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  1. Thanks Goose. Thoroughly enjoyed your posts so it was an easy purchase. Now I have something to look forward to on my commutes.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Found a copy In my local WHS and noticed a large rip on the back of the box. Got an extra two pounds off. Bargain!
  3. I don't ever recall seeing a ZX81 screenshot taking up a cover of a newsstand magazine before now. Back in the day it used to be photos of the machine itself or some vicar who's managed to print out a hymn book on the thermal printer. Is this a first. Strider?
  4. I wrote an email moaning about that issue demanding a PlayStation as compensation due to some horrific bus-reading/wind-blowing feather incident. The email got printed, but they didn't give me a console. The Speccy version of Elite came with the terrible Lenslok copy-protection system. A large number of boxes had the wrong Lenslok and didn't bloody work. Not in the same league as the RROD, but it ruined Christmas 1985.
  5. I had a contemplative stroll around the gallery yesterday. I particularly liked the square pixel strokes of the old 8-bit masters myself.
  6. Love the bench. :)

    Mister Tall

  7. Would be nice if the culprit owned up (even in private to someone, so to spare the identity of the person if they didn't realise the annoyance it would cause). I've not had my valuables nicked, but I don't want to start worrying about hours of mining being for nought. I've never worried when I log off that I need to hide/carry my loot and don't really want to start now as everyone seems so nice and generous with their time and materials. Why would anyone need to steal? Crazy.
  8. That's where I meant, got my left and right mixed up So the orientation of the Minutor map is different to the map item in the game, which way is true north then?
  9. Never used Minutor before, but it's really fascinating to see the known world so far. Is the town in the top right the NPC village? Might do a bit of exploring next time and check that out and the other random buildings dotted about the place. Also interesting to note people's methodical mining practices, compared to the 'ooh, let's go this way now' method.
  10. Cheeky beat me to it, but I've just had a look on my purged version, and that area looks fine now.
  11. I've just tried this and you can. Works fine.
  12. Despite being quite unsure if this sort of thing would ever work properly I managed to get a free microconsole from the Eurogamer event yesterday so I could give it a go. If it was rubbish I'd have a free HDMI cable at least. After 10 minutes setting up and paying £1 for Dues Ex: HR I'm playing the game. Fortunately I had no network issues. Visually, the quality of the image isn't perfect, but it's far from terrible. I can see myself playing this to the end and the tiny amount of lag isn't really noticeable until you start looking for it. The hardware itself is nicely packaged and comes with all the cables you need, and the joypad itself isn't total dog shit. In fact I quite like it. The Arena, where you can spy on people playing their games is also quite impressive. It's a great idea, and works brilliantly. It's not going to replace my main console, but there's no reason why this can't capture some of my gaming time if the game prices are right.
  13. They are above ground so jump in and make a dash for the area. Not sure it's making a difference, there are so many.
  14. Orbs are above ground, sucking them up now. Finger's crossed.
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