watched Gremlins and Ghostbusters which we're pushed as kids films.
  2. Cancelled my pre-order. Re-ordered the Guardian Edition. This is brill.
  3. I've been doing my best to read every single book ever published before they're made into a film but it's proving quite the challenge.
  4. It's absolutely weird that both platforms launched without it, to be honest. Still, I just took delivery of The Lego Movie this week and was going to have to hook up my 3D player to watch it. This'll mean I can get shot of that for good.
  5. I'm half way through Act 4 at the moment, and it is going a bit herp derp in terms of story.
  6. Gameslore had it in (I bought it through their Amazon store as I had credit) - I think Boardgameguru did as well, and Rules Cardiff just got it too I think. Seems to be fairly available. And sorry. (I'm not sorry).
  7. LEGENDARY VILLAINS: Oh god, you'll think, as you get it out of the box for the first time. It's still got the same shit card stock, the rubbish card dividers that give you no indication of what they are actually dividing for you and the reams of unfilled space in the box that you just know they're going to make you fill with expansions. Then you'll get the new rollable mat out and see a couple of changes from the board in the base game, but neither of them particularly meaningful. You'll open up the near identical rulebook, read it, conclude that Bindings are wounds and that plenty of other ca
  8. It's so bad you could only finish it?
  9. I dunno, I haven't had a gaming PC for about 6 years so the Vita is fucking amazing to me. The games could be given away for free on PC - they'd still be absolutely no use to me full stop, never mind out and about. See also the Indie resurgence on PS4. iOS vs Vita is a different discussion, but I very much fall on the side of preferring traditional controls to touch ones.
  10. "This Vita machine isn't anywhere near as good as this other fictional non-machine I admit I made up in my head that I can't actually buy"
  11. I'm not being ultra defensive - I'm explaining myself.
  12. "Technically it's a cross gen game"? I'm not sure there's any technicality about it - it's available across both generations and is an identical experience bar resolution, textures, lighting and sky boxes. What I don't understand is why any of that is a bad thing. It's a wonderfully realised space that is much larger than anyone who only gives it 20 minutes will see. Someone on my Twitter feed did the opening mission and complained it's all corridors and no freedom - yep, because it's the opening mission. Within 90 minutes of play from that you can have a speeder bike and a a pretty huge ga
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