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  1. I think they know what they need to do, it’s just bloody expensive. So decide not to. Ie doing some bounty hunting , murder on a grand scale with an epic story playing out over multiple seasons. Something to get invested in. A love interest. Real characters with emotion….factions post Jedi…..the start of the fucking first order if you absolutely have to not more bloody fetch quests in the sand
  2. A better story might have been about absolute power corrupting, so perhaps Luke eventually turning to the dark side / the goodies ruling and eventually becoming corrupt. That this stuff comes in waves and then showing another uprising against them or something like that. Like maybe turns back in the end. Rather than the fucking retreads we got. you could end it with a tlj style broom being picked up using the force by some kid….maybe he’s torturing a bug or something ie the cycle never ends, power will eventually corrupt etc
  3. its like watching someone play world of Warcraft with Star Wars skins . You hit the nail on the head, there’s no emotion. It’s just boring fetch/kill quests. Not watched episode 3 yet, but expectations are low. compare it to the animations , clone wars etc, they are miles better story wise. I guess it’s still early days….
  4. Absolutely loving this thanks for the recommendation. Ticks all the boxes
  5. Watched episode 1, it’s like generic rpg the movie, go here do the quest come back. not impressed 5/10 like a boring Mando episode I did enjoy some of the backstory stuff, but d+ have got to move these spin offs away from fetch and kill quests. needs more meta story not questing. But that’s hard to write…. hope episode 2 is better !!
  6. One man’s hanging in to a 20 yr old combat loop is another’s idea of recreating perfection I guess. Note also that other devs just bash out the multiplayer and call it a day….. im not saying it couldn’t have been a better story , I’m just saying they were clearly battling with other priorities, cross gen being one. I hope they will drop that constraint for the next game. They should in theory be able to put it out much quicker as well now that the engine is done.
  7. I am enjoying this more than most fps I’ve played in the last 5-6 years. The combat is amazing. If it was that easy to bottle and recreate everyone would be doing it. So many fun systems to play with and approaches to take. It’s funny as hell. You can tell a lot of love went into it. it’s also across a rediculous spread of machines, do not underestimate how much money got sunk into that shit on the optimisation side. blame the Xbox one sure but don’t blame 343. and for gods sake don’t hate on people who love it for what it is ! It’s an amazing achievement.
  8. My god this is so much better than 5. Chalk and cheese, this is the absolute shit
  9. Spent the last couple of days catching up with halo 5, the only one I hadn’t completed. 1. the animation is absolutely terrible, sometimes it’s like stop motion 4-5 FPS in the distance it’s minging. Really ugly. I hope this one doesn’t suffer from that. 2. I have absolutely no idea what is going on story wise. Ever. Something about cortana going mental and trying to go all powerful , but then there’s a new race the Promethians (4th one after brutes, covenant , flood ??!) . And the arbiter (dude from halo 2?) is knocking about and getting involved (effectively a 5th set of guys not including humans ??!) . And I’m playing some guy hunting down master chief who’s trying to find cortana ? Fuck knows. It’s comes across all a bit destiny …… is halo5 generally considered the shit one ? Or worst one at least? Halo infinite has a lot of repairing to do, just hope it really is the perfect mix of 1 and 3
  10. ive seen better trailers I just can’t remember when. wow
  11. Anything ch5 is strong atm. I really enjoyed the Xmas chalet check it out
  12. A high bar indeed Standard story in all of them, there’s a drinking game in there I recon : - going to a small town - his or her granny or child playing cupid - a cookie or cupcake or gingerbread shop - the ex husband stirring it up - horse drawn carriage - a competition eg baking - a double booked accommodation - a crisis of confidence
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