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  1. Can you contact me.

  2. is the 3D meant to be good? im assuming it isn't meant to be like things coming at you and just to add a bit of depth? Went into gamestation the other day and thought i'd see what the 3DS was like and setting the slider all the way to the top just left me feeling...disappointed. The only reason i'd look at buying one is for MGS and OoT but from my first impressions i'd much prefer if they just came out on the normal DS instead
  3. I'll be up for giving a few designs a go if you still need something drop me a pm
  4. I'd like to do a course ideally as it would give a bit more structure and at least something to work to, plus having people to ask when something isn't working...Books and the internet are fine but its nice to have that interaction. Now with how my learning is going, keeping in line with how the books are, they've been going over the different types of loops, arrays, basic coding etc. Its moving onto classes,pointers etc now. Now everything is command line still for now which is fine as i suppose its learning to crawl etc, so its teaching you what everything does without all the fancy graphics and then building up. Although i do have a question, one of my books is using code::blocks and the other is using visual studio which is also what im using, Now for the command line stuff i know there isn't really any different about what's needed but when it starts to come to do the basic windows applications which would be more beneficial? In fact what im more trying to get at, either with games or applications... Is there a main application that people use to write everything? Are they more "visual" editors or is everything coded by hand to get it to display on the screen? (if that makes sense..)
  5. Well sticking with c++ and reading through the books i've got at the moment, im slowly getting an idea of the very basics made a "deal or no deal" game for command line as a little challenge set by a friend, each new game shuffles the values around in each box and at the end of each round gives you a banker offer which you can accept or decline Not too bad i dont think lol
  6. Aha i've come across a website called Code Chef, gives "projects" to work through and then you submit the code and it checks if it gives the right answer so far ive done the first two practises
  7. So i've picked up a couple of books at the weekend and whilst they explain things and have examples to back up what they're saying, they dont have any exercises/challenges in them Does anyone know of any sites that would have beginner projects to undertake?
  8. So once ive got the hang of c++, SDL is the next to look into to be able to move on from the "console" based applications to actual windowed applications? From the bits of been reading on the net and trying out, i'm currently using Visual c++ 2010 express, Would you say this is ok to stick with? If i was looking at making more "applications" than games would it be worth looking into getting the proper Visual C++ as i think that has more of a "design view"? or is it nicer to actually code everything?
  9. Thanks for the replies! I only know HTML/CSS so really its a pretty big jump Ideally I'd want to be able to write applications/games (like everyone else really) Obviously if people have a better alternative to c++ im open to suggestions, but from what i've read and been told, c++ is the one to use?
  10. Im sure this has been asked many times before but has anyone got any tips or recommendations on learning c++ ? I was looking for local courses but there doesn't appear to be any I'm looking at picking some books up at the weekend and I suppose there is youtube as well...
  11. so its not required for online play? ace, im playing it online atm, gamertag is Shi No Tsukai if you fancy a game
  12. Hey all quick question, is autolog needed for online play? or can you just use normal xbox live?
  13. Not sure if theres a thread for gamertags on this but if anyone would like to add me so i can join in with you guys my gamer tag is Shi No Tsukai
  14. I quite like that video and wouldn't mind seeing it on a 3DTV. If Kinectimals was a 3D game i reckon that could set things off quite nice, even though i've only had a quick go of it, i could imagine seeing it in 3D and feel like you're having more interaction with the animal. Even with the brief go on kinect sports doing the volleyball, on a 3DTV seeing the ball come towards you would add that extra element to the kinect. Imagine a survival horror game in 3D that you can interact with...
  15. Isn't the harry potter game thats coming out soon as goose said, xbox controller for normal play and the kinect for bonus sections and then next year they're making one just for kinect? i maybe wrong though
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