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  1. Literally a wow moment in the ‘original game ‘......first trip across badlands (?) and seeing thousand needles.
  2. sid

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh my god heave ho is the best thing to happen in gaming for years Absolutely superb
  3. I hate the whole ‘nobody is left behind’ cross gen thing how can you design a new game that benefits from fast cpus when the core game logic continues to run on current gen shit cpus platform holders should subsidise new games released early in a platforms lifecycle so that they don’t need the last gen sales to prop it up
  4. totally agree with all your points there , and yes avengers girls assemble is a weak argument, and appreciate it spoke to a lot of women. It didn’t bother me just thought it odd like why would everyone just split up by gender wtf. But I get the message. I know some women who felt it was condescending and forced, but no doubt many more found it empowering. I couldn't agree more on your last of us commentary that’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along , their gender or sexual preference should be irrelevant and certainly was to me in the first games. A great story with really strong characters, probably the best in any video game.
  5. they seem decent , I’m desperate to find out why they didn’t like the story direction. must avoid spoilers !
  6. IMO They should normally just be the best actor / actress for that role regardless their race or gender. Unless the story dictates it has to be someone specific. I personally think it fantastic that NG are brave enough to put lbgt characters up front and centre in a game. The Last of us is my fav game of all time. The trailer for ltou2 got me massively pumped for it. The thought of following Ellie’s love story etc and seeing where they take the wider adventure.....just can’t wait for it.
  7. No way man I’ve spelled out exactly what i think all along , no squirming here. i loath movies or games being designed by a committee under some inclusive box ticking exercise , but am sympathetic to the need to do something to turn the tide for whatever the cause might be. Just sometimes it might go too far and impact the media in question. You seem to be very black and white in your approach with no grey areas, which is a shame but good luck to you , you are clearly passionate and intelligent .
  8. I just felt it unnatural why separate them out like that
  9. No that is not fine
  10. When it’s designed by some box ticking bullshit corporate committee, that might just happen you know. but I am not naive enough to appreciate that when it doesn’t happen naturally , you need to force it. So what you going to do. I’d prefer it to just happen naturally but whatever.
  11. My issue is where any of this is pushed to the detriment of the media itself Only that i am an extremely tolerant, liberal minded individual.
  12. That’s what lying cat said not me wtf
  13. I also said I don’t agree with all that was said wtf Jesus Christ
  14. I said of course not ie not fine
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