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  1. partious

    Too many games... anyone else struggle to get 'into' a game?

    For me this was about taking a step back and admitting that a lot of what modern gaming has to offer just isn't for me. I had a few years away from gaming in my 20s and then came back at the end of the last gen and picked up a bunch of cheap "classics", alongside psplus and steam etc. The aaa open worlds, shooters, cut scene heavy "cinematic" games. I'd sit down to play them and find myself looking forward to finishing them. I'd check "how long to beat" to see how long I had left and compare it to how much I'd played etc. I certainly wasn't enjoying the moment to moment gameplay. Alongside those games I played retro games, arcade games, Nintendo's wii u output and the odd indie and I never had that feeling of boredom from them. So I thought "what's the point of wasting time playing games that you don't enjoy, just so you can tick them off an ever expanding list". The only answer I could think of is that there is no point. Basically I made peace with what type of games I like and what type of games I don't like and stopped buying the latter. I play indies and arcade classics and I enjoy the moment to moment gameplay. I don't think "i have to clear outrun 2 asap so that I can play through every ridge racer". I guess the feeling of obligation is part of being a "gamer". This idea that all gamers should play all the big games is pretty much the narrative within games writing etc. I like reading books but I don't feel the need to read every book released, even acclaimed ones. I know my tastes and occasionally make exceptions if something catches my interest. Same with movies, music, tv shows. It's only gaming that seems to have such a prevelant "have to play everything" attitude. TL:DR : Have you considered that perhaps the root cause is that you're playing games and genres that you don't really enjoy?
  2. partious

    What game is the most FUN?

    Outrun 2 and Afterburner Climax. I think both those games are basically the pinnacle of arcade gaming that is instantly gratifying yet with depth that rewards practice and with arcade gaming as good as dead I don't expect to see anything better any time soon.
  3. Enjoyable challenge vs monotonous chore. Done right is when they are hand placed in well designed levels in places that either require some sort of player skill to get to or are just cleverly hidden. Examples being Mario 3d World, Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and various old games. Sounds like astro bot is similar (haven't played it yet). Done wrong is farting them out randomly across an open world map. Examples of this are most open world games I've played that have collectables , sadly now seen even in current gen nintendo games like BOTW's korok seeds and some of the moons in Mario Odyssey. Assassin's Creed feathers etc. The difference between items placed at appropriately challenging locations by skilled level designers that add extra challenge to a stage for players who want it and just 1000 extra pieces of busywork content to mop up on an open world map.
  4. I feel like Outrun and Afterburner 2 were very much designed as games that would be fun on an expensive hydraulic cabinet for a minute before unceremoniously kicking you off. Afterburner 2 in particular just always feels totally unfair to me in a way that Climax doesn't. When compared to the perfection of Outrun 2's drifting/slipstreaming scoring mechanics, Outrun just feels too mechanically shallow to hold my interest for more than a few minutes at a time if I'm not getting the cabinet experience.
  5. I don’t think outrun is a bad game but I don’t feel like spending money on it nearly 15 years after first playing outrun 2. Outrun 2 and Afterbuner Climax pretty much made the originals obsolete for me.
  6. It's been out for over a week. I can't quite bring myself to spend a tenner on Outrun. If I recall Outrun 2 Online didn't cost me much more on PS3 a decade ago. I'm interested in the upcoming Virtua Racing release and hopefully we can eventually get Daytona and I'm not even going to kid myself about them releasing anything beyond that when we still have all these wonderful 16 bit games to buy for the 10th time first. I suppose in a couple of years those Windows handhelds will be powerful/cheap enough to run model 2/3/naomi etc emulators well, so whatever.
  7. partious

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    Depends what his issue with MS (or any other company) was. If it was "their games are lame and Sony rulez 4eva!" then ok but if he had issues with their ethics or monopolistic tendencies then it's almost admirable that he'd go as far as to refuse to stock them. Bad for business certainly but more admirable than "well I hate what they're about but...money".
  8. partious

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    What did he say he was going to do?
  9. partious

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    It was hardly a massive genre back in day either though, was it? Saturn had two Panzer Dragoon games and Sky Target. PS1 had Gamera 2000, Vanark and probably a few others I can't think of. I wouldn't include stuff like Starblade or Galaxian 3 because you just control a cursor so it feels more like playing a lightgun game with the pad. N64 had starfox 64. It's not like arcade racers where there used to be absolutely loads and now there are few to none.
  10. partious

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    I loved the stages on Sonic Transformed too and remember thinking it was as close as we'd get to a modern Panzer Dragoon. Guess not. Fingers crossed they do a decent job remaking them. Panzer Dragoon 1 is worth it for the music alone. I had a PS1 back in the day.
  11. partious

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    So what you're saying is it's aimed at kids and I just wouldn't get it?
  12. partious

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Yeah that's the place I was thinking of when I said near Cleary's (it's a bit further down than my memory had placed it). We mainly used to go there to play pool when I was a teenager and I remember playing some neo geo cabinets there.
  13. partious

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    Unrelated to the horrible video of domestic violence which I hardly think is intrinsically linked to the act of streaming fortnite, I think the majority of "streamers" come across like loud, obnoxious morons. The general excuse/reason given for so many of them being toxic is "their audience is kids" so anyone over the age of 13 just wouldn't get it, which in and of itself is depressing. This is the level of childrens "entertainment" these days, watching obnoxious attention seeking manchildren scream and overreact while playing games.
  14. partious

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I'm from Dublin too, but if you were working in London in 95 you must be at least 10 years older than me. I'd love to hear more about what Dublin arcades were like in the early 90s etc. By the time I was old enough to be going into town by myself/with friends, the only 3 I can think of were Dr Quirkeys on O Connell street, the one beside the cinema on Parnell Street and a small one near the side entrance of Cleary's on North Earl Street. Dr Quirkey's was the main one. As a kid I was always in awe of the spinning Sega R-360 at the entrance. I remember going on the big bus shaped simulator thing they had (some sort of space rollercoaster that I thought was amazing at the time) and also riding bumper cars in the upstairs area (pretty impressive to have bumper cars in an arcade in town in hindsight). When I was in college I played a whole lot of Outrun 2 there but soon after the games started being replaced by slot machines until there were none left. The one beside the cinema, I don't remember much of what they had aside from Daytona USA and the Star Trek TNG pinball machine. I think(but not sure it wasn't somewhere else) they may have had those virtuality VR monstrosities back in the day. All I remember about the North Earl Street place was that they had a few Neo Geo cabinets. Turned into a Chinese gambling den at some point. Did any of the Dublin arcades have the sega hydraulic cabinets for Afterburner 2, Outrun etc? My only experience with them was in Mosney, never saw them around Dublin. Do you remember what the game shop situation was like before Electronics Boutique and later Game/Gamestop homogenised all game retail in the city? I remember going to a little shop on Cathal Brugha Street so my brother could buy c64 tapes when I was really young, but I guess it closed soon after and was long gone by the time I was in my teens etc. I got a lot of Dreamcast games in the Virgin Megastore at the Liffey but that closed when I was in my teens too. I guess hmv etc had games too, but there's nothing nostalgia worthy about buying ps1 games in hmv on Henry Street
  15. partious

    Abandoned Theme Parks in Games

    Mafia 3 had one that I thought was one of the better missions in the game. Until Dawn Rush of Blood on PSVR is a lot of fun. I loved Pinna Park in Mario Sunshine, but that wasn't abandoned... I can't think of any others right now but I really like the idea of abandoned theme parks as a setting. I've often considered getting "The Park" on steam, but the reviews I've read weren't that complimentary.

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