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    Can’t tell you how good Gunvein is, had a few hrs on it yesterday. It is really special….love the way it is so welcoming. I’m playing it on easy mode and it’s judged very well…..makes you feel like a pro when playing.
  2. Picked up my switch oled for the first time yesterday since getting the steam deck. wow it felt so light, the deck is such a tubby bastard
  3. Only on episode 6 series 1, this is utterly brilliant. fav episode so far is the golf handicap one, absolutely amazing.
  4. sid


    It’s ace on pc horizontal they’ve got a cool zoom effect happening on the borders but it really is special , and very accessible
  5. sid


    Gunvein is out on steam and it’s very, very good
  6. gameboy and Tetris should still last forever
  7. Morgott is hard af how much more of the game is there after that ?
  8. Normally there’s a shit tonne though at Xmas , but there’s nothing. I mean there’s stuff to play but I expect game or whatever will struggle at retail. There’s no presents to buy your average Xbox or ps5 owning niece or nephew !
  9. the actual state of the world.... god of war, cod, that's it where's all the games at ? worse xmas ever.
  10. One of my favourite things about Star Wars is peoples passion for it Great post
  11. This is proof that disney can really manage Star Wars. Now go do knights of the old republic. Take your time, make it great. Go big game of thrones style. Throw up old 70s looking tech in the mix. you don’t even need much Jedi. hire great male actors. Hire great female actors. Mostly English and Scottish. expand the universe to fuck. Don’t pander any to the tofu eating wokerati. Major fan service. One person in charge of story and screenplay , no minging pc sounding boards. Hire Chris Nolan’s squad. Or Ridley . Most people love it job done. Now go do a Jedi trilogy about Jedis before the emperor. Way before
  12. Spaceship lightsabres if that don’t get you hard you are dead inside
  13. Radiant silver gun go amazing
  14. I want to love this so hard. Don’t disappoint. the original is such a special film for so many reasons.
  15. It made me realise how the dynasty warriors games had passed me by. Maybe they have the same crowd control / levelling dynamic
  16. Vampire survivors is the deck’s tetris should come bundled with it absolute crack
  17. sid


    Consolevania review is gushing , sounds amazing !!
  18. sid

    R-Type Final 2

    This game is so fucking hard got all the dlc and absolutely in love with it but it’s kicking my ass any tips
  19. sid

    R-Type Final 2

    £49 for the dlc packs is a bit much
  20. This is absolutely shite. ms marvel is the only decent output of phase 4 really , the rest is average at best and mostly poor really.
  21. 3 photo challenge get
  22. Just a note for anyone with a new steam deck and ramming it full of dark souls games..: 1,2 and 3 are currently offline only due to a remote code execution exploit , has been the case for a while. Apparently due to be fixed soon…
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