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  1. They are listening to the community regarding save states apparently:/
  2. best 20 seconds I’ll spend today reading that thanks !
  3. I would love to see a bit of PN03 (GameCube) animation on the dodging , it would take on Rhythm action vibes imo
  4. When you realise that the boss that fucking owned you in biome 1 isn’t a boss
  5. Always on. Why the fuck isn’t that the default ! Jesus Christ this game. the boxart should just say FUCKYOU on the front in a big font
  6. 90 mins of the bumblebee opening bit on cybertron please. like fuck it will be.....marky mark will be there probably .
  7. This is really special but hard as nails. Progression system needs work......but gfx, sound, gameplay are too drawer. must be an easy thing to fix
  8. Right I’m going in for a couple of hours. Dogs walked. Wife watching the telly, kids in bedrooms. let’s do this. (sits with pad in hand, awaiting the inevitable ‘dogs just shat in the living room’ discussion)
  9. 100% this are any of the dev team on this forum ? This man has shown you the way.
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