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  1. The one with the pvp , headwrap, and chairs etc boss is a pita. Even offline. Just getting to him up the stairs is a fucking slog. Does my nut in. About 10-12 bosses in and loving everything else but this is kicking my arse.
  2. I think it’s very close, some reviews saying VD better ! no wires is a bonus also but wired is fine, stable. it is mind blowing though, unbelievable.
  3. i5 7600k 16gb ram not sure speed etc if you’ve got decent wireless router etc I think wireless is possible Via virtual desktop
  4. Fucking hell this is good playing on a pretty bang average setup, oculus quest on a link cable , 1080ti. Easily best thing I’ve seen in vr, absolutely superb. has anyone played this on a similar setup and then upgraded eg valve index ? How does it compare? Still a pain in the ass setup wise but definitely worth it
  5. Wave race , pilot wings and advance wars on switch please. in fact this thread makes me want to dust off the 3ds
  6. Ok thanks I can see that point.... when anything at all compared to the Holocaust can undermine it in any way you can’t use therefore it as an example. Even if in itself the comparison is not specifically anti Semitic. Understood thanks....every days a school day and all that. Fucking hell this place though.
  7. So we should google things instead of discussing them . oook this used to be a place you could have a discussion.
  8. Jesus this forum is unable to discuss anything as usual.
  9. I meant more how they got the people on board / manipulating them if you see what I mean.
  10. I don’t deny it for one bit that’s abhorrent but I don’t see how she did either. perhaps it’s my lack of understanding of the points Holocaust deniers make maybe. If so I apologise genuinely don’t know much about Holocaust denial !
  11. Does she have a history of particularly poor taste tweets ? If so fair enough I guess , I really don’t know much about her. However I’ve read her most recent tweet a few times now and I don’t see the anti semitic side at all. Isn’t she just drawing parallels between techniques used by those in power to manipulate how people act towards someone/thing/race/gender/culture/etc are you not allowed to do that when it involves talking about strategies in ww2 now ? Who says? I get the ‘if you want to be paid by Disney , don’t even put yourself in the firing
  12. And what it is with the delay in rt rendering on control ps5.....move the camera, stop, 2-4 frames layer the rt finishes rendering Wtf is this a thing on pc???
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