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  1. I’ve not done any of the raids and would be keen to give it a go or to fill in given it looks like a full team
  2. After finding all the memories, completing 99 shrines, discovering 202 koroks and finishing the Champions Ballad I finally faced up to my responsibilities and tackled Calamity Ganon. I can't believe the game didn't click with me first time around because it's utterly amazing! It's been pretty much all I have been playing and I still want to keep exploring. After about 150 hours I also finally stumbled upon my first bear sighting. Despite finishing the game I'm still wandering and exploring and don't see that finishing any time soon. I still also need to have a proper go at the Trial of the Sword and may even venture into Master Mode. Just a fantastic experience all round.
  3. I’m still loving exploring and it’s amazing how much there is to see and do and new things discovered in areas I thought I had explored. lately I have stumbled upon a colosseum and had an epic battle with a silver Lynel. Reminded me of many of by boss fights in Dark Souls / Bloodborne where I would get the boss right down on health then get sloppy I’m the rush to finish it off and almost lose. Link finished off all his food in that one to stay in the fight and just made it. Then decided to wander along the coast. Saw my first rainbow as I was walking round the headland and then stumbled into Lurelin village which was a fantastic surprise and somewhere Link spent a fair bit of time exploring and paddling in the sea. while there I liked the little touch of link grabbing his foot in pain when kicking open a chest in bare feet. I felt a bit mean making him do that three times with the chests I found in the sea. Having found the Korok mask it’s been fun figuring out some of the seeds. I like the way that you know you’re not getting any new equipment so already have what you need to figure out the seeds and the shrines. i’m still not in any hurry to face Ganon.
  4. I’m back exploring after some time playing Mario. Now going to try wandering and not fast travelling to see what I can see. Currently in Hebra and have found a shrine that I can’t yet work out how to get to and something that might be linked to it or a seed - think I know what to do but not how to do it. good to be back again but Ganon can still wait a while longer ...
  5. Just learning the ropes but up for some games. SW-1136-7965-0311
  6. bagapeas

    Nintendo Switch

    My Switch was pretty neglected when I couldn’t really get into Zelda. However since trying it again and getting hooked I’m on it constantly. currently mainly Zelda and Mario but I also have Mario Kart and Graceful Explosion Machine and yesterday just picked up Splatoon 2 and had a few games. I commute into London everyday and have typically used the time watching Tv on Netflix/Amazon but now it’s the switch all the way. It’s great being able to play these games on the move.
  7. Yeah, it's showing the path, but starts from the first time I ventured into Hyrule Castle for a snoop around, which was quite a way into my game. Still interesting to watch from that point on, though I was teleporting all over the place around that time.
  8. I got the expansion pass over the weekend. I was disappointed that the heroes path doesn’t seem to have tracked from the start, despite having only played around 80 hours. Not sure if I’m missing something but has this happened for anyone else?
  9. I got a bit cocky and went head on with a white Lynel. Didn’t end well
  10. I got caught in a lightning storm while exploring this afternoon so quickly unequipped all my metal gear. At that moment one of the Yiga Clan swordsmen appeared in front of me. Bugger I thought, how am I going to deal with this? Just then a big bolt of lightning struck and killed him right in front of me!
  11. I headed back to be reunited with the Lynel by Zora's Domain. Very different encounter to the first time. I had enough hearts to withstand a hit and beat him with a combination of stasis and arrows and some sneaky hits while he was down. My timing / aim was a bit off but got there in the end.
  12. I've had a couple of work events this week so not played for a couple of days. Picked this up again and managed to make it through the stealth trial on the train home. Glad that bit is done and now back to exploring. All this talk of Lynel's makes me think I should have another try and see how I get on...
  13. I’ve now freed the 4 divine beasts but now being a bit of a reluctant hero and back exploring rather than facing Ganon. That can wait a bit longer. I’ve figured out a few of my outstanding shrine quests though some still have me scratching my head, I especially liked the White Bird one. I still keep forgetting about runes and the things that you can do and had never thought of just starting my own fire when in need of fire arrows. And still hamfisted with the controls - whistling when creeping up on enemies instead of changing weapons! I’m now a bit frustrated by one of the stealth sections So left it there last night. The game has got me taking the switch everywhere and playing on the commute instead of watching tv in the iPad. Loving it. Except this morning where the train is packed and no seats.
  14. I’m now onto my final divine beast, which for me is Rudania. I’m down to the final two terminals but they have me scratching my head - can see what I might have to do for one of them but not how to do it in practice. I was playing it on the train into work and felt so disoriented when waking outside after all the tilting of the environment in the game! Still hooked. Have got Mario still to play but other than an initial go i’ve not been near it. still masses to explore for me and it seems loads of shrine and even more seeds out there to discover.
  15. I've been hooked on this having got over that initial feeling of being lost. I've been taking my time, content with exploring, discovering shrines, korok seeds and other puzzles. There have been a few quests I've finished before finding out about them so it's good to be able to just stumble upon things without them being pointed out. The world is vast - there was one area I thought i was coming up to the edge of the map before realising there was more to explore beyond and still lots of things I've marked to come back to. Given the comments above I've also now ventured into Hyrule castle - picked up lots of equipment as well as finding the royal recipes. I too had just steered clear of the castle up until now. Parrying guardians is still very much hit and miss but very satisfying when pulling it off. And I lasted seconds against that Lynel ... maybe later
  16. I've certainly found myself distracted while on route somewhere and then finding another distraction. The markers have also been pretty handy for marking something that looks interesting in the distance and there are a few things I've encountered that feel as though something should happen but not sure what that might be yet. The memories have been a nice touch and I've found a few on my travels.
  17. I was disappointed that this didn't click with me on release and it's been gathering dust while I've played other things. But I went back to it a couple of weeks back and I'm really getting into it and things are starting to click. At first I was feeling lost and directionless and also struggling with the breakable weapons and feeling weak but now I'm enjoying just exploring and have been gradually finding shrines and completing them. I'm also most of the way through one of the divine beasts. I really like how places feel recognisable and therefore feeling much less need for a map or pointers as in other open-world games. I've been getting side-tracked a lot too. Still a long way to go and loving it so far.
  18. I will probably be on around 9.30 if you need someone (not tried any of the raid yet) or otherwise for a crack at the nightfall (Psn bagapeas)
  19. Amazing how quickly Destiny gets its hooks back into you. I'm at a work conference for the next couple of nights but am itching to play! i only managed King's Fall in D1 so hoping to have a proper crack it the new raid.
  20. Is there any other use for weapon parts this time around or do I just keep giving them to the gunsmith?
  21. PS4 request sent, bagapeas. After a break from Destiny looking forward to getting back into it
  22. I improved my time to 32.29 but looks like I have a lot to do to beat you @Theholyhogg, not to mention getting the trophy!
  23. I'm downloading this so feel free to add me for some races and leaderboards : bagapeas Looking forward to playing this again.
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