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  1. They must be working on bloodborne remaster atm. If not , they are nuts as it’s literally a banker.
  2. Can’t think of any game I want them to redo less than mgs ffs. get bloodborne done already
  3. FYI My ps5 kept crashing after enabling hdmi link. Disabled it and seems ok since.
  4. I started as a knight and seem to be fat rolling by default is that right? Should I level endurance to speed things up a bit ??
  5. This is the shite message of shite .... my mate got it for his console, I’ve got it for my games. Anyone else ???
  6. Amazon fucked my games order up though, miles and demons failed to ship. Some logistics issue. £5 refund and next day ship of miles, downloading demons instead
  7. Hermes can suck a bag of dicks ’unexpected issue with delivery at 10:59’
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