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  1. This grapple-jack I did yesterday, ended well, for one of us.
  2. I would very much like to know how the UHD drive performs on the Series X when watching UHD movies? I use my Xbox One X for watching UHD discs, and I works great. One some titles it's a bit noisy, probably since UHD discs spins faster when playing. How's the noise level on the UHD drive on the Series X? As silent as the console itself? Would be great.
  3. Better weapons sounds in Reach, and better graphics, apparently, in Reach too. Weapons could still use som better sounds though. Strange they don't fix this. Weapons sounds are mixed too low in the mix, and after this gigantic update they still are. They simply lack punch.
  4. Same thing is happening here. I wonder how much data is actually on the disc, since the main game data, which takes up 68,85 GB, is downloaded and not installing from disc?
  5. Gears of War 3 looks great on Xbox One, it's just a shame there's controller lag, that wasn't there on the 360. Controller lag is an issue with other emulated titles as well. Hopefully this'll get fixed.
  6. http://www.gamersyde.com/news_gc_direct_feed_gow_ue_videos-16937_en.html Why is single player only 30fps?
  7. Okotta

    Nintendo Wii U

    It looks like a fun and challenging game. Have you made some interesting games lately?
  8. Have there been some great 360 exclusives since Halo Reach? http://www.examiner.com/article/top-5-xbox-360-exclusives-to-look-forward-to-after-halo-reach What happened to Project Draco and Codename: Kingdoms?
  9. I guess simple things like pressing X on everything and shooting dudes in the face are still the best things in gaming. I went looking for a good story in Bioshock Infinite. Fortunately I found it a couple of days later in Tomb Raider.
  10. Mediocre game with okay gameplay and a pretentious and confusing story. The Cumshots, I mean, the Comstocks were boring characters.
  11. Completed the apartments, found Maria and entered the hospital. Still looks great, sounds great, plays great. Lots of fog outside - the scene with Maria by the water has clearly been fixed by the update, judging by the videos I've seen of the game running without the update - and grain too, and still looks like its running at 60 fps - mostly. People who love these games are crazy not to get this collection, based on what they think it might or might not look like. Simply crazy. Just steer clear of the 360 version, obviously.
  12. Got the PS3 version today. It looks and sounds excellent. 60 fps and lots of fog in SH 2. Played it a couple of hours and the game is still great after all these years. And - it really does look great with the update installed.
  13. I should add that after trying new game+ I went back and continued my Leon playthrough, so whenever I choose Continue from now on, it continues my Leon playthrough. New game+ for Chris is nowhere to be seen though. It might be that if I choose the first chapter on my Chris campaign again, Chapter 1 will just start after I chose new game+ for it earlier. Will have to check that out later.
  14. Completed Chris' campaign and loved it - most of it anyway. Got the option for New Game+ afterwards, and chose to start a new game. The game asked if I wanted to start a new game without the weapons I had gotten during my first playthrough, to which I answered "no". Started a new Chris campaign and had all my weapons from the last playthrough. Quit after having played a while, but now the option for New Game+ no longer appears on the menu screen. Why's that? Chris is the only campaign I've completed so far, but it should still give me the option for New Game+ again, even though I've already selected it once, shouldn't it? Anyway - full game is so much better than the demo. Which I didn't like at all.
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