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  1. Gran turismo 8 but at that start of every online race you have to queue for petrol.
  2. As soon as it’s dark enough outside and winter kicks in I’m going to completely kick the fuck out of returnal. When I come up for air, hopefully halo is out. I’ve recently got game pass so there’s loads I’ve get lined up there. literally need nothing else. Far cry 6 could sneak in.
  3. 100% this. My backlog is a state and I’m glad to have a bit of a lull to clatter it.
  4. soooo a friend of mine tried to insert it into the wires coming down from the slot….similar to how a games cartridge might have sat in between the pins. Using lots of force because the fucking heat sync screws were fouling a bit. Took him ages to realise you just put it in the slot above.
  5. sid

    Xbox Game Pass

    reminds me of half life 2 in places, factories, dog , throwing stuff back at titans. It is a perfect game imo.
  6. sid

    Xbox Game Pass

    One of the things I hadn’t appreciated about game pass is the opportunity to re-visit old gems. But now polished into 4K loveliness. I thought it was just a gimmick but find myself playing some really special games again. I’ve said it before but if you’ve not played and completed titanfall 2 please give it a go. Stunning. Possibly best shooter ever made this side of halo.
  7. Have people already gone passed the £4 reservation point and been able to buy it ?
  8. My god this is so sweet , reminded me of a gibli film, Just a lovely story their visuals really are first class as well
  9. The maths here don’t add up should be more like : £10 profit per game on sony vs Xbox sub revenue - costs to provide service on Xbox side eg money paid to devs for game
  10. That guy has literally just traded in all those shitty old 360 games for something worth playing
  11. Running natively will sound like playing dvds in 4-5 years
  12. It feels very corporate , grey, dull and boring. In an industry full of vibrant colour , constantly pushing the boundaries of visual , aural and interactive arts. it inspires nobody They used to have games like jet set radio. Now the big announcements come from pc ports. If you’ve got a pc the Xbox is irrelevant, which is very sad indeed. I want one but I’ve got a hardon for new consumer electronics despite them.
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