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  1. Force awakens 10hr critique says hello
  2. I want a full Cerny breakdown of the rubber used on the new sticks, and why I won’t need to do the bone-stick-switch (bonex?) on ps5 pads
  3. Could never imagine it could get worse.....bad times
  4. What an absolute unwatchable fuck fest. no audience acceptance speeches phoned in / online call issues , audio delay devoid of all emotion and warmth just why would you broadcast this grade z nonsense......
  5. sid

    Ad Astra

    Did you like the moon pirates bit ?
  6. I can’t remember a game coming out that is so far advanced in the ‘old gen’ that it makes new gen stuff look a bit underwhelming. The art in this game is unbelievable.
  7. sid

    Ad Astra

    Fucking aweful, avoid
  8. This game is going to play great. It is such a shame, all they had to do was position it as a cross gen title, plays best on series x really push number of players day 1 due to cross gen the marketing dept need shooting
  9. Tetris effect in vr takes some beating , but for me it was bloodborne, completely engrossing
  10. The museum omfg probably the best directed cut scene of all time. Heart warming i love the pace shifting in this .... totally well judged....up to day 2 anyway
  11. My daughter turned 10 today and we bought her a laptop. I’d like to put some games on it that aren’t just roblox and fortnight. any recommendations much appreciated please !!
  12. 599 ps5 big boy 539 ps5 dig 539 bone series x
  13. Does it also cover the dlc?
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