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  1. Have Celeste on my island if anyone wants to visit, gates are open. She’s boxed in on the south west beach.
  2. Ahh that explains it, I have hardly any recipes from her. Thanks for the offer, once we've got a spot lined up for these I'll give you a shout, will pop over and drop the materials off too.
  3. Our anniversary is in around May I think, we were a bit late to the party. Speaking of late does anyone know if its still possible to get these light bulb moons, are they recipes from Celeste? Really like the idea of matching them with flower colours and may nick it for my island.
  4. White Tiger. Pretty standard story but some nice stereotype flips along the way. Think it’s up for some awards too which is nice. Definitely worth a watch, is Indian in nature and language but plenty flips to English and there are always subs. 4/5 The girl on the train (Indian version) Just don’t. 0/5
  5. Ahhhh spent ages laying out my new residents area, spacing in even grid numbers and to then discover that the fountain and museum, which will feature as part of the layout, are odd grid numbers meaning they will be forever off centre. Just need to spend over a million on moving all 5 houses, demolishing the two existing bridges and then building 4 new ones. Really wish that I didn’t have this urge to make everything geometrically sound all the time!!!
  6. Sorry, all spare recipes have been sold to the capitalist pigs at Nooks. If I get another I’ll let you know!
  7. I can still access it but I’ve never had anything correct from it so far. https://wuffs.org/acnh/weather/
  8. Thanks! We are doing a massive renovation on the villagers complex, should be done in about 10 days or so which would explain the massive open spaces
  9. Sure, try in about 10 minutes and it should be open
  10. Cool, gates are open. You’ll need to access redd by going up the ramp in the top right of the island.
  11. It’s yours, what’s a good time for you to visit?
  12. Redds visiting with nothing useful for me as usual, have these up for grabs Fake famous painting Real beautiful statue Fake mystic statue Fake scary painting
  13. Have Celeste on my island, gates are open. She’s in the top left but you’ll need to access her via the ramp on the top right, doing some renovations at the moment. Or use the ladder I’ve left nearby. Sahara is running around somewhere too.
  14. I’ve got a stash of shells if you want to collect?
  15. Recipes available: Golden candlestick Bamboo stopblock Fossil doorplate x2 Shell rug Straw umbrella hat Scarecrow Tree standee Bamboo lunch box Pot Pear wall Fruit wreath Sleigh Standard umbrella stand
  16. Incredibly slow paced episode with very little story progression; not telling us anything we didn’t already know about Daryl and Carol. Will still tune in next week.
  17. I've got it saved for tonight, was watching the Harry & Meghan interview. When they both said they felt trapped by the establishment I immediately thought of my relationship with this, I can relate with (ex) Royalty.
  18. Thanks for offer Tet, we have that already... really kind of you to offer!
  19. Hello, Have these recipes: Wooden bucket Ironwood chair Cherry dress Wooden-knot wall Pear bed Cherry wall Tree standee Kettle bathtub Standard umbrella stand Decoy duck Gold armor Lily record player Tiki torch Rocking horse infused-water dispenser
  20. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Damn you, Derek.
  21. 4 minutes now... Edit - no wonder, sold out now lol
  22. I've been in the game one since well before lunch, Derek is about 1/10th of his way across the bar.
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